Art Deco Bedding & Home Decor Ideas For Suave Style

Saffron Marigold - Updated: October 3, 2023


Our Art Deco patterns–aptly named 1920 & Deco Glam–allow Jazz Age style to meet modern sensibilities. You’ll love the sleek, sophisticated versatility of this charcoal grey and white geometric print. This print works everywhere from masculine bedrooms to Art Deco living rooms to spaces dressed in full-on 1920s home decor. Our collection of elegant sheer grey curtains. suave grey Art Deco bedding, and glam pillows calls us to enjoy a little luxury every day. Find linens for the bedroom, living room, kitchen, bath, and an Art Deco dining room.

Suave and sexy grey Art Deco bedding

Charcoal grey and white is an on-trend color combination that oozes with style. Our print works just as well in a masculine bedroom for modern sophisticated look as it does in an elegant woman’s bedroom. An Art Deco bedding set really offers a win-win bedding option or design style for couples. It has something for everyone! Try a grey geometric duvet cover feels as masculine bedding, suave sexy bedding, or luxe and posh grey bedding.

Pair a grey duvet cover or bedspread with rose quartz to create a soft, romantic look, or reach for bright daffodil hues for an edgy, modern vibe. For an ultra sexy bedroom, use the beloved jewel tones of Art Deco style in this bedroom., Try glam bedding and 1920s home decor in metallics or shades of plum or emerald. Don’t forget to add glam pillows in shades of grey to tie the look together.

Style your sexy Art Deco bedroom

grey sheets and dark grey bedding

Boll & Branch

Signature  Hemmed Sheet Set in Pewter

Silvery sheets in soft organic cotton make a streamlined and stylish pairing with our grey duvet cover. By choosing these grey sheets and masculine bedding, you’ll create of a chic bed that’s at home in any elegant bedroom. 


Amaara Tufted Backless Bench in Green 

Drenched in deep emerald green, this velvet tufted bench is the one you’ll want to have against the foot of your bed. It revs up the Art Deco vibes, it’s stylish, and it’s comfortable! 

black velvet candle
Aroma 360

Black Velvet Candle

Every (sexy) bedroom needs candlelight, and this candle not only looks great, but its fragrance–a twist of lemon mixed with cedar wood–conjures images of speakeasies and mystery.

Art Deco pattern mirror in silver
Mercer 41

Prange Rectangular Modern & Contemporary Dresser Mirror

Whether you want to have an all-out 1920s bedroom or just a bit of Art Deco in the bedroom, hang a beveled mirror like this over your dresser for a spot of glamor. This particular mirror beautifully echoes the lines of our grey geometric bedding collection.

Choose grey curtains for a cosmopolitan living room

Our geometric curtains make for an Art Deco living room that’s on point, but they also lend themselves to boho style and modern farmhouse looks all the way to eclectic bohemian spaces. Whatever your preference may be, you can create chic interiors with sophisticated dark grey curtains hanging out the windows.

Grey curtains are fantastic for dressing windows that frame metropolitan views or mountain vistas alike. You’ll want to toss a few grey throw pillows on the sofa to unify the look. Try glam pillows in the Deco Glam style, or choose our Moroccan pattern white and grey throw pillows for a bit of beautiful pattern mixing.

Style your Art Deco living room

Grey throw pillow with Art Deco patterns

Saffron Marigold

1920 Grey Geometric Throw Pillow Cover

Our geometric throw pillow covers nod to the Chrysler building, but perhaps you see faceted diamonds and jewel shapes when you gaze upon this pattern. They exude elegance either way!

white and grey throw pillow in a Moroccan pattern

Saffron Marigold

Royal Mansour Quartz Moroccan Throw Pillow Cover

A geometric medallion, block printed in smoky quartz, contrasts with 1920 in terms of shapes and saturation–a delightful addition to your mix of grey throw pillows on the sofa and alongside your geometric curtains.

clock with an Art Deco patterns
Elisabeth Frederiksson

Art Deco 2 Wall Clock

Geometric decor has always been the bees’ knees, and the Art Deco patterns on this clock provide extra glamor in an Art Deco living room. This is pure 1920s home decor!

purple velvet throw blanket to go with Art Deco bedding
Charlton Home

Tullia Blanket in Purple

Drape a luxe blanket in rich amethyst across an easy chair, couch, or even the foot of the bed for luxurious way to unwind.

A classy Art Deco kitchen

A white kitchen is mainstay in kitchen design, and grey has recently been an up-and-coming color in today’s kitchens. Together, grey and white look both clean, modern, polished, and vintage all at the same time. With that in mind, lend a touch of modern vintage style by hanging a set of grey and white curtains at the kitchen window. You may prefer elegant cafe curtains on their own or paired with a block printed grey valance. (Likewise, you might like the grey valance on its own!).

Style your white and grey kitchen

white cloth napkins block printed in a Moroccan pattern

Saffron Marigold

Royal Mansour White Cloth Napkins

These aren’t your basic white cloth napkins–far from it! Ours are block printed by hand in a dazzling Moroccan pattern and give your table setting that little extra something.

Saffron Marigold

1920 Grey Round Tablecloth

Cover your dining table with our grey tablecloth whether you’re having friends over for cosmos and gossip or a glass of bourbon and game of cards. 

Cedar & Jones

Classic Glass Art Deco Vase

A vase like this can fulfill its duty by holding blossoms, of course, but it can also stand alone as a decorative work of art.  These would also look lovely anchored by a grey table runner spread over a console table for an Art Deco style vignette.

dishes with Art Deco patterns
World Market

Art Deco Faces Porcelain Tea Rests

Why settle for an ordinary tea rest when you can have an artistic one instead? These Art Deco-inspired set is altogether unique, modern, and charming.

A grey shower curtain in an Art Deco bathroom

Bathrooms are typically small spaces, so unless you are wild about maximalism, let your geometric shower curtain serve as the focal point for this space–especially since the shower (or tub) takes up the most real estate in this room! Our geometric shower curtain is eye-catching indeed, commanding all eyes on it. Armed with that knowledge, decorate the rest of the space to complement–not compete with–your Art Deco fabric.

Style your Art Deco bathroom

grey and white cafe curtain for kitchen or bath in a Moroccan pattern

Saffron Marigold

Royal Mansour Quartz Grey & White Cafe Curtain

A cafe curtain is a fantastic choice for the bath since it filters sunlight while ensuring privacy. If you’re up for a bit of pattern mixing, reach for this grey and white curtain to hang at the bathroom window. It will look stunning paired with our grey shower curtain.

Art Deco style sign for bathroom
Motorhead Art

Art Deco Restroom Sign

Why let modern farmhouse style have all the fun with decorative signage? Bring a little Art Deco touch to your bath–or better yet, the guest bath–with this plaque.

West Elm

Organic Luxe Fiber Soft Towels in Pink Blush

Certified organic, these luxurious towels are made with extra-long staple, double-ply Turkish cotton for supreme softness.

Orren Ellis

Bassilly Float 5 Piece Bathroom Accessory Set

Turn the bath into a soothing space by letting your linens take center stage and choosing accessories in solid colors. This set is comes in forest green, antique white, and pearl pink–the colors of 1920s home decor and the Jazz Age.

A grey tablecloth for a dapper Art Deco dining room

The Art Deco dining room can truly be the place in your home where you bring all things suave, sophisticated, and Jazz Age. Your guests will feel as if they’ve stepped back into the era of Gatsby glamor. Hang a long set of grey curtains made of cotton Art Deco fabric at the windows for a lush window treatment. If you have a home that was built in the Jazz Age, then try beaded grey valances as smart window toppers.

Serve up your gin martinis and tasty nibbles in that very spirit, then, by spreading one of our elegant table runners over a console or buffet, having cocktails at the ready, and creating a fine place setting with our block printed grey napkins.

Style your space with suave style

grey and white cloth napkins with Art Deco patterns

Saffron Marigold

1920 Grey Cloth Napkins

Our block printed cloth napkins elevate your table game and look great at any place setting whether you’ve wrapped them in napkin rings or given them a simple fold.

elegant yellow and grey and white table runner with medallions

Saffron Marigold

Versailles Table Runner

For effortless elegance, lay out a grey and yellow table runner that offers a dose of color in a classic color combination.  Set the table with our grey cloth napkins for a stunning mix-and-match ensemble of table linens. 

The Boston Shaker

Cocktail Kingdom Essential Cocktail Set

Keep a stunning set of bar tools on hand whether you love all things related to the Jazz Age or whether you simply enjoy a finely crafted cocktail. 

gold art deco bar cart
World Market

Gold Art Deco Bar Cart

It wouldn’t be an Art Deco dining room without a bar cart! With its golden circular design, this one makes a particularly glam match with our Art Deco patterns. It’s the Jazz Age meets modern living all in one simple bar cart.

Mix and match Saffron Marigold

1920 and Deco Glam, the two offerings from our 1920 collection, can stand on their own, mix with each other, or pair together with an entirely different kind of print that shares a common thread of color. If you love the look of our Art Deco patterns and want to build on your collection of Saffron Marigold Indian textiles, no worries–we have some linens that you can mix and match to your heart’s desire!

grey and white Moroccan pattern
Saffron Marigold

Royal Mansour Quartz

Yin meets yang when you position circles next to straight lines, creating a visually compelling vignette. A shared palette makes ease of mixing patterns, our Royal Mansour Quartz is a natural choice to pair with 1920. Its Moroccan medallions contrast beautifully with the geometry of our Art Deco patterns.

yellow grey and white botanical print
Saffron Marigold

Gardens of Versailles

Yellow and grey are having a moment, but it’s not a moment that will pass too soon as the two hues form a timeless color scheme. Along with vivid botanical and feminine energy, Gardens of Versailles print will add just the right amount of accent color to your grey and white home decor,

White on White Fabric Swatch with Trellis Print
Saffron Marigold

Royal Mansour

Just like our Art Deco patterns, a white on white print is quintessentially chic and universally versatile.  After all, pairing white with grey is a foolproof ticket to high style! Mixing these two prints is as easy-breezy as it gets. 

yellow and grey and white medallion print fabric
Saffron Marigold


If you find yourself drawn to the glamor and luxe look of 1920 and Deco Glam, then you’ll enjoy using Versailles. This grey and yellow print makes a sophisticated, colorful accent to the 1920 collection. With its yellow, grey, and white oversized medallions taking center stage, Versailles will bring 1920 even more over the top in terms of bold style.

3 ways to style Art Deco patterns

Use 1920 with rich jewel tones for Art Deco style or soften it with pastels. Pair it with other shades of grey, black, and silver for a suave look, or add pops of bold, clear colors.

A monochromatic color scheme always looks polished and smart. As an added bonus, monochromatic design is always “in.” To achieve this look, simply stick to shades of grey, silver, black, and white.

Art Deco patterns styled with sexy grey black and silver color scheme

For a true 1920s home decor and a pure Art Deco sense of style, check out this look. Pair your grey and white linens with metallic accents and jewel tones. Here’s the rule of thumb: if it’s the color of a precious gem, it will look fantastic with grey Art Deco fabric! Think ruby red, amethyst purple, sapphire blue, and emerald green in luxe finishes.

grey and white Art Deco bedding & patterns with rich jewel tone accessories

For contrast, pair the deep, dark grey of 1920 with shades of pink, champagne–even peach. These soft colors balance and brighten the look of 1920, imparting sweetness and romance.

Grey and white Art Deco patterns with blush pink accessories

Of course, you aren’t limited to these three color palettes. Try pairing bold yellow with dark grey for a fresh, modern spin on Art Deco style. Try using grey as an accent color or neutral mark in a more colorful space. However you see yourself using this line of grey Art Deco patterned fabric, you’re sure to have a glamorous space.

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