7 Spring Inspired Pillow Shams for a Breezy Bedroom Decor

Saffron Marigold - Updated: February 12, 2023

Whether it’s the heat of summer or the dead of winter, a breezy, spring-inspired bedroom is the perfect way to get inspired as you wind down after a long workday.

Spring is the time of year when you feel careless and alive. Why not infuse that same energy into the place where you restore, rejuvenate, and get ready for the day ahead?

Sustainable textiles from Saffron Marigold introduce nature into your home. 

Inspired by breathtaking locales, our linens carry the magic of the natural world in their every fiber. It’s an honor to provide them to conscious decor enthusiasts looking to spruce up their homes with authentic items.

In line with that, we’ve rounded up our top six pillow covers to make your sleep space breezy and carefree. We’ll discuss bedroom styles that complement our items, letting you keep the springtime alive all year long.

1. Morning Dew

Our Morning Dew pillow shams are more classy royal gardens than a flower forest bursting with life. As such, they offer a discreet way to liven up your bedroom with shades and motifs that don’t scream ‘it’s springtime’ right to your face.

Take it from a satisfied buyer:

“I wanted to write and tell you how much I love these linens. When I suggested buying them, my husband was a little concerned about the price, but when the linens arrived he agreed they were worth every penny. They really are works of art, and I can see the care in every detail, even down to the lovely packaging with handmade paper. I will definitely be buying more of your linens in the future, for myself and for gifts.”
— Jennifer, California

This print is inspired by French-Moroccan decorative practices, all about bohemian chic and seamless classiness. Its turquoise shades are conducive to deep sleep, while pale notes of orange add personality to the entire affair.

This design blends comfiness and class, and it’s perfect with:

  • Soft, yellow-glow lights
  • Scented candles
  • Hardwood furniture and floors
  • Crystal vases and white flowers

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2. Tropical Garden

Too much red can harm quality sleep patterns, but splashes of this intense color are sure to make you feel alive. Our Tropical Garden pillow covers combine vivid hibiscus blossoms and a gentle honey background into one well-rounded feast for the eyes.

Each flower is hand-printed on first-rate cotton fabric to ensure the restful nights that you deserve. These vivid covers pair with:

  • Soft bed linens in coordinated shades of pale honey
  • Pale bedroom designs (everybody loves a splash of color)
  • Bold decor pieces, such as red wall hangings and vases

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3. Enchanted

Our Enchanted prints come in various colors, but blue is our number one for bedroom decor. Reminiscent of French provinces from the 20th century, these textiles add a dash of whimsical energy to your bedtime.

Pale floral prints of orange, red, and green adorn the central surface. The azure background is dreamy and almost magical, promising to remind you of long-forgotten childhood dreams.

Enchanted covers might come in a muted azure shade, but the design of this soft cotton piece is eye-catching. As such, it pairs well with:

  • Children’s bedrooms, especially those painted in blue
  • Lighter wooden furniture and floors
  • Wood weave art pieces
  • Soft fairy lights on the walls

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4. Orange Blossom

This Persian floral motif of our Orange Blossom pillow covers brings an air of distant cultures into your American bedroom. You won’t be jumping through hoops to make this design work, either. The creamy background makes these linens neutral enough for most styles.

Exotic yet delicate red, orange, and green blossoms almost let you smell the orchards at a remote location where no worry can reach you.

These pillow shams introduce a bit of sunshine into your bedroom. Harness this mellow yet undisputable power by combining them with:

  • Creamy linens without a stand-out print of their own
  • Darker bedroom furniture for a spark of light
  • Orange details, lights, and flowers
  • Sun-inspired wall decor pieces

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5. Dahlia Daydreams

Are you in the mood for something on the classier side but find yourself bored with golden and creamy designs? Our Dahlia Daydreams pillow cover is just the thing to maintain a luxurious bedroom atmosphere without abandoning color.

The romantic raspberry sorbet shade promotes nights of deep sleep and the sweetest pillow talks that precede it. The print is extravagant, and it carries well into summer. Take a longer look, and you’ll find yourself enchanted with perfectly quilled pompom dahlias thriving on an ivory background.

This pillow sham is all about fairytale dreaminess, or, as a happy customer said:

“I ordered the napkins and a tablecloth, and they are simply stunning in person (even my husband remarked on how lovely they are!) Thank you for your assistance with my order and for creating such beautiful things for our home!”
— Jacqueline, Ocean Grove, NJ

This beautiful design is opulent, perfect for softening modern homes and adorning old ones. It seamlessly blends with:

  • Bedrooms in pastel pink shades and cream tones
  • White furnishing, especially soft rugs
  • Mid-century modern accents and glazed or metallic finishes

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6. Gardens of Versailles

The stunning gold palette of our Gardens of Versailles design draws inspiration from the opulent French palace. This piece doesn’t strive to make itself noticed, but its floral vines draw your attention either way. 

This design harmonizes with luxurious bedrooms, introducing a breezy spring aesthetic to the heaviness of rich fabrics. Its versatility complements muted designs, too, adding a dash of light to the otherwise bland picture.

The intricate interplay of orange and silver comes to life when combined with:

  • Creamy draperies and linens
  • Crystal and glass flower vases
  • Soft rugs and plush seats

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7. Woodland Ferns

Soft blues continue to be a winning color in the bedrooms. Add in soft sage green and you’ve got a soothing palette to bring you gentle dreams of bubbling brooks, twittering birds, and whistling breezes.

Our Woodland Ferns collection is evocative of a fern-filled forest, with the complementary print featuring dense thickets filled with wildlife.

The vintage-inspired botanical motifs and organic color palette pairs well with:
White and wooden furnishings, particularly rattan and mango wood

  • Potted plants and fresh bouquets in vases
  • Golden vases, lamp bases, and centerpieces
  • Linens in neutral colors or similar pastel shades
Woodland Ferns – CP ~ Pillow Sham

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Lighthearted Bedroom Design With Quality in Mind

Bedroom design sets the stage for the way you feel in your day-to-day life. An emphasis on the refreshing, rejuvenating spirit of spring awakens your love of life each time you visit your favorite room to relax.

Our gorgeous handmade designs help you do just that. It’s among our goals to prove that decor pieces aren’t something to pick up and discard as needed. Textiles carry stories, energies, and meaning that is often lacking from modern homes.

Use the pillow covers above to set a foundation for your decor adventure. Our products help you build the home you want to inhabit, and they’re also here to inspire.

Pick your favorite style and read our tips but remember that home decor is an intensely individual thing. It’s on you to turn your house into a home—we only offer assistance.

Visit our pillow sham collection and let the beauty wash over you. You’ll never go back to mass-produced fabrics.


Which sizes do pillow shams come in?

We sell three types of pillow covers, two of which are fit for bedrooms—standard pillow shams and euro shams. The difference between these two lies in localization.

Standard shams fit the rectangular pillows you’d usually find in an American home. Euro shams, on the other hand, suit the square-shaped European pillow style.

This table outlines the sham sizes found in our store.

Standard pillow shamsEuro shams
27 x 21 cm26 x 26 cm
37 x 21 cm27 x 27 cm

How do I know what size pillow sham to buy?

This one is easy—measure your pillows. Ideally, though, you won’t choose a cover the same size as your pillow but around 5 cm over.

If your pillow is 20–22 cm long, our 27 cm sham is the way to go. When you leave a bit of room, the headrest looks plump and luxurious, not wrinkly and cramped.

What materials are the best for pillow shams?

As discussed in detail in our fabric choice for linens guide, we believe that handmade textiles are the choice for everything bed-related. These items are lightweight, full of life, and have a story to tell.

Whichever fabric you choose, it needs to be:

  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Cool and breathable
  • Easy to wash and clean

In our mind, no textile comes close to linen and fine cotton in ticking all these boxes.

Which spring colors are best for the bedroom?

There are two points to keep in mind when designing your bedroom. One, the space should be beautiful according to your standards. Two, the design needs to promote relaxation.

As a rule of thumb, choose muted colors and avoid a glossy finish. That way, the bedroom design looks softer and more calming.

If you’re craving spring shades, go for pastel pink, blue, and green. Bolder tones of yellow and orange also work, especially when you combine them with a white decor base.

How to complete the spring look of my bedroom?

The appearance of your bed goes a long way for spring-inspired bedroom design. That’s why we spent so much time talking about linens!

If you’re still figuring out the basics, check our spring shopping guide for a helping hand. Once you do that, round off the look with the following tips:

  • Change up your artwork for pretty watercolors and pastels.
  • Add vases of fresh spring flowers (bonus points for picking them yourself).
  • Put up an essential oil diffuser with your favorite floral scent.