Photograph of a tree of life print in gold on a deep red background with overlaid text 'Tree of Life Meaning, Symbolism, and Influence'

Tree of Life Meaning, Symbolism, and Influence

The tree of life meaning includes enlightenment, wisdom, resilience, longevity, spiritual growth, and connectivity. Various cultures and peoples, from Vikings to the Chinese, have long incorporated the tree of life symbolism into their religions, art, and culture. Discover what does the tree of life mean in this guide where we review everything from the tree of life spiritual meaning to its influence in art.

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Photograph of an orange dahlia with a title on a white bar at the bottom three-quarters that reads "Dahlia flower meaning"

Dahlia Flower Meaning, Symbolism, and Influence

Dahlia flower meanings include beauty, eternal love, inner strength, dignity, and kindness. Depending on the flower color, context, and culture, dahlias symbolize themes of celebration, relationships, and resilience. Read on to discover the dahlia flower’s meaning by culture and color and its influence on one of our home textile collections.

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Dahlia Daydreams: The Making of Our Romantic, Floral Print

Dahlia Daydreams, our floral, romantic print, captivates the eyes, heart, and soul. This gorgeous print is another dream plucked out of our designer Anisha’s brimming imagination. Anisha is here to reveal her sources of inspiration for Dahlia Daydreams. We will also take a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Dahlia Daydreams in our artisan studios in Rajasthan, India to acknowledge the time, skill, and thought that goes into making our original prints.

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Making of Indian Summer, an Orange Paisley Fabric and Print

Indian Summer beckons warmth, nostalgia, and positivity. This orange paisley fabric captures the delectable qualities of an Indian summer, like mango sorbet topped with crushed raspberries savored in the sweltering heat of June. Our lead designer and co-owner Anisha is here to share her inspiration for this radiant paisley print rendered on glowing orange fabric…Meet Indian Summer.

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