11 Colorful & Floral Duvet Covers That Will Bring Life to Any Bedroom

Saffron Marigold - Updated: September 15, 2022

Flowers, in any of their endless color variations, are synonymous with romance. Think about it: the symbolic red rose, the butterflies-in-the-stomach-inducing bouquet, the sweet, floral perfume of a mysterious love interest in a novel—most romantic symbols revolve around one of nature’s best gifts.

It’s no wonder a billion-dollar floriculture industry relies on these natural wonders. Today, we’ll demonstrate the power of florals and colors in storytelling with eight floral duvet covers plus three colorful duvet covers to give you some decorating ideas in the bedroom.

Why choose a duvet cover rich in colors and flowers?

A colorful duvet cover may be more forgiving if you happen to spill a splash of coffee or a drop of strawberry jam on your bedding. (Don’t worry, that’s what duvet covers are for—protecting your duvet insert from messes like these.) By contrast, a plain comforter may be trendy, but it’s no protection against potential messes.

Beyond that, a floral duvet cover instantly gives your bedroom a freshened-up feel, like lifting up the blinds or clearing out the previous owners’ worn-down furniture. Colorful duvet covers are also available in so many shades, prints, and patterns that make them the number one choice for those who love to mix things up.

Colorful and floral duvet covers

Our block floral prints are inspired by interesting people and places that evoke wanderlust and pique curiosity. In our opinion, floral duvet covers set the stage for a romantic bedroom.

Vintage floral duvet covers

1. English Gardens ~ Duvet Cover

Fact: No Victorian or Regency romance is complete without a stroll through the gardens. Leading man and woman play coy as they make small talk about the fine weather, but the tension is palpable.

Though filled with wildflowers, the China blue bunches set in neat rows keep this garden looking meticulously maintained as if from an aristocrat’s greenhouse in one of Jane Austen’s novels. Plus, the classic color scheme bodes well for the bedroom, and the cover reverses to a matching print with a whole different vibe.

English Gardens ~ Cottage Style Botanical Duvet Cover English Gardens ~ Cottage Style Botanical Duvet Cover
$212.50 - $270.00
SALE: up to 15% off
English Gardens (CP) ~ Pillow Sham English Gardens (CP) ~ Pillow Sham
$34.00 - $45.00
SALE: up to 15% off
English Gardens ~ Pillow Sham English Gardens ~ Pillow Sham
$36.00 - $45.00
SALE: 10% off

Decor ideas


Regency Console Table

Glamorize your bedroom with this Victorian-style wooden table boasting extravagant scroll details and a sumptuous gold finish. The cabriole-esque legs give this furnishing a feminine touch for a romantic bedroom.


Set of 2 Gold Angels Resin Cherubs Statue

Reiterate the classical feel of English Gardens with these sweet cherub figurines doused in bright gold. The sleeping angels are suited for the bedroom but can be moved outdoors whenever you want to rearrange your indoor decor.

2. Midnight Lotus ~ Asian White Floral Persian Blue Duvet Cover

For something more abstract but traditional, Midnight Lotus happily steps up to the plate. This duvet cover is our interpretation of the sublime flower of India, the lotus. In the Buddhist faith, the red lotus represents love and shared compassion.

It is believed that in one of her incarnations, Princess Yashodhara offered five lotuses to Prince Siddhartha’s then-incarnation. In exchange, she asked that they be husband and wife in all their future reincarnations. Meanwhile, representing purity of mind and body, we hope the white lotus on this bedspread brings you a peaceful night’s sleep, at the least. The soft cotton material will surely be a prerequisite to some uninterrupted R&R.

Decor ideas


Lotus Flower – Metal Wall Art

Simple and effective, this handcrafted recycled aluminum decor transforms any wall into an art piece. It’s also light enough to hang using the provided adhesive.

Still Serenity

Lotus Incense Burner

For those days you want to sit and practice mindfulness, this ceramic incense burner will come in handy. For any other day, it works as a graceful decorative sculpture.

3. Orange Blossom

Fall in love with Orange Blossom, tropical print inspired by vintage Persian floral patterns. It’s abound with stylized orange and yellow blooms accented by deep purple and sage green on a cream ground. The print transports you to a Mediterranean orange grove, the air charged with the heady scent of blossoms in the air.

Although colorful, this duvet sticks to a cohesive warm palette, and, when paired with the matching pillow shams, will be the center of attention in your bedroom.

Decor ideas


Pressed Flowers Art

Like preserving memories in a photograph, pressed flowers capture a moment in time. Nothing could be more sentimental! In this unique decor, red poppies, white yarrow, and other blossoms live in a sun-drenched meadow forever.


5′ x 8′ Sevilla Rug

Animate your bedroom with this brilliant area rug resembling a leaf-strewn and petal-covered garden floor in a Monet painting. The colors are successful, as they share the same palette as Orange Blossom.

4. Moonlit Taj ~ Blue and Green Floral India Duvet Cover

A testament to emperor Shah Jahan’s everlasting love for his wife Mumtaz Mahal, the Taj Mahal is no stranger to romance. It’s a magnificent structure to behold, even more so under a clear night illuminated by the moon. Blue, green, and turquoise vines twist and turn against a white background designed to emulate the pietra dura on a moonlit night. Dramatic swooning, anyone?

Decor ideas

Karma and Luck

Trust Yourself – Lapis Lazuli Medium Size Feng Shui Tree

Put the spotlight on the lapis details in Moonlit Taj with this equally captivating decor. The tree arises from a white crystal base and its copper branches are capped in natural lapis lazuli.

Home Depot

Northfield Admiral White Faux Marble End Table

Use this elegant table to display your lapis lazuli tree or any other colorful table topper. The faux marble is another tribute to the tilework in the Taj Mahal.

5. Dahlia Daydreams ~ Pink Floral Romantic Duvet Cover

Dahlias were first documented in what is now Mexico and Guatemala. The Aztecs used the hollow stems to carry water, and ate tubers for nutrition and medicine. When it reached Europe, monarchs fell in love not with its taste, but its magnificent blooms.

Our Dahlia Daydreams collection is a floral extravaganza of vibrant pink blooms surrounded by silver grey foliage. This pink color story reminds us of everything sweet, like puppy love or strawberry confections.

Decor ideas

Hobby Lobby

White & Gold Flower Metal Wall Decor

This delicate wall decor matches Memories of Shalimar’s dreamy, effortless vibes. The metal centers and metallic tones complement the floral duvet cover’s golden details.

World Market

Round Vintage Butterfly Kaleidoscope Framed Wall Art

Complement Dahlia Daydream with a Mid-century Modern metal lamp base in soft pink, white, gold, or mercury glass.

6. Indian Summer ~ Orange Paisley India Duvet Cover

Want something just as graceful but more evocative of a sultry summer day? Indian Summer is the one that comes to mind. The heritage Indian paisley print combines an orange mango ground, green foliage, and red blossoms for a duvet cover that’s as romantic as a bouquet of red roses on a first date.

Decor ideas

Sundial Home

Brown Teak Wood Natural Leaves Sculpture

Intricate carving and finishing make this wooden sculpture set look unbelievably realistic. Position it next to live plants for a harmonious theme alongside your colorful duvet cover.


Handcarved Bed Headboard

What’s more romantic than a show-stopping headboard to go with a floral duvet cover? Hand-carved in Bali out of MDF, it’s lighter and easier to install than solid wood.

7. Tropical Garden ~ Colorful Country Floral Duvet Cover

They say every rose has its thorn, but Tropical Gaden is the perfect choice for a beach cottage room set in the tropics. Instead of roses, hibiscus and stargazer lilies take center stage in this colorful duvet cover.

Like a whirlwind romance on your summertime vacation, this colorful duvet cover is exciting and lively. The best part is, this beautiful floral duvet cover is here to stay no matter the season.

Decor ideas

Lamps Plus

Ewan Ivory Ceramic Table Lamp Set

Flowers and foliage make this otherwise plain ceramic lamp base come to life. Whereas your colorful duvet cover catches the eye, these lamps are happy to play the supporting role.

World Market

Dark Brown Madras 3 Panel Folding Screen

Undoubtedly tropical, this folding screen is a practical addition to your romantic bedroom. Handcrafted with abaca fiber and wood, it can be used to partition your space or as a decorative backdrop for freestanding decor.

8. Enchanted – Ivory ~ Duvet Cover

Fairytale fans might find their happily ever after with the Enchanted duvet cover—either in Blue or Ivory. No matter which iteration you choose, this floral duvet cover reverses to a coordinating pattern inspired by Art Nouveau, an influential style when it comes to floral print.

Wildflowers adorn this colorful duvet cover, and the border is reminiscent of lancet windows in a Medieval church you might come across in a damsel-in-distress epic romance.

Decor ideas

Mackintosh Design

Tiffany Tree of Life Stained Glass Panel

This magical decor depicts a fantasy landscape in lush greens and luscious reds. Hang it where the light can hit it just so at twilight and dawn to complement your fairytale bedroom.

Grayson Luxury

Caracole Upholstery Glimmer Of Hope Chair

Opulent, but modern, this one-of-a-kind chair is fit for royalty. The lustrous brass frame enameled in white mimics tree branches growing in organic patterns.

Colorful duvet covers

9. Morning Dew ~ Romantic French Country Yellow Duvet Cover

Looking for a more bashful tale of unrequited love? Let’s travel to the French countryside with Morning Dew. Its colors are soft, and Morning Dew is perfect for a contemplative mood in the bedroom.

Royal blue, teal, and orange stand out against a muted yellow background, but the details in this Provencial colorful duvet cover are anything but simple. Morning Dew is a love story full of complex storylines and details, no matter how straightforward it may seem on the surface.

Decor ideas

Touch of Class

Maristella Decorative Floral Pitcher

The beaded detailing and petite florals in this picturesque pitcher are fitting for a romantic bedroom. Off-white, pink, and gold mesh well with any colorful duvet cover, but especially with elegant Morning Dew.

Touch of Class

Butterfly in Roses Venetian Gold Mirrored Vanity Tray

Elevate the French country look with this glass-bottom tray featuring a beveled golden frame. Corral jewelry, parfum bottles, and little trinkets in this exquisite tray to keep bedroom clutter to a minimum.

10. Royal Mansour ~ Duvet Cover

Many budding romances end in a white wedding. Reinvent the wheel on floral lace and red, heart-shaped motifs with Royal Mansour, an elegant print inspired by the latticework found in a grand hotel palace commissioned by King Mohammed VI of Morocco. This tasteful pattern is fit for a royal honeymoon—especially if you’re postposting the vacation for a staycation.

Decor ideas


In Bloom Pillar Candle Holder

Set a romantic mood with a dreamy brass or gold candle holder that pairs well with Royal Mansour’s grandeur.

Saffron Marigold

White Filigree Hand-Painted Pillar Candles

Glam up Royal Mansour with our hand-painted pillar candles featuring a delicate filigree design.

11. Casablanca Blues – Blue ~ Moroccan Quatrefoil Duvet Cover

We’ll punctuate our list with perhaps one of the most famous love stories of all, at least in cinema. Casablanca, the film, debuted in 1942, and it’s set in World War II-era Casablanca, Morroco. Painted with themes of sacrifice, morality, and love, Casablanca tells the tale of ex-lovers Ilsa and Rick who meet by chance again in the chaos of war.

Our Casablanca Blues duvet cover is not so heartbreaking, but it is inspired by the same city on Morocco’s Western coast. Pale green, blue, and white motifs embellish the French blue ground, and this colorful duvet cover takes you to this breathtaking city on a clear, sunny day—one Ilsa and Rick may have shared under different circumstances.

Decor ideas


Two’s Company Tozai Golden Basket Cylinder Lantern

Place a lantern on either side of your bed—hanging on a hook or simply resting on a nightstand. The metallic finish puts a fresh spin on decorative wooden lanterns.


Vintage Door Sticker

Capture the magic of Moroccan doors and architecture with this effortless door decal. It transforms your bare door into a portal to any Mediterranean city.

Can you put a king down comforter in a queen duvet cover?

Yes. In fact, using a king down comforter in a queen duvet cover is ideal if you want to make your bedding appear fuller.

How often should you wash your duvet cover?

It’s advised to wash your duvet cover once a week or once every other week. If you use a top sheet between your duvet cover and your body, then once every other week may suffice.

However, if your duvet cover is used heavily, if you have a home with pets who jump onto the bed, or if you don’t use a top sheet, then washing your duvet cover weekly may be best.

What are the steps in layering a bed like a designer?

  1. Put on your bottom bedsheet over your mattress and/or mattress topper. Breathable fabrics like cotton are ideal for all-season compatibility.
  2. Optional: Put on a top sheet (flat sheet) over your bed and bottom sheet.
  3. Choose a duvet cover for your duvet insert. Alternative: Choose a comforter or a bedspread.
  4. Place Euro pillows in the back against your headboard.
  5. Place your sleeping pillows in the middle.
  6. Place two decorative pillows (shams or boudoir pillows) in front.
  7. Optional: Place a body pillow or neckroll pillow in front.

If you have a comforter instead of a duvet/duvet cover, consider placing a bed runner or folded throw blanket at the base of your bed for a more detailed look.

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