Floral, Green, White Decor With Floral Print, Empress Gardens

Saffron Marigold - Updated: October 3, 2023

Empress Gardens

This elegant floral print transports you to a lush palace garden blanketed by exotic and vibrant flowers. In the main print, orange tulips, yellow daffodils, and purple irises are carefully stamped within an exquisite trellis framework and bordered by a stately scale pattern that resembles regal water fountains and majestic peacock trains. For the complementary print, we captured the more organic aspect of a royal garden: the flourishing green honeysuckle vines climbing along the palace walls, fragrant with sweet blooms. Bring the world of timeless romance and royal grandeur of Empress Gardens to your bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, and dining room with elegant floral, green, and white decor.

Floral bedding and floral decor for the bedroom

Garden bedding is complete with a set of Empress Gardens linens, each thread flourishing with vibrant life. Coordinate your garden bedspread with floral pillow covers, either from the same collection or one with a similar aesthetic like the Dahlia Daydreams complementary print, perfectly matching Empress Gardens’ regal fountain border.

Style recommendations

Beyond green and white bedding, you might accessorize with vintage botanical prints on the wall. Install a few macrame planters filled with indoor plants for living green decor. Then, accessorize with white decor in other floral motifs such as the ornate Sacred Lotus tea light holder or sophisticated Dahlia Daydreams pillow sham.

Floral curtains and white decor for the living room

Flower curtains transform a living room into a stunning, garden-inspired space. There’s just something about lush floral prints that keep us happy about spending time indoors, even when the day is sunny and clear!

Style recommendations

White decor brings freshness to a garden-themed living room. The color is a perfect partner for your floral home decor that may need a neutral contrast. Hang up a few ceramic bird wall sculptures, curate a wicker tray on the dining table, and place a few choice home accents to complement your sheer floral drapes.

A photograph of wall bird decor to give an example of white decor
Art Crafts World Studio

White Ceramic Bird

Floral shower curtain and white decor for the bathroom

The Empress Gardens shower curtain is a white shower curtain with a delightful twist. Whether you choose the complementary print, with its cascading rows of honeysuckle vines, or the main print, with the trellis print holding endless flower bunches, your bathroom will take on a new, radiant life.

Style recommendations

Pops of color like any one of our African woven baskets, and touches of laidback luxury like a Parisian glass soap dispenser or a woven bathroom rug will complement your graceful and colorful shower curtain. Add a mini wooden planter filled with daffodils or dwarf irises to incorporate a beautiful new element to your floral bathroom.

World Market

Ivory Geometric Loop Bath Mat

Floral curtains: kitchen and valance curtains, plus white home decor

Floral kitchen curtains and matching valance curtains is a classic pairing. While petite florals or large, rose prints dominate farmhouse cottage style, the Empress Gardens curtains are distinct. The bursts of color and structured border give it a fresh, modern touch that’ll turn your home into a Romantic paradise.

Daffodils, a symbol of new beginnings, rejuvenate your space. On the other hand, honeysuckle flowers symbolize love, beauty, and devotion—a sweet touch in a vintage-inspired kitchen.

Style recommendations

When we think of a garden-inspired room, twittering birds, bountiful blooms, and green decor come to mind. Perch a green ceramic bird or green vase on a kitchen countertop to complement your floral kitchen curtains. Gather vintage-inspired accessories like hand-painted salt and pepper shakers with garden bird motifs.

Neiman Marcus

Pavoes Salt & Pepper Shakers

Floral tablecloth and elegant decor for the dining room

No matter the season, a floral table runner or flower table cloth always elevates the occasion. The Empress Gardens flower napkin set features a honeysuckle vine print, which makes us think of elegant tea parties, bridal showers, and garden luncheons. Meanwhile, the floral placemats feature the main print and are the perfect canvas for decadent high tea desserts garnished with edible flowers.

Style recommendations

Looking to mix and match Empress Gardens with another flower napkin set? Try the Orange Blossom set, which showcases a stylized Persian floral motif in orange and sage green printed on a deep cream ground. We recommend styling your floral tablecloth with white ceramic tea sets and plate sets to maintain Empress Gardens’ air of sophistication. Don’t forget the fresh dining table flowers!

A white ceramic tea set to provide an example of white decor ideas
Dujust Ware

Daphne Ribbed Glass Goblet

Mrs. Alice

Tulip Dinner Plate (Set of 4)

Mix and match

Garden-inspired and floral linens will always be a favorite of ours. If you enjoy Empress Gardens, pair your linens with other Saffron Marigold botanical and floral prints:

An orange, purple, cream, and green fabric swatch that can be used with white decor
Saffron Marigold

Orange Blossom ~ Orange Cream Fabric With Vintage Floral Print

Orange Blossom is another lush, floral print that turns any room into a rich composition of color, texture, and style.

A white, pink, and silver grey fabric swatch that can be used with white decor
Saffron Marigold

Dahlia Daydreams – CP ~ White Fabric With Pink and Grey Print

The complementary Dahlia Daydreams print is touched by elegance and sophistication, much like Empress Gardens. It captures nature’s abundance in a stylized, refined approach.

A pink, green, blue, and white fabric swatch that can be used with white decor
Saffron Marigold

Enchanted (CP) ~ Pastel Floral Fabric In Art Nouveau Style

Any print from our Enchanted collection is sure to mesh well with Empress Gardens, but the complementary print is especially fitting. Bluebirds sing, perched atop soft green vines.

A white and gold fabric swatch that can be used with white decor
Saffron Marigold

Bridal Veil ~ Ivory and Gold Fabric With Lattice Floral Print

If you want to mix with another trellis pattern, we kindly suggest Bridal Veil, a classically beautiful print showcasing a heart-shaped lattice framework cradling delicate floral accents.

Putting it all together

Take a look at what a garden-inspired room looks like with gorgeous Empress Gardens linens!

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