15 Floral Throw Pillow Covers That Are Perfect For Spring (and Summer)

Saffron Marigold - Updated: February 5, 2024

Our block printed floral throw pillow covers feel fresh and right for spring! Switching up your pillows brings a whole new look to a room, so when you’re spring cleaning and setting up your space, remember to grab a new floral pillow cover or two to refresh your home for the season. Come and take a look at a few of our favorite prints for this time of year.

yellow floral throw pillow on a bed with a botanical print and sign that says "splendorous spring pillows"

Botanical throw pillows

Let’s be frank: does anything speak to the spring season more than a floral or a botanical pattern? Of course not! Botanical and floral prints are the quintessential depictions of spring. Now, we love decorating with floral patterns all year long, but once spy the first sight of daffodils and crocuses popping up in our gardens, we spruce up our indoor spaces with pretty block printed pillow covers in spring colors.

Blue floral throw pillows

One of the best things about decorating with blue is that is looks beautiful and appropriate for any season. Still, it’s nice to bring in a few rom bluebells and robin’s egg to the return of sunny skies, there are certain shades of blue that suit the spring season. Bonus: you can use these blue hues to take your spring decor straight into summer!

Red floral throw pillows

We look to nature once again to bring about those feel-good springtime vibes. Amid the vivid yellows, pinks, and blues of the season, we also see cheerful doses of red! The red dragon maple sprouts its fiery leaves, the poppies bloom with ardent shades of red, and the strawberries begin to blush on the vine.

Vintage floral pillow covers

The start of spring is filled with newness, hope, and a bit of nostalgia. There’s something about the spring that calls forth memories. Maybe it’s the perfume of the blossoming flowers, the fragrance of that first fresh-cut grass, or the scent of the air as it flows in through those opened during spring cleaning. That sweet nostalgia makes a vintage-style floral pillow right at home among the rest of your spring decor.

Colorful throw pillow covers

Every spring, nature’s symphony of colors banish those winter blues. Celebrate nature’s vibrant palette with colorful throw pillows! Florals are always in style, and they bring so much joy to a space, no matter if you’re highlighting the sophisticated tulip or the charming daffodil.

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