Photograph of a tablescape featuring a navy blue ocean-inspired table linens and a bouquet of sunflowers for a centerpiece to demonstrate lake house decor ideas. In the background is the blue shore and blue sun.

10 Lake House Decor Ideas for Serene Lakeside Comfort

When it comes to impactful lake house decor ideas, focus on blending the beauty of nature with cozy comfort and relaxed elegance. Soft beige and warm wooden tones, calm blues, and soothing greens all reflect the surrounding landscape. Add pops of vibrant color such as sunflower yellow or pink inspired by seasonal blooms, local wildlife, and gorgeous sunsets.

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Photograph of a floral botanical white cafe curtain with partial kitchen counter with teapot and cups showcasing kitchen counter decor ideas

10 Kitchen Counter Decor Ideas for Culinary Charm

In this blog, we uncover 10 innovative kitchen counter decor ideas to dress your kitchen in charm and functionality. From decorative serving trays filled with a selection of your current favorite accents to statement utensil holders to keep clutter at bay, explore how thoughtful decor choices can transform your cooking space into a haven of inspiration and delight.

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10 Small Guest Room Ideas for Pocket-Sized Hospitality

In small guest rooms, every inch counts towards creating a memorable hospitality experience. Our small guest room ideas require blend creativity and efficiency, from clever space utilization to thoughtful amenities. Smart storage solutions, multifunctional furniture, and personalized touches tailored to guests’ needs can transform limited space into a cozy retreat.

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What is Transitional Interior Design and Transitional Decor Ideas

Transitional decor is a fusion of the classic charm of traditional style and the contemporary cool aesthetic of modern design. It’s the art of blending timeless elegance with modern simplicity, creating a space that feels both personable and stylish. Dive into our guide if you’re looking to curate your own spaces inspired by transitional interior design.

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Photograph of a grand table setting with overlaid text that reads "What is a stately home?"

What is a Stately Home and 8 Decor Ideas

Stately decor is characterized by ornate furnishings, lush fabrics, and grand architectural features in the home. Vintage decor is also prominent: portraits, metal wall sconces, Oriental fabrics, and chandeliers. In its modern form, stately design is an eclectic mix of English aristocrat design elements (think Victorian, Edwardian, and Tudor eras) and modern touches.

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