Fair Trade. Every Way. Every Day.

Saffron Marigold is committed to the Fair Trade movement–we believe that there is simply no other way to do business. While we are a for-profit small business, we stand rooted in the belief that quick profits and unscrupulous deals are not the foundations we want to base our business on.

Sound Karma

We are proud to offer an alternative to mass-produced, quality-compromised linens designed to turn a quick profit at any cost.

Yes, we are a for-profit small business. We are also in this to both spiritually and financially support artisans and to keep the indigenous folk art of wood block printing alive. This is what gets us out of bed each morning, eager to greet the new day.

We follow stringent guidelines when selecting the artisans we work with. We only source from those who love what they do, are proud of what they do, and pay fair wages to the artisans they employ.

We visit our vibrant studios in India often and communicate with our production team regularly. This constant connection ensures dedicated fair trade principles that have a wonderful ripple effect:  steady employment for skilled artisans, economic self-sufficiency for apprentices, and the chance to ethically bring a world of living textiles from Rajasthan, India to your home.

So please enjoy the products you purchase from our store, knowing your choice has a positive social impact. Quality goods and good karma. Our promise to you.


Saffron Marigold’s commitment to fair trade permeates what we see as a three-part ecosystem:


Though we are often told that we could charge more, we price our products fairly and stay away from gimmicky discounts. Everything we offer is blanketed in a warm cocoon of exceptional customer service. Our customers quickly become our enthusiasts and – eventually – our friends. We wouldn’t have it any other way!


Our artisans in India enjoy regular wages, meaningful creative collaboration, and a happy, healthy work environment. We cover all studio supplies and expenses upfront. We encourage paid apprenticeship and supplement wages in times of crisis, such as during the studio’s temporary shutdown due to the COVID-19 global pandemic.


Stateside, our employees are paid fair market wages and work in a collaborative, transparent company culture. We offer the flexibility to work from home and encourage taking time to rest, restore, and spend time with family. Every employee has a voice at Saffron Marigold. We face every difficulty and triumph together.

Shipping and Discounting

We offer “at cost” shipping, meaning we start by charging you what it costs us to ship the items to you from our warehouse in California. There is no surcharge from the international duties or handling fees we incur.  

Of course, we have the option to mark up our products and reduce shipping costs, like so many other businesses do. In the spirit of transparency, one of the guiding principles of fair trade practice, we have decided to not take that approach.

We do discount discontinued or overstocked prints, and we celebrate certain holidays with a sale event, sometimes even with free shipping. However, you won’t often see hyped up “flash sales” or universal 20% off coupons at Saffron Marigold. This is another part of the fair trade system.

From the start, our handcrafted linens are very reasonably priced. We can say with confidence that you will not find this quality of block printed textiles elsewhere at the prices we offer.