Orange Home Decor: A Summer Glow In Every Room

Indian Summer Welcome the warmth of summer into your home all throughout the year with orange home decor. Drenched in shades of marigold and persimmon, draw on Indian Summer to brighten up your home. Here’s how you can use our orange curtains, linens, and other pieces of orange home decor in any room. Start with a sunny orange kitchen Orange kitchen decor summon images of juicy peaches, ripe mangos, sweet yams, and succulent salmon, so it’s a great color choice for your kitchen.

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yoga decor

Ideas for Home Yoga Studio Decor

Practicing mindfulness and self-care is more important now more than ever.  Breathing and stretching exercises calm and center us and provide countless health benefits. If you’re a regular yoga practitioner, or you simply want to incorporate more yoga into your life, then why not create a dedicated space for yoga at home?

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