The Making of Our Gold and White Linens, Versailles

Saffron Marigold - Updated: June 21, 2023

Versailles and its complementary print, Gardens of Versailles, is a collection of yellow gold and white linens that bring the elegance of French baroque style into your home decor. Gold and white tablecloths, white curtains, and white bedding transform your space with an air of sophisticated. Today, we invite you to take a sneak peek into what inspired our lead designer and co-founder Anisha to create this exquisite French style collection of white linens.

Versailles: our designer’s inspiration for this collection of yellow gold and white linens

Anisha’s inspiration for this gold and white linen collection is the eponymous royal palace. Exuding baroque, gilded glamour, Versailles distills 17th century palatial splendor to create an exquisite hand block printed collection that brings a resplendent slice of French stye to your home.

Chateau de Versailles – Galerie des Glaces

Designing a sophisticated French style collection

Anisha wanted to take the elements of a classic royal court of arms—fleur de lis, crowns, braided details—and transmute it into fabric form. In true Francophile fashion, the details are ornate and splendid.

The main repeat motif resembles a court of arms, rendered in vibrant yellow gold, silver grey, and hints of burgundy on a ground of crisp white. Take a look at this pencil sketch for the main medallion motif.

Dreaming up its complementary gold and white print, Gardens of Versailles

Anisha didn’t forget the stunning Gardens of Versailles, and she took inspiration from the landscapes that surround the Palace. This lovely, delicate, scrolling vine print beautifully complements the glamorous Versailles print. Take a look at this pencil sketch interpretation of Gardens of Versailles in honor of the magnificent royal grounds.

Block printing: a master craft to give life to French style

To create our French style, yellow gold and white linen collection, artisans trace the pencil sketches onto solid blocks of wood. Then, they must carve out each element in separate blocks, requiring a mountain of patience, years of experience, and a meticulous hand.

The main print in Versailles requires 7 wooden blocks, including the border elements.

The border of Versailles is blocked first, framing the elegant print.

Then, artisans use separate blocks for each hue and element—yellow gold, silver grey, burgundy on a ground of crisp white fabric.

Introducing: Versailles and Gardens of Versailles, our elegant yellow gold and white fabric collection

Block printing is a challenging and rewarding art form that requires years of experience and skill. We’ve created a short video that portrays what goes into the making of this French-inspired yellow gold and white linen collection.

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