Global Chic Block Print Duvet Covers For Beautiful Bedrooms

Saffron Marigold - Updated: December 22, 2020

Our Indian block print bedding blends graceful Indian design with global inspiration. In other words, an Indian duvet cover isn’t always going to include Indian-themed bedding. All of our designs bring you on a global journey! Let our cotton duvet covers transport you to enchanting gardens, coastal shores, and faraway places. Choose a journey and we’ll take you there.

Bed made with a soft white cotton duvet cover and bedding from India

We create our timeless cotton duvet covers by the heritage-rich craft of Indian block printing.  Soft and luxe, our handmade bedding from India will help you create a refuge that delights your senses.

Handmade bedding for a bohemian bedroom

Our global block print designs provide great bedding for colorful  bohemian bedrooms. These boho duvet covers found inspiration everywhere from the gardens of Shalimar to ancient Persia and modern-day Casablanca. Choose a color and design that speaks to your own unique sense of boho style.

Floral duvet covers in a romantic bedroom

Flowers and foliage abound in a range of fabulous colors, shapes, and scents. Indeed, nature serves up a bouquet of beauty! This inspires our floral prints.  With our floral duvet covers on  your bed, you can transform your room into a true garden of delights.

Victorian Lilac ~ Purple Floral Bohemian Lavender Duvet Cover Victorian Lilac ~ Purple Floral Bohemian Lavender Duvet Cover
Price: $239.99 - $289.99 (Made to Order)

Wild Poppies ~ French Country Yellow Floral Duvet Cover Wild Poppies ~ French Country Yellow Floral Duvet Cover
Price: $199.99 - $249.99 (Made to Order)

Tropical Garden ~ Colorful Country Floral Duvet Cover Tropical Garden ~ Colorful Country Floral Duvet Cover
Price: $239.99 - $289.99 (Made to Order)

Duvet covers for a Moroccan bedroom

Cinnamon, cardamom, clove–these are just a few of the many spices heaped in mounds throughout in Marrakech’s markets and inspire the palette for a Moroccan bedroom. An Indian print duvet cover filled with Moroccan patterns evokes all the colors and fragrances of the souks.

Indian-inspired bedding for a colorful bedroom

Brimming with diversity and spirituality, India delivers loads of inspiration. Thus, an Indian-inspired bedroom needs an Indian duvet cover! When you choose an Indian print duvet cover, you fill your bedroom with color, pattern, and mystique. For a eclectic bedroom, journey to India.

White duvet covers for cloud-like slumber

If you dress your bed in a white cotton duvet cover, then you’ll feel as if you’re sleeping in the clouds. And doesn’t that sound like a dream? You won’t be able to resist the sight of a bed made with billowy white bedding. Just one look and you can’t help but want to dive right under the covers and cozy up in the softness.

Blue duvet covers for a peaceful bedroom

Imagine taking an evening stroll beside shimmering blue pools, the sky slowly changing from dusty cobalt to navy velvet. Just thinking about this vision makes us take a deep breath and relax. Color theory points to blue’s calming effect, so it’s no wonder that we tend to gravitate towards blue bedrooms. Choose our blue bedding for a peaceful bedroom.

Pacific Blue ~ Nautical Asian Indigo Blue Duvet Cover Pacific Blue ~ Nautical Asian Indigo Blue Duvet Cover
Price: $239.99 - $289.99 (Made to Order)

English Gardens ~ Duvet Cover English Gardens ~ Duvet Cover
Price: $199.99 - $249.99

Yellow duvet covers to wake up on the sunny side

Some of us have trouble revving up for the day and getting started in the morning. Boost your morning mood with yellow for a sunny start! These collections found inspiration in the French countryside, a regal palace, and California wine country. Wouldn’t it be divine to wake up in one of those settings?

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