Photograph of a fabric swatch featuring a tile-inspired pattern in navy blue, light blue, and yellow with the words "Istanbul: Boho, Exotic, Mediterranean" at the top

Boho Style Home Decor Ideas for Effortless Boho Chic Vibes

Istanbul Embrace bohemian style home decor with our mesmerizing, tile-inspired print, Istanbul. In the main print, arabesque patterns and geometric motifs interlace and scroll across a deep indigo ground—a call to the intricate blue and white Iznik tiles and geometric motifs that adorn the Blue Mosque of Istanbul.

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How To Decorate With Moroccan Style Decor For A Boho Look

Royal Mansour Introduce Moroccan style decor throughout your home with our ethereal Royal Mansour collection. The latticework of the Royal Mansour inspired this line of block print fabrics that carries a decidedly regal feel. Use this print to transform your home into a personal palace of bohemian delights.

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13 Kitchen Makeover Ideas to Modernize an Old Kitchen

You’ve refreshed your bedroom, renovated your living room, and now you turn to our old kitchen. The center of the home, your kitchen deserves all the TLC you can bestow upon its walls, floors, and furnishings. Find 13 of the best kitchen makeover ideas here, plus our recommendations on the best linens for each redesign.

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