How to Set an Elegant Table For a Casual Dinner Party

PSA: You don’t need to break the bank or put yourself under immense pressure when learning how to set a table for a dinner party. An elegant, but casual dinner party table setting is possible with just a smart set of table linen, versatile flatware and dinnerware, and strategic decor choices.

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Blue and white shower curtains

8 Blue And White Shower Curtains That’ll Instantly Upgrade Your Bathroom

Though you might have a patterned plastic shower curtain, nothing beats the luxurious look and feel of a fabric curtain. Our collection of cotton panels includes blue and white shower curtains that instantly upgrade your bathroom. From contemporary and modern to cottage-inspired, we’re here to shine the spotlight on our white and blue shower curtains that transform your bathroom in minutes.

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Blue and white kitchen

How to Style Your Kitchen With Elegant Blue & White Decor

Glamming up your cooking area is possible without sacrificing function. With strategic accessories like versatile blue and white kitchen decor, you’ll end up with an elegant kitchen that still meets your cooking, baking, and storage needs. From kitchen curtains to table linen essentials, we’re here to demonstrate that making over a blue and white kitchen is an easy feat with the right accessories.

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