Global Chic: 9 Ways To Get The Well-Traveled Look

Decorating in global chic style can create dreamy rooms that transport you to other places, help you convey your own sense of style, and design sophisticated interiors. Put together small, joyful pockets of global experience or a whole-home global design–the choice is up to you.

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click any image for expanded view play desktop video Royal Mansour ~ Duvet Cover

How to Style Your Indian Block Print Duvet Covers

When you have intricate prints on your duvet covers and pillows, you need to layer your bedding to avoid your bed looking like a mess. The three elements to keep in mind when layering your bed are:

  • Duvet folds
  • Layering various pillow sizes
  • Blankets and double-thickness duvets (they add texture and dimension to your bed)
Types of Duvet Folds The Classic Fold In this most common style, the duvet is folded down a quarter of the way from the top of the bed.

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Moonlit Taj ~ Floral Turquoise India Inspired Shower Curtain

4 Interior Design Tips to Complement Tapestry Shower Curtains

Curtains are a decoration—a work of art—that make a home look stylish. Not only do they accentuate the height of a room, but they also frame the shape of your doors and windows so that they don’t appear plain old. When it comes to bathrooms, tapestry shower curtains are a unique choice that can completely transform the space.

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Indian Curtains: Dreams Of India In Every Room

Dreams of India Sari-inspired Indian curtains in gauzy cotton feature in our Dreams of India collection. These are handcrafted, block printed bohemian window treatments. Each comes in bold colors that nod to India’s silk saris and gold zari motifs and borders.

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An Indigo Blue Batik Print: Starry Nights

Starry Nights An indigo blue batik print finds its inspiration in nature. Here, a star pattern of indigo blue skies and twinkling stars brings us far from the cacophony of day. The vast night sky reveals the beauty of the natural world and delivers a great sense of peace.

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