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The 2019 Guide To Christmas Gift Ideas for the Home

Welcome to our 2019 Guide to Christmas Gift Ideas For The Home–or, in other words, the no-fail home decor gift guide.  We’ve gathered several stylish selections to inspire your gift-giving this year.  From your parents who have everything to a present for your mother-in-law and from your best friend (the home decor lover) to your hardest-person-to-shop-for, we’re sure you’ll find something that will please everyone on your list!

Most-loved Posts

Imprints of Identity: Wood Block Printed Fabrics of India

Every time an artisan’s hand hovers over a textile as he ponders the placement of each wood block there is so much more than just dye stuff that impregnates the fabric…the textile vibrates with life and consciousness, it transforms itself into a ‘living’ textile encapsulating generations of skill, tradition, craftsmanship and a way of life Welcome to the world of wood block printing ~ all our textiles are printed using this incredible craft.

A Glamorous White and Gold Christmas Tablecloth

Create an elegant scene this holiday season with the simple swoosh of a beautiful holiday table runner or a glamorous white and gold Christmas tablecloth, and other Vanilla Glacé linens will take care of the rest!

Create A Beautiful Fall Table Setting For Thanksgiving!

A beautiful fall table setting incorporates a mix of vintage and new, layers of colors, twinkling candles, and special accent pieces.  Our Mosaique Bleue collection of table linens provides a lovely, colorful backdrop for a number of Thanksgiving table setting ideas.  Inspired by the pattern of intricate Moroccan tile work, Mosaique Bleue’s colorful design makes it easy to accent this blue and orange tablecloth and use it in a variety of holiday table decoration ideas.

Set Your Table With Natural Thanksgiving Decor

Natural Thanksgiving decor remains the easy, smart decorating choice for this fall holiday.  November’s inspirational beauty abounds–you’d be hard-pressed to look out your window and not see leaves in hues of brown, gold, and green!