The Ivy Pattern: A Natural Classic For Cottage Style

Saffron Marigold - Updated: October 3, 2023

Ivy Lace

Use a lacy ivy pattern in your linens, and your home will feel altogether fresh and timeless. After all, a botanical print rendered in white on white is always on trend, and our Ivy lace collection will breathe new life into your home decor. Find ideas for using our ivy pattern in the kitchen, living room, and dining room, and bath in this post.


A lacy ivy pattern for an airy country cottage bedroom 

Fresh and clean, white offers the best backdrop for an antique dresser, hand-carved headboard, or heirloom mirror to take center stage. From shabby chic to modern farmhouse and traditional English cottage styles, white is the color of choice. It can help turn your cottage bedroom into a peaceful oasis and allows you to switch up accessories at your whim since it goes with everything! Hang our white cotton curtains at the window, make the bed with a white duvet cover, and add a few floral or distressed accents for color.

Royal Mansour ~ White Pillow Sham Royal Mansour ~ White Pillow Sham
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Style your space

blue floral throw pillow for country cottage style
Saffron Marigold

Moonlit Taj CP Blue Floral Pillow Sham

Bring a natural, gentle touch of color to the bedroom with soothing shades of blue and greens. Sprinkled with sweet, petite bunches of blue flowers, these pillows look as if they were made for a bedroom such as this!

Gardens of Versailles ~ Yellow Grey Floral White Throw Pillow
Saffron Marigold

Gardens of Versailles Yellow Throw Pillow

Pile on the cozy comfort and country cottage charm with yellow throw pillows like these. Let the print transport you to the gardens of Versailles or to the memory of forsythia blooming in the early spring.

Worrell Nail Button Notched Upholstered Panel Headboard
Skyline Furniture

Kaleidoscope Floral Upholstered Headboard

If you’re giving your bedroom a country cottage style makeover, then go all out. With its folksy floral pattern, this headboard is stunning  on its own–even more in a room dressed in Ivy Lace.

West Elm

Bearaby Cotton Napper

A weighted blanket that looks as if grandma knitted it just for you–what a perfectly cozy accessory for a cottage bedroom!

White kitchen curtains with an ivy pattern ooze country cottage style

White cotton curtains add a peaceful, easy feeling to any space you hang them. We especially love these white patterned curtains in a kitchen, where they add calm contrast to the daily hustle and bustle always found in the heart of the home. They’re also great in any white-on-white kitchen since their ivy pattern provides differentiation and texture (both are which are needed in a monochromatic space). 

Style your space

white cloth napkins with ivy pattern on table with a glass of wine and bottle of wine
Saffron Marigold

Ivy Lace White Cloth Napkins

Washable, white cloth napkins make any meal feel elegant and special. Use our ivy pattern white cotton napkins when you’re serving up a big country breakfast on Sunday morning or hosting Thanksgiving dinner for the whole family!

floral blue and white round tablecloth for country cottage style
Saffron Marigold

English Gardens Round Floral Tablecloth

This blue and white cotton tablecloth makes us feel as if we’ve stepped into a lovely English cottage garden. Your morning cuppa will be all the more enjoyable with linens like these over the table!

lamb's ear wreath for country cottage style
Lacy Belles

Lamb’s Ear Wreath

Take a cue from the Ivy Lace pattern and try hanging a few of these leafy lamb’s ear wreaths from your hutch–pure country cottage style.

country cottage style teapot with  blueberries and leaves
Emerson Creek Pottery

Blueberry Teapot

Hand-painted earthenware, like this teapot with indigo berries and lush leaves, feels at home in a cozy kitchen.


Hang white cotton curtains for a classic cottage look

White sheer curtains are a wonderful way to play with light as they diffuse sunbeams into gauzy glimmers. In the evening, they reflect lamplight and brighten up a room. Our white patterned curtains give you an easy way to introduce pattern into an otherwise neutral space. Pair them with a few yellow throw pillows on the couch, or try decorating with blue and white for high style.

Style your space

blue willow blue botanical throw pillows for English country cottage style
Saffron Marigold

English Gardens Blue Willow Throw Pillow

Of course, one of the best things about white is that it practically goes with anything! Here, we’re pairing our white cotton curtains with a lovely blue botanical print. This pattern will imitate the feel of Ivy Lace and add contrast.

yellow throw pillow for country cottage style
Saffron Marigold

Gardens of Versailles Euro Sham

For a bright, sunny space, hang white sheer curtains the window and plop a few of these vine patterned yellow pillows on the sofa.

black lanterns for a room styled in country cottage style
Jamali Garden

Black Hampton Lantern

Black metal lanterns contrast beautifully with flowing white cotton curtains; together, they make for classic cottage decor.

Three Posts

Calion Coffee Table Tray

Whether you use this tray to serve a pitcher of sweet tea or to store magazines or remotes, you’ll love the way it adds the rest of your cottage style decor.


A white cotton tablecloth for an effortlessly elegant dining room 

A white tablecloth draped across the dining table doesn’t demand Michelin-level meals or guests in semi-formal attire! Our easy-to-launder white table linens are perfect for weeknight dinners and formal affairs alike. For an effortlessly elegant table setting, serve your meal family-style and let the food bring the color to the table. To make the meal feel even more special, just take a few simple steps:  light a couple of candles, set out woven placemats, and use cloth napkins wrapped in rings.

Style your space

blue hydrangea napkins for country cottage style
Saffron Marigold

Moonlit Taj Floral Cloth Napkins

Pair Ivy Lace linens with these napkins that resemble bunches of blue hydrangeas–who knew napkins could add such a sweet and cheerful touch to a table setting?

Saffron Marigold

Victorian Lilac Purple Napkins

Soft colors like sage, dusty blue, and lilac work well in country cottage style, so add to your collection of table linens with these lavender napkins that will offer a delightfully gorgeous dose of color to the table.

Pottery Barn

Gabriella Dinnerware

Nothing says fresh and elegant like white dinnerware on a white tablecloth. You’ll love how the delicate trimming connects with the details of Ivy Lace!

Lawsey Decor

Foliage & Grapevine Napkin Ring

Napkin rings offer a touch of color and a load of style. Wrap eco-friendly white cotton napkins with these napkin rings that nod to the print in Ivy Lace.

A white cotton shower curtain in an elegant bathroom  

Fresh is the word when it comes to an inviting bath, and a 100%- cotton, washable, white fabric shower curtain would certainly make for a fresh space! Our white cotton shower curtains are anything but boring–each one is woodblock printed by hand and features one of our exclusive patterns. Hang one up, do a little decluttering, and you’ll feel like you’re in an entirely new space. 

Style your space

white cotton curtains, cafe curtains with ivy pattern
Saffron Marigold

Ivy Lace White Cafe Curtains

Don’t forget to hang a bathroom curtain to match your new white shower curtain! After all, you’ll definitely want some privacy! Try this cafe curtain or a beaded valance (or use both as a tiered set and for maximum privacy while filtering light).

World Market

Bianca White Seagrass Baskets

Since bathrooms have to work hard and be beautiful, let’s add a few whitewashed seagrass baskets to the mix. Perfect for storing linens or toilet paper or even stray laundry, these will make your sundry look in place.


Cloud Loom Organic Cotton Towels

Plush, lightweight, and pristine, these organic cotton towels will add to the sense of serenity and renewal in your Ivy Lace bath.

Leslie Freeman Designs

Little Vine Print Plates

These handcrafted vine print plates not only echo the theme of Ivy Lace, but they also prove to be a handy holder for your rings, earrings, and watch.

Mix and Match Saffron Marigold

Even though the adage is that white goes with everything, it becomes only slightly challenging when your white linens feature a print or pattern. In that regard, you’ll want to pair your white linens with solid blocks of color or with patterns that complement instead of compete. If you love the look of Ivy Lace and want to build on your collection of Saffron Marigold Indian textiles, no worries–here are some prints that will look simply beautiful with Ivy Lace.

Saffron Marigold

Gardens of Versailles

We absolutely love pairing Ivy Lace with this selection from our Versailles line. In Gardens of Versailles, silvery leaves and swirling vines in a shade of yellow similar to forsythia or goldenrod mimic the idea of the ivy vine we see in Ivy Lace. Whether you lean towards warmer colors or whether you’re looking for a shot of sunny color to pair with Ivy Lace, this one’s spot-on.

Saffron Marigold

Moonlit Taj

Moonlit Taj contains the same spirit of botanical elegance seen in Ivy Lace, which makes it an ideal partner in terms of pattern. Here, sapphire blue vines, sky blue buds, and green leaves twist across a milky white ground. The print evokes the freshness of a bright June day: blue skies, gentle drifts of white clouds, and lush grass. Try this print with Ivy Lace for a crisp and colorful look.

Saffron Marigold

English Gardens

When it comes to country cottage style, English Gardens and Ivy Lace prevail. English Gardens, rendered in blue and white, depicts bouquets of flowers you’re most likely to find in a quintessential English cottage garden. Mix the main print or its complement (Blue Willow) with Ivy Lace for a charming design, and accent with shades of lavender, rose, mint, or buttery yellow.

Saffron Marigold


If you love the idea of a seaside or coastal cottage–or if you just tend to crave a dash of the unexpected–try mixing in a few pieces from the Casablanca or Casablanca lines. A classic quatrefoil design in bold blues and soft greens delivers a blend of Moroccan style and whimsy to a space adorned in Ivy Lace.

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Putting it all together

white ivy pattern curtains, tablecloth, and other piece of farmhouse decor

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