The Making of Our Vintage Christmas Print, Fete Royale

Saffron Marigold - Updated: June 18, 2023

Fete Royale embodies the nostalgic and heartwarming spirit of a vintage Christmas. It’s our special Christmas fabric collection available as bedding, table linens, and more. Today, we’ll get a behind-the-scenes peek into what inspired our designer Anisha to create this wonderfully festive Christmas print. With this charming collection, every day is Christmas.

Fete Royale: our designer’s inspiration for a vintage Christmas print

Our lead designer and co-founder Anisha finds joy in designing fabrics that bring joy to you, our customers, and your homes. Fete Royale is her spin on holiday table linens and bedding—the perfect blend of nostalgia, celebration, and style.

Designing an elegant Christmas print

Anisha wanted to create the perfect backdrop for family holiday dinners and other charismatic seasonal decor. A rich patchwork of ivory and red polka dots, chevrons, stars, and foliage create a jamboree of festive elements.

Image of a Christmas fabric with foliage, polka dots, and stripes for a festive look

This graphic design incorporates small elements that beautifully evoke the nostalic charm of vintage Christmas wrapping paper.

Image of a Christmas print swatch featuring a traditional border of red, black, and cream

The border is another cozy patchwork of festivity with graphic, geometric elements with a traditional flair. Alternating stripes of black and red on a background of deep cream gives this Christmas fabric a classic color palette that works for many occasions, not just the winter holidays.

Block printing: a centuries-old art for a vintage Christmas print

To bring our Christmas fabric to life, our artisans must first trace the patterns onto paper, then transfer those patterns onto wooden blocks through the hand-carving method. These steps alone require a particular set of skills that include a meticulous process and boundless patience.

Artisan block printing Christmas fabric of white polkas on red ground

Our Christmas print is a checkerboard of sorts, comprising polka dots, jamborees, and foliage. Each element must be hand-carved and then stamped onto the cotton fabric in the correct spot. Fete Royale requires 10 different wooden blocks for the main print and border.

Image of wooden blocks used to print our Christmas fabric collection

With most of our prints, the block printing method begins with the border. Then, the main print is next, followed by finishing details such as color overlays and finer details.

Image of an artisan block printing the border of our Christmas fabric print

The finished product: Fete Royale, a Christmas fabric to enjoy year-round

We created a short video to give you insight into what goes into the making of our charismatic holiday print. Take a look at how our master artisans bring this joyous collection to life.

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