When is Wedding Season? Plus Wedding Color Ideas For Each

Saffron Marigold - Updated: March 23, 2024

May through October marks the wedding season in the United States, offering delightful weather and picturesque backdrops for wedding photos. With nature in full bloom, spring is a popular choice while summer provides the best conditions for outdoor receptions and destination weddings. In recent years, autumn’s allure has made it the most popular wedding season, thanks to its gorgeous landscapes and pleasant weather. Whatever your chosen month, explore these wedding color ideas tailored to each season, setting the stage for an unforgettable celebration of love.

Table of Contents

  1. When is wedding season
  2. How to choose my wedding month
  3. Spring weddings and colors
  4. Summer weddings and colors
  5. Autumn weddings and colors
  6. Winter weddings and colors

When is wedding season?

In the United States, wedding season is late May through October when the weather is most likely to be sunny and warm—perfect for outdoor weddings and receptions.

When is wedding season around the world?

In general, spring and summer are the peak season for weddings around the world. Destination weddings in the US are most popular from January through April and in July. Many winter weddings take place in warmer destinations and summer vacation provides flexibility in planning, respectively.

For a destination wedding, consider popular destinations like Hawaii, Mexico, San Diego, and The Canary Islands, where the weather remains warm and inviting all year!

What’s the best month for a wedding?

Over 40% of weddings take place between September and November, with October being the most popular wedding month for the past few years. The second most popular month to get married is September, followed by June and May. Of course, the best month for a wedding depends on your local climate and whether a specific season speaks to your soul.

How to choose my wedding month?

Selecting your wedding month involves thoughtful considerations. Reflect on the wedding dress fabrics and styles you want to wear, decide on an indoor or outdoor reception, identify the peak season in your area, weigh the significance of a particular date, and take note of any local events that might impact your plans. These factors will help you tailor your wedding month to align perfectly with your dream wedding!

  • Wedding dress style and fabric: Just like wedding colors and menus, wedding fabrics can be seasonal. For instance, organza and crepe shine in spring and summer, while silk and brocade are more suited for fall and winter weddings.
  • Outdoor vs. indoor ceremony/reception: Dreaming of saying “I do” under the open sky? Don’t forget to factor in weather considerations when choosing your outdoor wedding date.
  • Avoiding the peak season: During peak seasons, expect elevated costs for airfare, hotels, vendors, and venues. To ease the financial burden, especially for guests traveling long distances, consider an off-peak date when prices are more wallet-friendly.
  • Wedding dates: Some cultures consider certain dates to be lucky, such as double dates (October 24, 2024). Days like Tuesdays and Sundays and months such as February and December are also deemed auspicious. Alternatively, you may have a date in mind that holds significance for your and your soon-to-be-spouse. Perhaps the anniversary of when you first met?
  • Local events: Keep an eye out for local events like sports games or festivals that could throw a wrench in your venue and hotel plans, not to mention traffic. Try to pick quieter weekends to make it easier for you and your guests.

Spring wedding

Roughly 35% of couples exchange vows during the rejuvenating season of spring (March, April, May), with May emerging as the preferred month as temperatures rise and nature awakens. It’s a time when vibrant flowers burst into color, verdant foliage blanket the bare ground, and sunny skies paint the perfect canvas for springtime receptions.

Spring wedding colors

Spring wedding colors bloom with the promise of love and new beginnings.

Idea 1: Muted pastels for an outdoor reception

Channel the vibrant energy and fresh charm of spring with a palette of pastel hues like blush pink, sage green, and muted mint green. These soothing tones evoke the gentle beauty of budding flowers and lush landscapes, creating a whimsical ambiance for your special day.

Photograph of a floral pastel table setting to demonstrate when is wedding season for the spring months and how to decorate for it

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Idea 2: Fresh and bright floral palette for the spring wedding season

Reflect the beauty of nature’s awakening with shades like golden daffodil, lilac, and orange. This lively palette brings a sense of freshness and romance to your ceremony and reception.

Photograph of a floral table setting to demonstrate when is wedding season for the spring months and how to decorate for it

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Spring wedding bouquets

We can’t help but swoon over the vibrant array of blooms that spring has to offer. Lush peonies, fragrant lilacs, graceful tulips…we could go on and on. The possibilities are endless for your spring wedding flower arrangements!

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Pastel Wedding Flower Bouquet

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When is wedding season in the summer

Summer weddings (June, July, August) comprise nearly 30% of all weddings, unsurprisingly. With sunny days, flexibility in travel (for attending families with children), and plenty of options for wedding menus, summer weddings are certainly convenient. Plus, fun fact: June gets its name from Juno, the revered Roman goddess of marriage, women, and women’s health! No wonder June is a long-time wedding month favorite.

Summer wedding colors

Celebrate summer love with sunny yellows, ocean blues, and tropical hues, evoking the carefree spirit of the season. From bursting tropical arrangements to breezy chiffon dresses, let your wedding colors capture the joy and vitality of this sun-kissed season.

Idea 1: Fun and fruity for the summer wedding season

Shake things up with vibrant summer wedding colors inspired by fresh and fruity delights! Think zesty citrus orange, juicy watermelon pink, and luscious strawberry red.

Photograph of a tropical and floral table setting to demonstrate when is wedding season for the summer months and how to decorate for it

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Idea 2: Sunflower yellow and shades of blue

Summer wedding colors embody the warmth of the sun under clear blue skies. Feature vibrant shades like goldenrod, bumblebee, and French blue with white as your grounding color.

Photograph of a blue and yellow table setting to demonstrate when is wedding season for the summer

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Summer wedding bouquets

As the sun shines bright and flowers bloom in abundance, summer weddings herald joyful memories. From cheerful sunflowers to opulent orchids, let your summer wedding bouquet be a reflection of the happiness summer brings.

Fall weddings

Fall weddings (September, October, November) account for about 35% of weddings, with October being the most popular in recent years. Why? Picture-perfect landscapes painted in reds, oranges, golds, and greens set the stage for unforgettable wedding photos. And let’s not forget the cozy weather (not too cold, not too hot) and warm vibes that make fall weddings so inviting. Who could resist?

Autumn wedding colors

As the season shifts and nature puts on its magnificent display, fall weddings come alive with rich colors and textures. Envision your fall wedding as a breathtaking ensemble of warm hues like burnt orange and deep plum to cooler tones like navy and denim blue.

Idea 1: Cozy elegance for the fall wedding season

Elevate classic fall colors like wheat, pumpkin orange, and golden yellow with opulent jewel tones like plum, orange carnelian, and jade. This fusion of earthy tones and jewel-inspired shades adds a touch of regal elegance to your fall wedding decor.

Photograph of an orange and plum floral table setting to demonstrate when is wedding season for the fall and how to decorate for it

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Idea 2: Navy blue and orange

Put a modern twist on fall wedding colors: try navy and orange, reminiscent of the stunning twilight skies of autumn. Incorporate accents inspired by seasonal fruits like grapes, figs, and pomegranates to complement your color palette. This combination will exude sophistication with a touch of natural charm.

Photograph of a blue table setting with accents of gold and orange to demonstrate when is wedding season for the fall and how to decorate for it

Fall wedding bouquets

With blooms like dahlias, chrysanthemums, and eucalyptus leaves, your fall wedding bouquet becomes a symbol of the season’s abundance and beauty.

When is wedding season in the winter

Winter (December, January, and February) is considered the wedding off-season, capturing around 10% of matrimonial celebrations of the year. Still, we can’t deny the magical charm of a winter wedding. Snow-dusted landscapes provide a magical backdrop for your special day. Twinkling lights, hints of holiday cheer, and hearty, soulful food make winter weddings truly enchanting affairs. Plus, you don’t have to worry about surge pricing for vendors and venues as you would during the summer months.

Winter wedding colors

Icy whites, shimmering silvers and golds, and deep evergreens comprise the timeless elegance of winter wedding colors. For a softer palette, explore shades of brown, cream, and blush pink accentuated by a touch of bright blue for a hint of classic winter color.

Idea 1: Blue, white, and a touch of green

Capture the serene beauty of snow-covered landscapes with evergreen foliage peeking through, contrasted against blue skies. This harmonious combination offers a sense of tranquility, creating an enchanting atmosphere for your winter wedding.

Photograph of a white, blue, and green floral table setting to demonstrate when is wedding season for the winter months and how to decorate for it

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Idea 2: Brown, blush pink, and blue

Transport your guests to a realm of timeless romance with an unexpected, dreamy palette of dusty blue, blush pink, and warm brown tones. Add shimmering golden accents, twinkling lights, and coordinating linens to infuse your winter reception with elegance and warmth.

Photograph of a table setting with a palette collage of browns, blush pink, and French blue to demonstrate how to decorate for a winter wedding in a unique way

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Idea 3: Whites and golds for the winter wedding season

Wrap your winter wedding in the mesmerizing allure of white, gold, and cream hues, like rays of sunlight dancing on freshly fallen snow. Picture candlelit tables adorned with gilded accents and ivory blossom garlands cascading like soft snowflakes. These luxurious hues promise a celebration filled with timeless elegance and enchantment.

Photograph of a white and gold table setting and a palette collage of golds and creams to demonstrate how to decorate for a winter wedding in a sophisticated way

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Winter wedding bouquets

Embrace the whimsical spirit of winter with bouquets inspired by fairy tales and folklore, incorporating ethereal elements like silver ferns, iridescent fillers, and golden silk ribbons.

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White and Gold Flower Bouquet

As you dive into the whirlwind of wedding preparations, allow the seasons to be your guiding lights. From the gentle pastels of spring to the fiery tones of autumn, each season offers its own palette of colors waiting to be discovered. Although the wedding peak season is spring through fall, every season holds the promise of new beginnings and endless possibilities. Explore our engagement party ideas blog for inspiration on both outdoor and indoor receptions, where you’ll find a variety of table setting themes!

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