Making of Indian Summer, an Orange Paisley Fabric and Print

Saffron Marigold - Updated: September 9, 2023

Indian Summer beckons warmth, nostalgia, and positivity. This orange paisley fabric captures the delectable qualities of an Indian summer, like mango sorbet topped with crushed raspberries savored in the sweltering heat of June. Our lead designer and co-owner Anisha is here to share her inspiration for this radiant paisley print rendered on glowing orange fabric…Meet Indian Summer.

Indian Summer: our designer’s inspiration for a transportive paisley fabric

Saffron Marigold lead-designer and co-owner Anisha looked to the sensory experience of an Indian summer to create this paisley print: the sweltering summer sun, the tropical sweetness of ripe mangoes, the heady fragrance of blooming red roses, and the quiet rustle of silk saris draped on elegant women heading to a lively summer festival.

Designing a red, green, and orange paisley print

Indian summer bears a red, petite, three-leaf rose paisley print, accented with emerald green. The traditional paisley symbol is a widespread one, originating in Persia in the Mughal Empire. Believed to represent everything from pinecones to teardrops and life, the paisley motif is ubiquitous.

In designing this unusual floral paisley, Anisha wanted to transform the traditional Indian paisley into something fresh—a summer-worshipping version of this traditional, revered symbol.

The main paisley print

Here is the main paisley print rendered in red and emerald green on a ground of mango orange. If you love orange decor, this vibrant print is a wonderful starting point for your a warm-tone .

Petite paisley print with emerald green highlights, patterned across a mango hued ground.

The matching floral border

The orange and red paisley print bears an exquisite border of vines, floral motifs, and other delicate flourishes.

The complementary print

Indian Summer’s complement is a graceful and stylized floral motif pattern in red, green, and pink grounded on a bed of mango orange fabric.

Block printing: an ancient craft for a delectable paisley fabric print

The Indian Summer main print requires 12 block prints, from the unique three-leaf paisley motifs to the beautiful matching floral border.

Photograph of paisley print and the wooden blocks used to create it

As with all of our collections, this print starts with the border. It’s hard to believe that all these ornate details are carved into a wooden block!

Next comes the main print outline. Here, one of our master artisans is carefully stamping the emerald green highlights on our glowing paisley print.

Artisan patterning a paisley print fabric

Finally, the print fully comes to life with the sweet, rose-kissed petite paisley motif. When the sun hits this mango-hued fabric, it’ll bring a honeyed glow to your cozy space.

Artisan stamping down a paisley print on orange fabric

The finished product: a paisley fabric in a resplendent color palette

After careful printing of the border, main print outline, and top layer details, the masterpiece is complete! Whether you decide to dress your room in joyful orange decor or create an orange-forward Thanksgiving table setting, Indian Summer is a beautiful candidate—warm, cozy, and inviting.

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