Moroccan Decor Ideas & Inspiration: Journey To Morocco

Saffron Marigold - Updated: January 8, 2021

Moroccan decor delivers a blend of global influences that instantly curate that coveted collected-over-time look. Indeed, Moroccan style decor rich, warm, and inviting. This style developed at the crossroads of Europe and Africa. The result? A gorgeous look that appeals to our sense of wanderlust.

a guide to authentic Moroccan decor and Moroccan style for home interiors


Our Moroccan-inspired collections are easy to mix, match, and layer. Each celebrates the colors, patterns, and decorative arts of Morocco. When you use Saffron Marigold for Moroccan style, you can impart a touch of Tangier or to find yourself in Fes.

What is Moroccan decor?

To decorate a Moroccan room is to dress your home in colors and texture. Moroccan decor includes these design elements everywhere from pillows to rugs to art. Float generous folds of fabric across windows, tabletops, or bedposts for a mystical Moroccan touch. Add candlelight, metallic accents, and plenty of cushions. Within moments, you’ll feel as if you’re in Marrakech!

Start with a Moroccan pattern you love 

Find a Moroccan pattern that you absolutely love, and base the rest of your decor around that print. For example, you can choose to echo a shape from that pattern in your decor. On the other hand, you may want to pull accent colors from the print. In Moroccan decor and design, layering and building on patterns and colors is the name of the game.

Saffron Marigold

Royal Mansour

Our Royal Mansour and Royal Mansour Quartz found design inspiration in Marrakech. It honors the white latticework of the Royal Mansour, a royal hotel.

Saffron Marigold

Casablanca and Casablanca Blues

Gleaming white building, azure skies, steaming cups of mint tea, and Atlantic waters came together in this print. Enjoy a sense of Casablanca with its namesake collection: Casablanca and Casablanca Blues.

Saffron Marigold

Spice Route

Spice Route evokes imagery of sauntering camels and clamoring spice markets. You may even detect the heady aroma of incense perfuming the warm evening air.

Saffron Marigold

Mosaique Bleue

Mosaique Bleue serves as our tribute to the world-renowned Moroccan tilework known as zellige.

Moroccan curtains

Moroccan style curtains come in as many sizes and styles as the mounds of spices at the souks. From beaded valances to full-length sheers, Moroccan style window treatments deliver uncommon beauty. For a sensual, vibrant interior design, turn to Moroccan curtains. (And if you love our curtains but can’t use sheers, there’s an easy fix–see this post.)

Moroccan shower curtain

When you can’t just up and whisk yourself away to the Land of Colors, do the next best thing! Create your own Moroccan escape from the rest of your everyday world. Turn your bath into a Moroccan bathroom by hanging one of our Moroccan patterned shower curtains at the bath. Echo the pattern with Moroccan window treatments. Turn down the lights, burn a sandalwood-scented candle, and enjoy.

Moroccan bedding

Treat yourself to a Moroccan bedroom and you’ll enjoy a magnificent retreat that’s pleasing to the senses. A Moroccan-style bedroom invites tactile pleasures. Here, soft fabrics and accessories serve as luxe eye candy. (Of course, they serve a practical purpose, too.) Our Moroccan duvet covers are reversible and made for convenience. Simply flip the duvet over and you have a whole new look! In warmer climes, turn to our lightweight cotton bedspreads.

Moroccan tablecloths & table runners

Spread a vivid cloth across the table to bring Moroccan home decor into the kitchen or dining room. Do welcome Moroccan colors and patterns into these neutral spaces. After all, they boost visual interest and can even serve as a focal point. Don’t forget to try a Moroccan table runner in the living room. Simply lay one across a console or coffee table for an easy dose of global style.

Accents & essentials to Moroccan decor


Moroccan lanterns

A Moroccan lantern exists at the intersection of form and function. Light them in any room in which you desire a softly filtered canopy of light. The bedroom is the first place that comes to mind, of course. But how about in the living room? And  can you just imagine how spectacular they’ll look in the dining room come evening?

Little Light Bazaar

Moroccan Floor Lamp

Yes, you can set this directly on the floor, which great for lighting a boho living room or bedroom. Alternatively, place one on an ordinary end table as an extraordinary way to light up a room.

Moroccan decor, colorful glass lanterns
World Market

Glass Dahlia Hanging Tealight Lanterns

Suspend these tealight lanterns anywhere you’d like to cast a gentle, colorful glow.

Moroccan furniture

It’s common to find low furniture in traditional Moroccan living rooms, so for authentic Moroccan vibes, look for low pieces.

 carved Moroccan style coffee table
West Elm

Carved Wood Coffee Table

Intricately carved wooden furniture is a hallmark of Moroccan interior design.

Moroccan deco, Moroccan brass tray table
Arabian Home Decor

Handcrafted Moroccan Brass Tray Table

Morocco’s interpretation of a tray table features brass tabletops carved by hand.

Moroccan decor: patterned rugs and carpets

Bring another layer of tactile goodness into your Moroccan-inspired home with rugs. They’re great over wood and tile floors or layered over natural rugs like sisal or jute. However, they can certainly brighten up the appearance of wall-to-wall carpeting, too. 

Moroccan decor, fair trade Moroccan rug, handmade
The Anou

Hanbel Rug

Hanbel rugs are entirely crafted by hand, which makes your Moroccan space feel even more authentic.

Moroccan decor, fair trade Moroccan rug handmade
The Anou

Boucherouite Rug

Handmade and fair trade, this thick, colorful rug feels as wonderful underfoot as it looks!

Moroccan throw pillows galore

We would be remiss to write a Moroccan style guide without mentioning throw pillows! In other words, the more pillows, the better. Pile them on the sofa, toss them on the floor, place them on chairs. Choose an array of Moroccan pillows for a soft, welcoming look.

Putting it all together

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