How to Style a Calming Kid’s Room With Linens: 5 Children’s Bedroom Ideas

Saffron Marigold - Updated: January 2, 2024

Decorate your child’s room and turn it into a haven of tranquility with the magic of calming linens—whether it’s a newborn’s nursery or a preteen’s personality-filled room. Infusing the room with soothing textures, gentle patterns, and serene colors, the art of decorating becomes a symphony of comfort and style. From dreamy children’s bed sheets to cozy throws, every choice is a step towards creating an environment that not only reflects your little one’s personality but also fosters a sense of peace and relaxation. Here are five children’s bedroom ideas and ways to style a calming kid’s room with linens.

How do I make my kids bedroom feel cozy and calming using linens?

To make your kids’ bedroom feel cozy and calming using linens, choose high-quality, soft bedding in soothing colors and textures that complement the room’s theme. Promote relaxation and comfort with calming corners and chill-out zones using plush pillows, throws, and blackout curtains for a serene space.

How to style a claming kid's room using linens in a floral pattern in soft pastels and soothing blue

Choose colors that promote relaxation and calm

What colors are calming for kids bedrooms? Blues, greens, and light browns are fantastic color choices for a calming kids bedroom. Muted pastels and light gray are also fine choices to promote calmness and restful sleep.

If you would like to keep an even more neutral color scheme, warm beiges, whites, and grays are thought to induce feelings of calm in children and adults with attention disorders.

Use sensory-friendly and comforting textures and bedding

Children who experience anxiety or have sensory sensitivities can find comfort in soft, smooth textures. Children’s bed linen made of cotton, bamboo, and other non-scratchy materials will avoid irritation. Some children might also benefit from heavier bedding such as duvets, quilts, or weighted blankets.

Layer their bedding

Layered soft bedding transforms your child’s bedroom into a cozy retreat: Start with smooth, organic sheeting and add a cozy duvet or comforter. Introduce coordinating pillows in textures and patterns they enjoy.

Then, for an extra feeling of comfort, use a quilt or bedspread on top of your child’s duvet or comforter. Thoughtful layering contributes to a snug and inviting space for your child to unwind.

Create a calming corner with cushions and quilts

Transform your kids’ bedroom into a haven of tranquility by creating a calming corner adorned with soft cushions, a rug, and a quilt. Some fantastic calming children’s bedroom ideas include selecting linens in unique textures and calming tones to craft a cozy sanctuary. Thoughtfully arrange these elements in a designated corner, creating a personalized retreat where your little ones can escape into a world of comfort and calmness. This imaginative blend of cushions and quilts not only adds a touch of originality but also turns the space into a soothing cocoon for moments of peaceful repose.

How to style a calming kid's room with linens such as pillows, a rug, and a quilt

Bonus tip: Introduce ways for children to self-soothe by providing a ‘Calming Box’ filled with sensory items such as stress balls, emotions cards, thinking putty (link), books, coloring books, a small puzzle, and other items that comfort them when they are feeling stressed.

Use a rug underneath for extra coziness and warmth

Elevate the comfort level in your kids’ bedroom with the addition of a soft rug underneath, complementing the calming linens to establish a cozy retreat. Select a rug that aligns with the room’s style, providing an extra layer of warmth for a comforting and inviting environment. This simple yet effective enhancement ensures that your children’s space is not only aesthetically pleasing but also a haven of tranquility.

Make sure the material is something your child enjoys, whether that is a soft and fluffy rug (for sensory-seeking children) or a short-pile 3D wool rug.

Children’s room decor ideas: 5 themes

Take a look at these ways to style a calming kid’s room with linens.

1. Woodland theme children’s bedroom ideas

Soft blues, greens, and white, combined with natural furnishings is a calming combination. The colors are easy on the eyes, and a soft duvet cover will promote relaxation.

Children's bedroom ideas using a nature-inspired color palette and pattern

Shop Woodland Ferns

How to style a calming kid's bedroom with a cozy bean bag
West Elm Kids

Rory Bean Bag Chair

A comfy bean bag your little one can melt into when they just want to relax and unwind.

Saffron Marigold

Woodland Ferns ~ Sage Green and Blue Jaipuri Razai Quilt

A cocoon of cloud-soft cotton and cotton batting for a kids’ calming corner.

2. Starry space theme children’s bedroom ideas

Journey into a serene celestial escape with a starry space theme, where twinkling wonders and calming elements converge for a peaceful and enchanting ambiance.

How to style a calming kid's room using starry navy blue bedsheets

Shop Stary Nights

Children's bedroom ideas that incorporate space-themed decor
Panache Homeware

Personalized Color Changing LED Night Light Space

Provide comfort in the dark with a personalized night lamp such as this rocket-themed option.

Saffron Marigold

Starry Nights (CP) ~ Decorative Blue Batik India Throw Cover

Decorate with navy in small doses through your duvet cover and pillow covers, and use silver or light brown for the rest of room to achieve a calming ef

3. Cozy minimalist kids room ideas

For children who struggle with overstimulation, a minimalist room may be the best way to go.

Example of how to style a calming kid's room with a minimalist theme
Photo: Lotus Arts
How to style a calming kid's room with minimalist color palette
Peland Pia Prints

Set of 3 Prints, Nordic Childrens Room Wall Art

Soft colors and subtly stimulating prints are perfect for a calming kid’s room.

Saffron Marigold

Vanilla Glace ~ White and Gold India Curtain Panel

Pair these white and gold curtains with optional blackout curtains to keep out light at night and filter sunlight during the day.

4. Enchanted fairy theme children’s bedroom ideas

From soft pastel fairy-tale bedding to themed wall art, every detail is a sprinkle of magic that invites your little one to embark on a fantastical journey.

How to style a calming kid's room with a fairy theme
Photo: Eudajmonia
Saffron Marigold

Pale Pink Organic Cotton Sheet Set

Use this organic cotton set for your child’s bedsheet and pillow cases—the Percale weave is soft, cool, and smooth for a calming effect.

Saffron Marigold

Enchanted ~ Ivory – Euro Sham Pillow Cover

Add a little color to a fairy-themed room with this floral pillow cover. This, paired with plain children’s bed linen will keep the bed from looking too busy.

5. Ocean themed calming kids room

Soothing hues and sea-inspired decor take your little one on an undersea escape. Use these tranquil children’s bedroom ideas for children who enjoy the great blue seas.

Ocean-themed wallpaper for children's bedroom ideas
Photo: Mong Decor
How to style a calming kid's room with linens using a seashell pattern pillow
Saffron Marigold

Pacific Blue (CP) ~ Rustic Navy Blue Ocean Oriental Euro Sham

Bring the calming whispers of the shore into their dreams with this seashell print pillow.

How to style a calming kid's room using linens such as a soft cotton throw
Saffron Marigold

Quilted Sari Throw

Cozy snuggles await with this ultra soft cotton throw.

Childrens bedroom furniture ideas

A cozy bean bag, a playful play tent, and a snug furniture come together to form a retreat where little ones can mellow out and let their imaginations soar. Beyond linens, here are some children’s bedroom ideas that incorporate cozy elements:

  • Bean bag
  • Play tent
  • Kids sofa or lounge chair
  • Modular kids’ couch
Calming corner for children's bedroom ideas using children's wall art stickers, pillows, and children's bedroom furniture

Childrens wall art stickers ideas

Opt for decals with soft, muted colors to minimize visual overload. Additionally, decals depicting familiar and comforting themes, such as nature scenes or favorite characters, can contribute to a sense of security. Ultimately, select decals that align with your child’s preferences, ensuring a personalized and supportive space.

Children's wall sticker art for children's bedroom ideas
Jack Harry and Ollie

Calming Sage Boho Wall Arch Decal

Whether it’s in serene sage green, tranquil light blue, or soothing sand, a minimalist wall art sticker like this can infuse a sense of calm into the room.

Children's wall art poster for children's bedroom ideas
Understanding Calm

Emotions Kids Wall Art Poster

When creating a Calming Corner, having a visual representation of familiar emotions can help younger children give a name to their emotions.

Small children’s bedroom ideas

Maximize the charm of small kid’s rooms with clever ideas that blend functionality and whimsy.

Choose a lifted bed

Whether a cabin or a loft bed, non-traditional bed types will give you more storage options. Maximize storage with baskets, cubbies, and headboard shelving.

Decorate the walls

Preserve space by making use of vertical space. Display children’s wall art decals or a unique tapestry in a calming color scheme.

Lighten up with white curtains

Give the illusion of space with light curtains, allowing sunlight to filter through. Pair with blinds or blackout curtains for keeping out light and helping regulate the temperature.

Maximize comfort

Choose carpet in a small kids’ bedroom for its safety features and cozy feel, providing a soft surface for play. Carpets enhance also acoustics by minimizing noise levels, and visually unify the room, creating a comfortable and inviting space for various activities.

In the art of styling a calming kid’s room with linens, the key is to weave together elements that nurture both aesthetics and comfort. Embrace a palette of soft, soothing colors and opt for linens with gentle patterns that evoke a sense of calm. Personal touches, like themed pillows or favorite characters, add a sprinkle of whimsy. The goal is to create a haven where your child’s dreams take center stage, wrapped in the soothing embrace of carefully curated linens that transform their room into a serene sanctuary.