Yellow and Grey Home Decor: 2021 Colors Of The Year

Saffron Marigold - Updated: April 27, 2021

Pantone describes their yellow and grey colors of the year, (Illuminating and Ultimate Gray, respectively) as “bright and cheerful” and “solid and dependable.” We couldn’t agree more.  The choice seems fitting for 2021. After all, yellow and grey balance each other, and it seems that we could all use more balance in our lives these days–especially after a year like 2020.  Let’s breathe fresh new life and hope into our homes with this cheery color combination! 

Decorating with yellow and grey home decor

Now, we understand that it’s highly unlikely you’ll re-do your entire home in these colors. (What would the chances be?) 🙂 With that in mind, you might be wondering what colors go with grey and yellow so you can incorporate some yellow and grey into your existing decor.

The color wheel points to purple as yellow’s complementary color, and adding touches of purple will create a striking look. Mix grey and yellow with orange or green, yellow’s two neighboring colors, for a warm, earthy feeling in your space. It all depends on what kind of feeling you want the colors to stir about within your space. Of course, these aren’t your only options for decorating with yellow and grey! 

Saffron Marigold

Jeweled Peacock-Dreams of India Collection

For a vivid, welcoming space that brims with life and color, reach for teal. Teal mixed with yellow and grey is great for eclectic, boho spaces as well as in Moroccan designs, coastal decor, and global style homes.

Saffron Marigold

Starry Nights Collection

Classic blue and deeper shades of navy and indigo contrast beautifully with yellow and grey. You’ll see yellow and blue everywhere from modern homes to French country style and traditional interiors.

Saffron Marigold

Mystic Amethyst-Dreams of India Collection

Create a vibrant, warm, and eye-catching interior design by mixing luscious shades of plum in with yellow and grey.

Saffron Marigold

Royal Mansour Collection

Use white with yellow and grey for a clean, crisp look that’s equally fresh and classic.

Yellow and grey home decor inspiration

Let’s take a look at how you can easily infuse your home with yellow and grey accents this year, shall we?  Here are a few color palettes we created and example interiors to get your imagination rolling!

colors that go with yellow and grey: pink

At first glance, this palette of  pale grey, rosy blush, and lemon yellow summons images of Easter or nurseries.

photo credit: Вахтбович Максим

However, you can use this palette of silvery grey and shades of pink create a soft, luxe look. The yellow accents are woven in through the rug and in the chandelier hanging overhead. 

colors that go with yellow and grey: brick red

Charcoal grey, ochre gold, country check red. At first glance, this palette suggests the colors of an alma mater (Hogwarts, perhaps?).

photo credit: Charlotte May

But in terms of interiors, these three hues form a warm, earthy environment rich in cozy color. Here, dark colors ground the space, with charcoal grey chair cushions and a warm, earthy red tribal rug. Yellow throw pillows brighten up the couch.

colors that go with yellow and grey: royal blue

Silver, royal blue, and custard yellow form to make a versatile palette open to a number of designs.

photo credit: Terri Cnudde

Here, the palette takes the form of regal sophistication. Silver candlesticks, blue china, and cheery yellow roses form an elegant table setting.

colors that go with yellow and grey: moss green

Cool grey, soft yellow, moss green call to mind the colors of a cloudy April complete with tulips and dandelions springing up from the earth.

photo credit: Croissant

And here, we see the very depiction of a cool spring day come to life through interior design! Icy grey walls, verdant plant life, and a bright shot of yellow round out the room.

colors that go with yellow and grey: burnt orange

We acknowledge that this palette isn’t a common color combination, but let’s see what happens when we apply lemon yellow, cool grey, and burnt orange.

Nancy from Westport, CT used our Versailles tablecloth on her Thanksgiving table. Notice how her walls are a lovely shade of golden honey and the dining chairs a shade of pewter. Fresh yellow flowers and gourds lend seasonality.

Where to use yellow and grey home decor

Feeling inspired yet? Great! Let’s see where you might be able to use yellow and grey home decor in your space.

Frame a window with yellow curtains

Lift your spirits with yellow! Yellow curtains are especially effective in any room that could use a little more sunshine. Hanging yellow curtains is an age-old design trick that fools the eye into seeing a sunnier space.  And even if you’re blessed with abundant sunshine streaming through the windows, well, turn it up a notch with yellow curtains. 

Soften a grey bedroom

A grey bedroom reads in a variety of ways depending on your furnishings and color palette. From classic sophistication to edgy modernism all the way to sexy and moody, grey forms the the foundation for various designs.  However, the grey bedroom is always in danger of feeling a bit flat. To remedy any flatness, bring in lots of floaty, airy white or a bright citrus note with yellow.

Bright up the bath with yellow and grey

Grey bathrooms have been everywhere lately but risks feeling drab, especially if the room isn’t well-lit.  Likewise, a bathroom painted in yellow risks looking dingy (and if you’ve ever looked for the right shade of yellow paint, you know exactly what we mean!). It’s easy, though, to bring the bathroom back to life with the right accent colors.  Why not start with one of our yellow and grey shower curtains?

Yellow throw pillows for an easy update

Treating your space to a new yellow throw pillow cover or two (or three!) offers an affordable and easy way for you to refresh your living room. Bring out a few new pillow covers for your sofa or sidechairs to enhance your  living room.

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