Sheer Valances: Beaded Valances For Charming Window Treatments

Saffron Marigold - Updated: February 13, 2023

Sheer valances are the best window treatments when you want to maximize natural light while still having some kind of curtain dressing your window. Even better, modern valances can stand on their own–no cornice needed.

However, you can always pair valances with blinds, longer curtains, or cafe curtains as a curtain set. Our sheer valance curtains are elegant window treatments filled with charm and make for versatile, easy window treatments!

Our sheer valances afford high style without a high price tag. And since they’re so easy to hang, you can keep a few pairs on hand for when you feel like mixing things up. Whether you’re looking for sheer valances by color or by style, our beaded valance curtains help you bring beauty to your windows without sacrificing natural light.

What is a valance?

A valance is short window treatment that’s just as practical as it is pretty. Valances offer a way to have a fabric window treatment that dresses your window without blocking outside views or natural light.

They are frequently used as window treatments for small windows or as a way to disguise curtain rods or tension rods. Valances are essentially window toppers, so they’re meant to help frame the window. 

example of a sheer valance with beads

As mentioned earlier, you can hang them and consider your window treatment finished, or you might choose to use them with blinds or shutters. It’s popular to use valances as a way to create a curtain set with cafe curtains or other curtains, depending on the length of your window.   

What is a sheer valance?

A sheer valance is a valance curtain that’s made with lightweight, light-filtering fabric, such as voile or cotton. 

Are valances out of style?

No, valances are not out of style! Today’s valance curtains are a far cry from the heavy jacquard of the 1980s. And while a valance is a traditional window treatment, remember: just because a valance leans towards the traditional doesn’t make it dated!

There is a difference between dated and classic, after all. Our sheer valances are the latter since their delicate beaded trim offers a fun, beautiful twist to traditional valance curtains.

Our designer sheer valance curtains carry within their folds an air of global-inspired elegance. They’re artisan-made, with each and every one block printed by hand at our artisans’ studio in Rajasthan, India. 

When to use a valance

Use a valance when you want to have a fabric window treatment but still want lots of light filtering into a room. A sheer valance will do the trick here! Of course, you can hang other curtains and window treatment with your valances.

However, if you want a minimalist window treatment that still feels soft and inviting, try a valance.  A valance also gives you a great way to bring a bit of pattern into your space without committing that pattern to a large amount of visual real estate.

white and gold valances

Where can I use sheer valances?

Valances are popular window treatments for small windows since valances are very short, thus lending themselves well to the proportion of a short window. With that said, use sheer valances for any room in which you want a window treatment doesn’t block out the sunlight.

Valances are typically used in kitchens and baths–sometimes paired with a set of elegant cafe curtains for added privacy (or simply for a fuller-looking window treatment). 

sheer white and grey kitchen curtains with Moroccan pattern

Still, it’s not uncommon to see sheer valances in living rooms or dining rooms. Try sheer valances for the living room or family room if you want a window treatment for smaller windows that won’t interfere with the room’s natural sunlight.

orange sheer valances in dining room

Where to hang a valance

Where to hang a valance depends on what kind of look you’re going after. If you like the look of an inside mount (as in the dining room image above), then you’ll want to install the curtain hardware in between the studs of the window.

A tension or spring rod is usually the one used for this method of hanging valances.

green sheer valances for living room

If there isn’t much space between your molding or trim–or if there’s a wide gap between your window frame and your ceiling–then you might consider hanging your valance as seen in the photo above. For this look, simply attach the hardware to the window frame itself. 

sheer white valances

The current trend in window treatments–valances included–is to hang the curtains high and wide. This always gives the illusion of a window being larger than it is, of course, but is also allows for a valance to truly serve as a window topper.

With this style of hanging valances, the valance just covers the top portion of the window, framing the view outdoors.  Again, this helps to frame the window, not block out any light or scenery.

How to hang a valance

Our sheer valances are easy to hang since they each come with a 3-inch rod pocket. Hanging one of our valances is very much like hanging any other curtain with a rod pocket!

Install the brackets, slip the rod through the pocket, and hang.

Of course, if you’re going with an interior mount (as discussed in the previous section), then you’ll simply slip the valance over a spring tension curtain rod. 

blue and white sheer valances for kitchen curtains

How to hang curtains with a valance

To hang curtains with a valance, you’ll need two sets of brackets: one for the valance, and one for the longer curtains. The mounting brackets for the valance curtains should be double the length of the brackets you’re using for the longer curtains. (This is so that the valances will hang evenly and seamlessly over the longer curtains.)

sheer valances and curtains with red poppies

Sheer Valances By Color

You might not have a name for your design style, but you know what colors you like (and which colors you don’t!).  Our sheer valances will infuse your space with your favorite shades and hues.

Did you know that you could purchase 3 Saffron Marigold swatches for less than $10–and the shipping’s on us? We’ll help you get your kitchen windows (and bathroom windows, and all of your windows) covered!

White valances

Ethereal and light, white sheer curtains feel even softer and more cloud-like in the form of sheer valances. You’ll lend an elegant touch to your space with sheer white curtains. However you style it, a set of white valances is always a chic choice for any room in house.

Red valances

A red valance brings a surprising and happy burst of color to your window. Red valances look at home in a formal dining room, and red sheer valances with beads bring a romantic look to the bedroom. Red also plays well with other warm colors like yellow and orange, and our red prints stir about a sense of bohemian, global-inspired decor.

Blue valances

Did you know that Pantone named Classic Blue as its color of the year in 2020?  Blue is a favorite, and for good reason! Blue valances can read as cool or coastal, rustic or tropical. Let blue serve as a focal point, accent color, or neutral–it’s truly such a versatile color!

Blue sheer valances for kitchens are a classic choice, and they’re a perfect match for an otherwise an all-white kitchen. Pair blue with yellow and you’re headed towards the French countryside. Where will these blues take you?

Yellow valances

If you really want to maximize the feeling of sunshine pouring in through your windows, reach for yellow valances and window treatment. Interior designers have been doing this for years, by the way!

White and yellow is still the go-to color scheme for cottage kitchens and vintage kitchens, but yellow and grey is making headway as design’s newest darling.  

Grey valances

Simply stated, grey valances are modern valances. Grey isn’t going away as a color for home decor, so if you love the suave look of silver, grey, and pewter, you’re in luck. A grey valance is a perfect window treatment for a masculine bedroom, for Art Deco bathrooms and kitchens, or for any room that you want to feel chic and sexy.

Purple valances and pink valances

Depending on the shade of purple, valances can help a room read as soft and feminine or as mystical and alluring. A lilac color valance would look gorgeous in a girl’s room, a home office, or even a cottage kitchen. Alternatively, an amethyst purple valance with beads would be the curtain of choice in a yoga room.

Raspberry pink is a daring color that allows you to express yourself without apology. Truly an empowering color!

Orange valances

For a dose of cheery color, try orange valances! Orange infuses your space with warmth, happy energy, and sunshine. With that said, why not hang an orange valance in a room that could use a sunny boost?

Place a pair of orange valances over the window and you’ll feel the good vibes, for sure! A citrus color warms up a white room and looks smart in mid-century modern design.

Green valances

Infuse a room with nature’s energy using green sheer valances. Whether soft green or a sumptuous emerald tone, green valances will impart a restorative feel to your living room or bedroom. Pair with wooden tones and natural materials.

Sheer Valances By Style

One of the best ways to decorate a room to look cohesive is incorporating textiles that speak the same language.

Sheer valances: Moroccan curtains

Do you adore pattern, color, and all things artistic and handmade? Then try a pair of Moroccan curtains into your home for global style. Our block printed, beaded valance curtains feature motifs inspired by some of Morocco’s great cities and traditions.

From Moroccan tilework and palace hotels to Casablanca itself, use our print for a Moroccan touch in your home decor. (Bonus: the beaded trim on these sheer valances simply adds to the Moroccan flair!)

Indian curtains

All of our curtains are block printed by hand in India, which indeed makes them Indian curtains, but certain collections carry specific Indian prints and patterns. Some speak to the grandeur of the Taj Mahal while others contain traditional floral patterns. Others suggest the whispering rustle of saris. For authentic Indian style, turn to our Indian curtains and beaded valances for beautiful window treatments.

Tropical valances

Tropical valances are lightweight, colorful, and meant to transport you to a tropical locale even when the view outside may suggest otherwise! A tropical valance with delicate beads that reflect the sunshine are just the thing for your windows. If you don’t want to obscure the view outside, hang them high and wide.

Coastal valances

Coastal style: the phrase conjures different images depending on your perception of the coast. Ocean shores to calm lakes and roaring rivers–what does coastal mean to you?

Whatever your mind’s eye brings forth, we have a coastal curtain that will reflect your take on coastal decor. Decorate with coastal valances treatments in colors that remind you of that special coastal place and coordinate with the rest of your costal home decor.

Floral valances

When you treat your windows to curtains in floral patterns, you imbue a sense of timeless style into your home decor. Floral valances are definitely a classic window treatment and are at home in a range of decorative styles. You can use a large-scale floral print to remind you of the tropical locales or a smaller flower pattern as a nod to your country cottage charm.   Which floral pattern looks most like your preferred style?