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We are committed to providing you the very best shopping experience. Looking for details how? You will find it all here.

Policies related to placing an order:

 Navigating the site
 Credit Cards Accepted
 Order Confirmation
 Problems placing an order
 Canceling or modifying an order
 Sales Tax payable by the customer
 Paying International Custom duties
 Multiple shipping addresses

Policies related to shipment of your order:

 How will shipping work
 Shipping cost
 Tracking your shipment
 Address errors for which Saffron Marigold is not responsible

Policies related to product guarantee and returns:

 Product Guarantee - 100x0=0 Policy
 Returns & Exchanges
 Credit issuance for returned merchandise

Policies related to contacting us:

 Contacting us

 Navigating the site

Incase you have shopped on the internet before, then shopping at Saffron Marigold will not be very different, since the site is designed to be intuitive and to provide a very similar shopping experience to that offered by most e-commerce sites. However, if this is your first foray into shopping in cyberspace then allow us to take you though the steps you would need to follow, to fill your shopping bag with goodies and get our wonderful products delivered to your doorstep.

Home Page
The home page has been designed to simulate a window shopping experience. Mouse over the tapestry, to preview the products we have to offer. Use the navigation bars at the top and bottom of the page to navigate the site. Mouse over the text menu options on the navigation bar at the top of the page, to access the drop-down menu of options, tucked under each text menu element.

Product List
The product list page appears once you select a category of products (e.g. cushion covers, duvet covers, pillow covers, duvets, curtains, shower curtains, valances or table cloths) from the 'Products' drop down menu. This page lists the designs, sizes, prices and availability information for each category of product. The small round colored dots that appear on each line represent stock information and are color coded as follows: Green—Product in stock, Amber—Limited quantities of product in stock, and Red—Product out of stock. Out of stock items can be Pre-Ordered, for more information please review our policy on Pre-Ordering.

Product Detail
When you click on an item that catches your fancy on the Product List Page, you are taken to the respective Product Detail Page. We are well aware of the limitations that buying over the internet presents. To that end we want to provide you with as much information as we can, to ensure that you feel secure in your buying decision. Following are the details we have provided to attempt taking shopping at Saffron Marigold a notch above the regular brick and mortar shopping experience:

1.The large picture of the product on the left will help you visualize the product in context.
2.The ‘Click to enlarge’ button positioned below the product photo pops open a window that displays four more views of the product.
3.To deepen your appreciation of the products you are considering buying from us, we have a link above Product Options that takes you to an explanation of the block printing process.
4.While you are there please browse the block printing process Photo Album, to enjoy a visual presentation of the entire process.
5.For the really curious, click on the Purple Flower icon to the right of the product options to view a photo of the blocks used to print the design presented on that page.

Shopping Cart
The last page you will encounter before you checkout, offers you the chance to make last minute changes to your order and provides the following options:
1. Change the quantity of product ordered by using the pull down menu
2. Choose to either ‘Continue Shopping’ or to ‘Checkout’.

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 Credit Cards Accepted

Credit Cards Accepted
We accept the following major credit cards: Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Discover. We are hopeful that as our business grows we will be able to provide other payments methods too.

Your credit card will only be charged once the items ordered have been dispatched from the warehouse. If there are any items on your order which are not in stock you will not be charged for them until we ship them to you. We will also make sure we keep you updated at all times via e-mail. Please read our Shipping policy for more details.

Security Checks
As part of our policy to protect against the fraudulent use of credit cards, we carry out random security checks on orders. These can take various forms, and from time to time it may be necessary for us to ask you to provide a copy of a recent statement header for the card being used on your order. Please note that we are only interested in confirming information already provided on your order, i.e. the billing name and address and card issuer details, and do not need to see actual transactions, which can be covered up. In case you have any concerns regarding security, we assure you that all information is shredded as soon as we have confirmed the details required. We hope you appreciate this as a necessary precaution undertaken in the interest of fraud prevention.

We take your privacy very seriously and want you to feel comfortable that your information is safe with us. We only store your address information - since doing so will make your checkout experience easier the next time you buy from us. We do not store your credit card information. Please read our privacy policy for more details.

Placing an order by Telephone
Please call us at 877-749-9948. We will happily take your order over the phone.

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We encourage you to go ahead and place your order even when an item is pre-order. We will keep you informed on how long it will take to process your order. Orders are shipped on a first come first served basis. And your credit card is charged only when your items ship. There are no obligations too - if you change your mind about your order before we ship your items, just send us an email and we will take you off the waiting list for the product. So there is no risk.

Although we try to keep on top of our production schedules the growing demand for our products and the number of production related variables we have to contend with, makes this quite a challenging juggle. Production schedules in tradition centric India depend on social obligations (marriages, ceremonies), religious events and sometimes even climatic conditions (e.g. monsoon rains); hence, the most well intentioned production schedule can be easily toppled. Added to this, is the fact that most of the production processes are very laborious and complicated and the time and effort needed to produce our products on a large scale is not commercially viable. We however, believe that these limitations are more than eclipsed by the fact that each piece is a unique work of art and a glorious testament to generations of skill, culture and tradition.

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 Order Confirmation

We are committed to providing you the very best shopping experience, and we recognize how important it is for us to keep you informed about the status of the purchases you have made. Order confirmation is a multiple step process.

When you place your order online, the first step is credit card verification. Your card is not charged at this point. Verification involves getting authorization from our credit card processor.Please be assured that all your information is transferred in a secure manner - notice the Lock icon at the bottom left corner of your browser window. The lock is a visual representation of the fact that industry standard encryption is being used to transfer data in an encrypted secure fashion. Once your credit card is verified, you will be notified that we have received your order. You will see a thank you screen on your browser and will also receive an email containing details of your order.

We will now begin processing your order. If the item ordered is in stock, it will be packaged and shipped within 12-24 hrs. If the item is back ordered, we will place your request in a back order queue. Once the items are received, which can take anywhere from six to eight weeks, we will ship them in the order in which they were placed in the queue (orders placed first will be fulfilled first)

You will be charged only after the products are shipped. Please read our shipping policy to learn more about order status tracking.

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 Problems placing an order

Although online shopping has advanced considerably in the past few years, there could be several reasons why you may have problems placing an order. If you are unable to solve the problem you are facing, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Browser Problems
If you are facing problems viewing our site please check the version of your browser. Saffron Marigold is best viewed on the latest versions of the various browsers. If needed, please upgrade your browser—it will greatly enhance your shopping experience and it’s free.

Shop from Home
There will be times when you are tempted to browse our site and place orders while you are at work. Unfortunately, some corporations have their networks setup such that external connections cannot be established. We recommend you save the products in your shopping bag (remember, if you login to the site, your shopping bag is saved) and check out once you get back home.

Credit Card Verification Failure
Although internet commerce has opened up many possibilities, the danger of internet fraud is ever present and we take every possible precaution to guard against it. Though rare, it is possible that the credit card information you enter may be rejected and multiple attempts do not address the problem. We apologize for the inconvenience in advance, and ask that that you get in touch with us.

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 Canceling or modifying an order

By the Customer:

To cancel or to modify an order, please send us an email. Please include your order number, your name and phone number (including area code). If you have our order confirmation email handy, all you need to do is forward it to us, since all the information we need is in the email.

Please note that the order can only be cancelled or modified provided it has not already been shipped. Please read our Shipping policy to learn more about order modification once products have been shipped.

By Saffron Marigold:

Saffron Marigold reserves the right to cancel an order before it has been shipped if one or more of the following conditions apply:

1. The billing information provided for the credit card does not match the information on file with the credit card's issuing bank.
2. The credit card is declined for any reason, by our credit card verification service.

Please note that the issuance of an order number or the receipt of a confirmation email does not serve as a guarantee that the order will be fulfilled. No order is final till your credit card transaction is verified.

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 Sales Tax payable by the customer

Only orders shipped to a California (CA) address are levied a sales tax of 8.25% since our business is registered in CA. Sales Tax is listed as a separate line item on the invoice.

Saffron Marigold does not collect any district taxes that may be in effect for sales delivered to customers outside of Sonoma County, California. Any district taxes due are the responsibility of the purchaser.

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 Paying International Custom duties

Paying Customs import duty or VAT

All custom duties are to be borne by the customer. Our courier service assumes the responsibility of clearing your parcel through customs.

In general, small value shipments shipped to residence addresses do not attract duty. Orders that attract duty are generally large orders shipped to commercial addresses. For US customers, in situations where duty may accrue, we estimate it will probably range between 5% to 35% of the invoice value. For our UK based customers, a value added tax (VAT) of 17.5% will be charged. These additional charges, if any, must be borne by the customer, since we do not have any control over them and cannot predict what they might be.

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 Multiple shipping addresses

At this time our site does not support multiple shipping addresses. Hence, if you decide to gift grandma, the special niece, the friendly neighbor and the hard to please boss with cushion and duvet covers from Saffron Marigold you will need to enter each of them as separate transactions. Sorry for the inconvenience - but hey we saved you a trip to the mall and the mind numbing exhaustion that it often accompanies. Come to think of it we actually saved you a trip to India!

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 How will shipping work

Our US based customers can place their orders with us online.

Customers outside the US are more than welcome to place orders with us. They will need to do so by sending us an email with the products desired and their corresponding quantities and destination address. We in turn will get back with our most competitive shipping rate within 24 hours. Once we receive a written confirmation from the customer accepting the shipping rate we will proceed with order fulfillment.

All in stock items are shipped within 2-3 business days of order placement (subject to credit clearance) and will reach you in 2-7 days (US order) and in 2-6 weeks (non US orders).

Out of stock items are pre-order. Please read our policy on back ordering for more details.

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 Shipping cost

Shipping cost via USPS, the cheapest option, are listed below:
NOTE: FREE over $300, 50% off below $300 (US orders, in-stock items)
up to $10, FREE
$10-$30, $6.99 $3.49
$30-$50, $9.99 $4.99
$50-$100, $12.99 $6.49
$100-$150, $14.99 $7.49
$150-$200, $19.99 $9.99
$200-$250, $24.99 $12.99
$250-$300, $29.99 $14.99
$300-$350, $34.99 FREE
$350-$400, $39.99 FREE
$400-$450, $44.99 FREE
$450-$500, $49.99 FREE
> $500, 10% order total FREE

Orders above $500 require special handling. If we determine that a deposit is required these orders will be handled by phone.

In stock items typically ship the next business day. Although rare, some may take 2-3 days. For Rush orders, please see below

We offer the following shipping options:
  • USPS: 2-5 business days. Most will get to you within 3 days. We have used USPS for more than a decade now and their performance has been nothing short of spectacular, and they are also the most economical. We wholeheartedly recommed them.
  • FedEx: 2-5 business days. They are more expensive than USPS. But provide top notch tracking + reliability + customer service. No deliveries to PO Boxes
  • Priority Mail: 2-3 business days, Guaranteed. You will pay around $15 extra. Items will be shipped either the same (if order received by 9am PST) or the next business day.
  • Overnight Mail : Please call us at 877-749-9948. We will be happy to accomodate your request. This tends to be very expensive.

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 Tracking your shipment

Once you have placed your order with us, we want you to feel comfortable and assured that your order is being worked on and that you will receive your products as soon as possible.

During the course of its life cycle, an order will go through multiple stages, as listed below. We will keep you posted at every stage via email. If you have more questions about your order, just drop us a line by clicking here.

Pending: Your order has reached us but we are yet to look at it. Typically, we start working on orders within 12-24 hours of receipt. During the time your order is waiting for attention, it remains in this state.

Processing: The order is set to this state once we start working on it. This is primarily a verification step. We make sure we have your accurate billing and delivery information. As an additional security measure, we may call you to verify your order information and to clarify any further questions you may have. Also, if you have asked for the gift wrapping option, we will get your approval to charge you the extra amount.

Shipped: If the products are in stock, they are packed and shipped to your delivery address within 24-48 hours. We will provide you the tracking number for your package so that you can track its progress as it makes it way to you. Your credit card will be charged once the package is shipped.

Pre-Order: There will be times when a product you want is Out of Stock. In case you decide to use our Made to Order facility, your order will be set to this state. Given the hand made nature of our products, new products typically take between 6 - 8 weeks to develop. We will keep you posted as the production progresses and as mentioned earlier will not charge you till the products are shipped.

Part Made to Order: Incase some of the products you have ordered are in stock and some are not we will ship the ones that are in stock immediately, and back order the ones that are not in stock. The status of your order will reflect this fact. Your credit card will only be charged for the shipped products. You will be charged for the remaining products only after they have been shipped to you.

Delivered: Once our shipping company notifies us that your parcel has been delivered, we will set your order to this state.

Cancelled:  Incase you change your mind about an order let us know before we ship your products i.e. within 12 hours for products in stock, and your order will be set to this state. You will not be charged for this order since we only charge your credit card after we ship your products.

Part Cancelled: Incase your order is part fulfilled and part made to order, and you decide you do not want the made to order items, let us know within 7 to 10 days of placing the order. After having done so your order will be set to this state.

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 Address errors for which Saffron Marigold is not responsible

Saffron Marigold will not be responsible for the fee charged by the courier company, or if the packages are lost, incase of the following address errors:

1. The package is returned as undeliverable, or is lost, because an incorrect or invalid address is entered by the customer.
2. A move or sudden change of address results in the refusal or non-delivery of an order.
3. An APO, FPO or a P.O. Box address has been provided as the shipping address and the shipping company is unable to deliver to it.
4. Incorrect or no contact telephone number is entered by the customer.

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 Product Guarantee - 100x0=0 Policy

We stand by our products and give you a 100% guarantee. In addition, we are offering you discounted shipping. This translates to a No Risk purchase for you

100% Gurarantee x Discounted Shipping = 0 Risk

Please read on...
Though the web has completely revolutionized the world by making available to us products from distant lands, it is limited in that it is only a visual medium. While we try our best to represent our products as realistically as we can,we unfortunately cannot offer the regular brick and mortar store pre-purchase experience of touching, viewing under different lighting situations, and sniffing various products! We are hopeful that as our business grows, we will be able to provide this experience too.

However, we really want you to be thrilled with your purchases from Saffron Marigold. We would like you to use our products and feel absolutely certain that you love them. To that end we offer a generous 30 day return policy and promise to give you a full refund of the purchase price, less original shipping costs, no questions asked. The 30 day return period commences from the day the products are delivered to you by our shipping company.

After the expiry of the 30 day period, all purchases are final and no product exchanges or product returns will be accepted.

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 Returns & Exchanges

For FINAL SALE items

These items are clearly marked and cannot be exchanged or returned. All sales for such items are final.

For REGULAR items

We're here to make your shopping experience hassle-free! You're welcome to return any merchandise within 30 days from the delivery date. Just keep in mind that after this time, all sales are final, and we won't be able to accept any exchanges or returns.

Your exchange order will enjoy complimentary shipping.

NOTE: Shipping charges for the original order and the return shipping are non-refundable.

Return Address

Please include a copy of your invoice with your return and ship to:

Saffron Marigold Returns
29 Casa Grande Road, Unit D
Petaluma, CA 94954-5653

Return Shipping Label

For your convenience, please contact us for a return shipping label. Return shipping is non-refundable and will be deducted from your refund. $4.95 for packages under 1 lb, $9.95 for 1-3 lbs, $12.95 for 3-5 lbs, over 5 lbs at cost.

Terms and Conditions

We will only accept returns for items in original condition i.e. not used, altered or washed. Please be extra careful that no pet hair gets on the linen. Upon receipt we reserve the right to deny credit if the merchandise does not meet return policy requirements.

If the return is the result of an error on our part (e.g. incorrect item sent, item damaged etc.), we will make it right at no extra cost.

Return of orders over $500 may incur a restocking fee up to 20%.

Processing returns is expensive and we would love for you to work with us to keep it to a minimum, so we can continue offering our beautiful handmade linens at fair prices to everyone. We sell swatches in all our prints. Before making a big order, why not buy a few swatches first? They will give you an accurate idea of how the prints will work in your setting. Enjoy free shipping for up to 3 swatches!

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 Credit issuance for returned merchandise

All refunds for returned merchandise are credited to the same credit card used to make the purchase. Although we never store your credit card information, our credit card processing company assigns each approved transaction a unique transaction id which we use to credit your account with the correct amount.

In the event the credit card used to make a purchase is no longer valid, we will send you a check for the amount due.

Refund processing typically takes 2 weeks from the time we receive the return.

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 Contacting us

Please send us an email by clicking here and we will respond within one work day. Although our preferred mode of communication is via email, we realize that there will be occasions when you want to speak with us. You can call us at 1-877-749-9948. Please note that we are unable to provide dedicated phone support at this point. If you reach the answering machine, please leave us a message with your phone number and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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