7 Vintage Floral Curtains That Will Never Go Out Of Style

Saffron Marigold - Updated: February 13, 2023

A vintage floral curtain is to your window as a beige paint color is to your wall—it’s guaranteed to look good no matter what. We offer a wide collection of vintage style floral curtains inspired by everything from Persian prints to the Victorian era. Wake up to a field of blossoms every day with any of our vintage floral curtain panels.

What defines a vintage-style floral curtain?

In general, a vintage floral curtain panel features tight flower patterns in a washed out or muted color scheme. Other vintage florals like retro-inspired or Art Nouveau, however, may be bolder and brighter than other floral prints like calico, for instance.

Many vintage textiles depict florals in a realistic way, and these lean towards a cottage feel or a regal vibe. Either way, a vintage style floral curtain is characteristically ornate and multicolor. It can often be found with matching panels, pillow covers, or upholstery.

Vintage floral curtains

A vintage-style floral curtain is indeed a timeless piece you can incorporate into kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms. What’s not to love about filling your home with nature’s abundance?

1. Enchanted – Blue

Enchanted in Blue shows that you don’t have to go with popular vintage colors like light pinks, yellows, and greens if you want something with a bit more intensity. Still, this panel is dreamy and soft with its abundant wildflowers on a clear blue ground. Pair the sheer panel with the matching kitchen curtain and window valance for a sweet Provincial look.

Decor ideas

When it comes to Provincial style, non-fussy materials reign supreme. A lived-in look also contributes to that genuine cottage ambiance.


Sabine Wide Linen Wingback Chair

Perhaps more comfortable for the living room or bedroom than a King Louis back chair, this seat is a great choice for a homey and modern Provincial theme. The neutral tones allow Enchanted’s multicolor scheme to shine.


Narrin Nightstand

Styled to appear like it’s been gracing a French cottage for decades, this charming, aged nightstand perfectly complements the Enchanted print. It has fluted legs and a distressed white finish with ample space for storage.

2. Enchanted – Ivory

If you do want to go the traditional route of subtle, delicate colors, Enchanted in Ivory is a great alternative to the Blue variation. The warm, off-white background with the same multicolor blooms allow for a low-contrast, relaxed effect. But, you can pair these curtains with Enchanted Blue accents such as pillow covers and shams for pops of color.

Decor ideas

Posh accents like glass vases and decorative panels create a classic feel.

Living Spaces

Grey Mercury Glass Traditional Decorative Jars Set of 2

Pay attention to details, like with these vintage-style silver glass jars you might show off on your dining or banquet table. Instead of copper or gold, the shiny silver feels a little more up-to-date.

Lighting New York

Southern Living French Antique White Wall Decor

In the bedroom, you might play up Enchanted’s bucolic feel with this pair of distressed wooden panels in white.

3. Tropical Garden

Another vintage path you might take is one that explores tropical prints—wondrous jungles, exotic gardens, and emerald foliage. Needless to say, a vintage floral curtain with tropical motifs can excite any room that’s lacking charisma.

Decor ideas

A tropical room should be adorned with pieces that bring joy and a peace of mind.

Bed Bath & Beyond

Woven Water Hyacinth Sailboat Figurine in Natural

Dream of sailing away to remote islands with this wicker sailboat woven from water hyacinth. It’s a charming addition to a coffee table or display shelf, and it fits with coastal and tropical themes.


Lily Print, Tropical Wall Decor

Carry over the bold lily motif in Tropical Garden with this sweet and simple print available in matte. The tan background mimics Tropical Print’s deep honey ground.

4. Tulip Mist

If you’re looking for the middle ground between classic vintage with the flexibility to style it in a contemporary home, Tulip Mist may just be the vintage style floral print you’re looking for.

Decor ideas

Tulip Mist is characterized by elegance and grace, so don’t skimp out on the little luxuries.

Signature Hardware

Victorian Widespread Bathroom Faucet

If you’re using a white curtain panel for your bathroom window, gold or brass hardware like this will definitely shine. Other ideas for a fresh, airy bathroom are off-white rugs and large mirrors.

Saffron Marigold

Kapula ~ White on White Painted Candles

If you’re using Tulip Mist for your kitchen, don’t forget to set your table with elegant dinner candles like our white on white tapers for a fine dining experience every night, regardless of what’s on the menu.

5. Orange Blossom

One of our best-selling prints, Orange Blossom is a joy to behold. Inspired by a medley of Persian and Mediterranean style, this vintage floral print combines orange, purple, and sage green on a cream canvas.

Decor ideas

A Mediterranean home feels open, bright, and bracing.


Mediterranean, Tuscan Style, Olives, Pattern Trinket Tray

Stick with the citrus theme when you go for this lemon and olive print with architectural motifs. A glass trinket tray travels from the bedroom to the kitchen—anywhere you need a catchall tray for your easy-to-lose items.

One Kings Lane

Studio Table Lamp, Leaf Green

Keep your bedroom or living room decor fresh and airy with this green base lamp that parrots Orange Blossom’s sage green foliage. The oversize design gives it the relaxed, luxe feel of a Mediterranean vacation home.

6. Orange Blossom (CP)

This coordinating print may be more your style if you want something that transcends seasons. The wheat background and tropical fruit colors take you through spring, summer, then fall.

Decor ideas

Orange Blossom is blessed with a versatile color palate, so you can choose more adventurous decor in terms of color with this print.


Concerto Blu Avio Jug

This light navy is just the right shade to complement Orange Blossom’s melon color. Use it in the living room for serving milk with coffee and tea, or in the dining room for serving sauces alongside dinner.

One Kings Lane

Japanese Textile Design in Blush III

This delicate print perfectly emulates Orange Blossom’s gentle tones and design. Its matte texture gives it a vintage touch, as well as its thin, wooden frame.

7. Gardens of Versailles

Last but not least is the refined Gardens of Versailles. Yellow gold scrolls carrying petite flourishes and silvery foliage crawl across an ivory ground encased in an equally graceful double border.

Decor ideas

There’s no escaping this print’s palatial quality, but you can still keep it low-key with a few star accents.

Jonathan Adler

Versailles Puzzle Vase

Part-vintage and part-futuristic, this rounded vase exudes the same hushed elegance of Gardens of Versailles. It will look just as great on a mantel as it would on an entryway table.


Gilded Leaf Decorative Bowl

Weave the gold from Gardens of Versailles throughout your decor, like in this exquisite filigree decorative bowl made of gilded aluminum. The vines perfectly mimic the foliage on your vintage floral curtain print!

What are the different floral patterns?

There are countless floral prints you might consider for your home. Here are some of the most common prints in the textile world to help you narrow down your options.

Jacquard patterns

A jacquard fabric refers to a group of fabrics/prints such as damask (Persian) and brocade (China). Technically, damask and brocade refer to the fabric and weaving type, but we often refer to damask print as those with stylized lozenges, scrolls, and medallions. Finally, floral flourishes complete the look.

Source: 1502 Fabrics


A botanical floral print is a realistic, detailed render or sketch of flowers, usually with leaves.

Source: Spoonflower


This also refers to a cotton fabric originating from Calicut, India, but in print, it is a floral pattern with small, close-knit motifs.

Source: HobbyLobby


Liberty is a tiny floral print that may contain other floral prints such as paisley.

Source: B & J Fabrics


Abstract prints are unique, artistic compositions that represent floral and other botanical motifs, and they are usually very colorful.

Source: Etsy


When we say paisley, we’re talking about a repeating pinecone (boteh) or teardrop-shaped symbol adorned with florals, fractals, and other geometric patterns.


This is a stylized three-petal lily often used on coats of arms, jewelry, and fabrics. It’s popular in traditional and English-inspired homes.

Toile de Juoy

A fabric depicting idyllic scenes with natural motifs such as flowers or mythological scenes with characters. In recent years, it’s been gaining popularity as a fabric for women’s dresses and blouses.

Art Nouveau

Dating back to the 1800s, this style makes use of lines that culminate in flourishing curves. Vintage floral curtains in this style may show off repeating asymmetric flowers. Our Enchanted Print complementary print takes inspiration from this style.

Source: Zazzle


Modern and contemporary floral prints don’t conform to traditional styles. They often feature large, bright blooms in an array of colors, or minimalist sketches in black and white.

Source: Color Girl


Vintage style floral curtains will typically boast feminine color schemes on a toned down background such as ivory.

We hope this guide on vintage floral curtains has you excited to incorporate color and texture into your home decor!

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