Crafts of India: 10 Handicrafts From Rajasthan

The crafts of India are as vast and vibrant as the country itself. Given that, we’ll take a quick peek behind the curtain to learn more about Indian crafts. Consider this guide as your passport to the bazaars and markets of India!

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blue batik curtains

The Dabu Process Behind Our Batik Indigo Collection

Dabu printing is a special form of block printing that’s both time-intensive and time-honored. Our artisans use the “double dabu” method to print our Starry Nights batik indigo collection. the Starry Nights indigo batik duvet cover Rather than using wax resist, dabu is created using a finely sieved mud paste, which is applied to fabric using a printer’s block.

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in memory

Memorial Day 2021: Fundraising In Memory Of Jagdish Chippa

This Memorial Day, we’re raising funds for the family of Jagdish Chhipa, one of our artisans who died from COVID-19. Jagdish tested positive for COVID just one day after receiving his first vaccination. He died ten days later inside a taxi, in the arms of his son–after five hospitals turned him away.

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Mother Nature: The Biggest Influence Over A Block Print

You may not have realized that nature can influence the making of a block print–but it does! In response to Mother Nature, we mindfully consider the weather and their effects on the woodblock printing process. The seasons determine when we create our linens, which are hand block printed at our artisans’ studio in the desert state of Rajasthan, India.

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