Indian Decor Ideas & Inspiration: Journey To India

Saffron Marigold - Updated: July 21, 2021

Styling your home with Indian decor adds a sense of color, warmth, and beauty.  Our linens can help you add just a touch of Indian home decor or bring full-fledged Indian style to your home. 

indian decor that consists of a collection of gilded sari block print pillows and limewashed indian mirror

Relay the romance of the Taj Mahal or find yourself in the gardens of Shalimar. Enjoy mystical symbolism with a lotus flower print. Through our patterns and palettes, our Indian fabrics tell stories that transport you to another place and time.  

What are the hallmarks of Indian decor?

Traditional Indian decor celebrates the heritage crafts that preserve the culture of this vast, vibrant place. For instance, pashmina and bamboo are two traditional Indian crafts along with decor made from brass and marble. Here at Saffron Marigold, however, we honor the art of block printing on fabric.

Indian curtains and Indian decor with elephants

How to style a home with Indian decor

Our Indian textiles are easy to mix and layer, so pick one you really love as a starting point. Choose from one of our Indian print fabrics, and base the rest of your design around that print. Use it to create a color scheme, echo a shape, or serve as a focal point.

Float a set of Indian curtains at the window for a beautiful window treatment, or spread a runner over the coffee table. Toss some Indian block print pillows on the floor for added comfort and style.  With gilded accents, fine furnishings, and incense, you’ll feel as if you’re in another land.

Indian fabric swatch, mango colored with small floral paisley print
Saffron Marigold

Indian Summer

A unique floral pattern dances across sun-ripened mango in this Indian pattern fabric collection. 

Indian sari print pattern on fabric, orange with gold stamp
Saffron Marigold

Dreams of India Collection

Indian saris remain some of the best known Indian patterns. Gorgeous saris inspired this collection, which is available in three colors.

Saffron Marigold

Moonlit Taj

The jeweled marble inlay work of the Taj Mahal inspired this green, blue, and white collection of Indian textiles.

A swatch of a red poppy pattern, traditional in Indian decor and style
Saffron Marigold

Red Poppy

A classic Mughal poppy rests upon a traditional Indian pattern here in our Red Poppy collection.

a blue floral pattern swatch, Indian fabric swatch with lotus pattern
Saffron Marigold

Midnight Lotus

We printed our homage to the lotus, one of India’s foremost flowers, in pools of blue and white.

green Indian fabric swatch with Asian and Indian pattern motif
Saffron Marigold

Memories of Shalimar

This collection conjures imagery that will have you feel as if you’ve walked through the Shalimar Gardens at daybreak.

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Indian shower curtains for your bathroom decor

Create your own getaway by turning your bath into a little slice of India. First, hang one of our Indian print shower curtains.

orange floral fabric shower curtain

Then echo the look with Indian window treatments such as cafe curtains, beaded valances, or full-length sheers. Finally, turn down the lights, burn a sandalwood candle, and enjoy.

Hand block printed Indian curtains for stunning windows

Indian print curtains come in as many styles and sizes are there are curries! From beaded valances to full-length sheers, Indian style window treatments deliver uncommon beauty.

Indian curtain with beads and Indian decor at the window

Turn to Indian curtains for a sensual, vibrant interior design with global appeal. (And if you love our curtains but can’t use sheers, there’s an easy fix–see this post.)

Handcrafted, stylish Indian bedding

From lightweight Indian bedspreads to reversible Indian duvet covers, Indian bedding contains the sights and stories of India. We carry bright, colorful bedspreads from India that are lightweight, but we have other options, too.  In colder weather, reach for one of our quilted Indian bedspreads or cotton Indian duvet covers.

blue and white bedroom with Indian decor

Each collection contains a reverse or complementary print, so you can mix and match to create your own look. This makes it so easy to layer colors and patterns for a custom Indian bedding set! Choose from quilts, pillows, and other pieces of bedding from India to carry yourself into another place and time.

Handmade Indian tablecloths bring the table to life

A set of Indian curtains at the dining room windows will create a sensual dining space, indeed. Add to the scene with our Indian print tablecloths and table runners. But don’t limit tablecloths to the dining room! You can always spread out an Indian fabric tablecloth for a visual treat in the kitchen, too.

Indian table runner with blue and white

This is the perfect table setting for  a spicy meal and an evening of story telling.  Don’t forget to try an Indian table runner in the living room! Simply lay one across a console or coffee table for easy global style.

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Indian throw pillows for a beautiful accent

We would be remiss to write about Indian decor without talking about block print throw pillows! In Indian decor, the more varied the pillows, the better. Pile patterned Indian pillows to build the look in the living room or bedroom.

two throw pillows in an Indian print on an entry bench surrounded by eclectic decor
photo: April Hersberger at Barn Home Living

Set them on the sofa, toss them on the floor or place them in chairs. Whichever way you use them, block print pillows make a great color boost to your Indian home decor.

4 Indian home decor essentials decor

If you’re wondering how you can decorate your living room in Indian style, simply look to some of India’s handicrafts for inspiration. Fill your space with one that speaks to you, or else try some of these Indian home decor ideas that honor the country’s rich craft heritage.

Indian wood block and green Indian curtains

Indian decorative items made with traditional materials

Bring items made from traditional Indian materials into your home for authentic Indian style. Consider terracotta, a mainstay in Indian culture and design. Likewise, you can opt for metallic accents forged from India’s revered metal arts to add to your India-inspired decor.

Earthen Browns

Earthen Curry Pot

Terracotta cookware is made from high-quality Indian clay rich in minerals. Just think of the nutritious and tasty curries you’ll cook up in this beauty!


Hanging Bell

Made from wrought iron and brass, this is 100% handcrafted by the local artisans in west Rajasthan. You can use a bell like this for a spiritual practice or simply to add to your Indian inspired home decor.

Carved pieces

Rajasthan remains a hub for India’s heritage crafts. With an intricate design like this in your home, you’ll create a beautiful global look.


Bone Inlay Leaf Pattern Console Table

Each detail is hand carved and inlaid by hand. Certainly, this console is a work of art.

Total Tymber

Mandala Elephant

Can you believe these details in this incredible elephant are engraved? What a great addition to your Indian home decor!

Bringing in the light

Brighten your home with candles and reflective surface to carry the spirit of Diwali with you throughout the year.


Floating Diya Candle Holders

For a dose of Indian decor, float candles in a bowl as part of a centerpiece or as a coffee table vignette.

Shades of Light

Distressed Painted Mirror

Hand-distressed and painted, this mirror’s shape is common in Rajasthan’s architecture.

Florals for days

Indian style embraces various approaches to creating atmospheres that bridge the indoors and outdoors. No wonder there are so many cherished floral patterns in Indian decor!

Johnny’s Selected Seeds

Giant Orange

A revered offering in India, marigolds can grow in any warm, sunny spot. These are popular at Diwali, but they’re also perfect any time of year! Why not plant a few for a spectacular bouquet or to create your own  marigold garlands?

Mountain Sun Prints

Vintage Reproduction Design

A vintage print in vivid colors makes for a cheerful addition to your Indian decor.

Indian block printed fabrics

Block printing, an artisan craft associated with India, didn’t originate here. However, India adopted the craft, and today’s Indian woodblock prints are world famous. Our block prints are handmade in Rajasthan, India, and carry the stories of special places within their folds.   

While our artisans print our original designs onto cotton, the process involves more than stamping. From carving blocks to mixing dyes, each step is tedious. Dealing with Mother Nature’s influences presents additional challenges. The sum of these tasks results in our gorgeous block prints.

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Putting it all together

a collection of Indian decor with Indian print curtains, pillow, brass bell, and engraved elephant decor

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