Glamorous Home Decor: Just Add Gold

Saffron Marigold - Updated: September 17, 2023

Glamorous home decor for fall–or any time of year–should feel stylish and elegant. It’s easy to glam up your neutral living room–just add gold!  Just by adding a few golden accents and some glam fall decor, your neutral living room can become a glam living room that’s easy on the eyes.  We take the Coco Chanel approach to glamorous home decor–don’t overdo it. Instead, turn to a few key pieces of glamorous home decor to turn up the glam factor. Here’s how to enhance the elegance in your neutral living room and how you can turn your space into a glamorous living room. 

gold glamorous living room decor

This year, include a few select golden touches to add glamour and elegant to your fall home decor. After all, the addition of gold makes for a regal, refined nod to the season. We offer a few neutral prints with gilded accents that work within a wide range of design styles. They’re the just-right pieces for some glam fall home decorating! 

White and gold curtains are a treat for your window

Decorating with neutrals creates a calm, sophisticated space. For an air of effortless luxury,  choose curtains in neutral shades that have delicate gilded accents. These create dimension, and the gentle metallics help reflect light throughout the space. These are the perfect foil for your fall and winter home accents, but they’re also the kind of window treatments you can keep up all year long for easy, glamorous home decor.

White and gold curtains are gauzy and beautiful in a glam living room
Saffron Marigold

Bridal Veil

These gauzy white sheer curtains are at home in many living rooms, so why not bring them into yours? The lattice print features delicate gold floral accents. 

White and gold curtains frame the window in a glam living room
Saffron Marigold

Vanilla Glace

Fine strands of gold piping frame a white-on-white ogee print, working beautifully in a glam living room beside tokens of fall.

white and gold curtains with a natural print are the perfect bohemian curtains in a glam living room
Saffron Marigold

Dragonfly and Lotus ~ White and Gold Curtain Panel

Reminiscent of a late fall afternoon spent hiking along a shaded stream, these white and gold curtains filter in light while affording a bit of privacy.

Saffron Marigold

Versailles French Curtain Panels

Bring a touch of the French style with these window curtains. Inspired by the palace Versailles, these are beautiful, easy-breezy way to add to your glam living room decor come fall (or to use all year!).

Fall pillows for the glam living room

To update your space for the season quickly and easily, simply put new covers on your pillows! When scattered en masse, a variety of neutral pillows catches the eye and just begs you to sit down and take a load off. Neutrals love other neutrals, so feel free to pile on other fall pillows in varying shades of cream, gray, and gold in your fall decor. Abundant pillows make for a glam living room, indeed!

white & gold pillow in a glam living room
Saffron Marigold

Vanilla Glace ~ White Gold Romantic Elegant Luxury Throw Pillow

As a fall pillow, this white and gold cover brings warmth to a space. Year-round, it  updates a white slipcovered sofa and imparts elegance to a leather couch. 

Moroccan print Moroccan pillow white and grey pillow
Saffron Marigold

Royal Mansour Quartz White & Grey Throw Pillow Cover

Neutrals love other neutrals, of course, and the saying goes that if Rolex mixes metals, so can you. With that in mind, toss in this Moroccan print to your melange of cushions! 

yellow and white pillow cover
Saffron Marigold

Garden of Versailles Yellow & White Throw Pillow Cover

Golden yellow combines with whites and greys for a print that can blend in with other neutral pillows or can inject a brighter dose of gold.

Saffron Marigold

Moonlit Taj ~ Exotic India Throw Pillow Cover

If you like to add a bit of color in with your neutrals every now and again, reach for an earth tone with pops of jewel tones. These exotic throw pillows, adorned in turquoise, lapis, and deep green vines, will do the trick.

Layer glamorous home decor in the living room

Our handcrafted, block printed fall table runners in modern prints bring a fresh feeling to a room. Spreading one across your coffee table or console for visual interest or to anchor a fall vignette. The chill in the air means it’s time to bring out a few beloved blankets or splurge on a new throw. With layers of texture, your fall living room decor will feel especially luxe and glam.

glam table runner white and gold fall table runner
Saffron Marigold

Vanilla Glace Table Runner

With its shimmering gold veining, this versatile fall table runner brings casual elegance to the console table. Top with a few favorite family photos in frames for a look that’s meaningful, inspired, and classic.

Saffron Marigold

Pacific Blue Table Runner

A rustic navy blue runner works as a neutral and provides a deep background for your tabletop vignettes. Why not add a few simple pumpkins? They’re timeless pieces of fall decor, and timelessness equal glamor.

white and gold rug as glamorous home decor

Marilyn Monroe™ Glam Trellis Rug

A white and gold rug accentuates the other gold touches in your window treatments.

Hand tufted ivory wool rug as glamorous home decor

Safavieh Glamour Collection Rug

Hand-tufted and made of wool and viscose, you’ll feel oh-so-cozy walking on this soft ivory rug.

Cast an autumn glow with glamorous home decor

For fall decorating, capture the memory of bonfires and blazing autumn leaves by choosing gold accessories as your fall living room decor. It’s a delight to decorate for the fall! Look for inspiration in the bounty of the harvest season. Wheat wreaths, white pumpkin, sage gourds, branches of leaves–all will look glorious in your glamorous living room.

gold tray in glamorous home decor
West Elm

Wood Lacquer Round Tray in Gold

This golden lacquered tray is great for the coffee table. Use it to display decorative objects, rest your cup of chai, or just hold the remote! 

Gold Mercury Glass Votives
Viva Terra

Gold Mercury Glass Votives

A collection of votives in gold mercury glass is sure to bring the warmth of amber candlelight to a fall room.

Bleached Cara Blossom Bunch

Bleached Carra Blossom Bunch

A bunch of petite ivory blossoms lends an organic sense to your fall house decor.

white velvet hot skwash pumpkins and glamorous home decor
Hot Skwash

Decor Gold

Silken, velvety pumpkins in classic ivory are timeless, and you can make use of the set year after year since their neutral color goes with everything!

We have a print for you whether you’re ready to bring a touch of shimmer to your space or simply looking to upgrade your neutrals! And for more inspirational fall decorating ideas, be sure to read the rest of our fall series.

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