A Flower Pattern With French Provincial Style

Saffron Marigold - Updated: October 3, 2023

Meet Enchanted, a flower pattern that fills your home with graceful, natural elegance. Our French country floral print is an homage to Mother Nature’s abundance of exquisite beauty found in the colorful blossoms of a wildflower meadow. Use Enchanted to create spaces that carry your imagination to such a place. Find linens and ideas for styling this absolutely gorgeous print for the living room, bedroom, bath, dining room, and kitchen.

Floral curtains add French flair for an enchanting living room

Whether your living room looks out into a lovely garden or whether you just wish it did, you can express your love for flower gardens with your window treatments. Use natural cotton curtains with a gorgeous flower pattern as a starting point on which to base the rest of your living room decor.

Bring in a sense of French coziness by adding plenty of throw pillows in shades of cobalt, moss, or crimson. For a truly enchanting space, add a few whimsical decorative accents that spark your imagination and help you feel as if you’ve stepped into an enchanting wildflower meadow.

Enchanted - Blue ~ Sheer Curtain Panels Enchanted - Blue ~ Sheer Curtain Panels
$68.00 - $90.00
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Enchanted - Ivory ~ Sheer Curtain Panels Enchanted - Ivory ~ Sheer Curtain Panels
$70.00 - $90.00
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Style suggestions

colorful flower pattern throw pillow cover
Saffron Marigold

Enchanted CP Throw Pillow

Rendered in elegant French country colors, this throw pillow features a flower pattern and bluebirds in a print that celebrates nature.

white and blue flower pattern pillow cover
Saffron Marigold

English Gardens Euro Sham

A bouquet of wildflowers adorn this blue and white throw pillow, imparting a touch of polished beauty to any room.


Metallic bird cage lamp

Birdcage Table Lamp

Every living room needs light, so let there be light in a most delightful way! This birdcage lamp is altogether fanciful, eye-catching, and unique. It’s just the thing for this kind of space.


British Butterflies 2

Where there are flowers, there are pollinators. Include a few butterfly prints to your gallery wall for a fabulous vintage look.

Floral bedding: a floral print in the bedroom

Fill your bedroom with the feeling of comfortable elegance. French country bedding is just as much about the touch and feel of the fabric as it is about the look of the bedding. With that in mind, soft fabrics are essential for your physical comfort as well as for aesthetics! Our cotton duvet covers and bedspreads are ideal for an alluring, relaxing bedroom.

A floral duvet cover (or one of our lightweight floral bedspreads) is an ideal choice here. A flower pattern offers you so many choices for accent colors, for mixing in floral pillows, and for building out the rest of your French country bedroom decor.

Enchanted - Ivory ~ Pillow Sham Enchanted - Ivory ~ Pillow Sham
$32.00 - $40.00
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Enchanted - Ivory ~ French Provincial Floral Duvet Cover Enchanted - Ivory ~ French Provincial Floral Duvet Cover
$200.00 - $225.00
SALE: up to 15% off
Enchanted - CP ~ Pillow Sham Enchanted - CP ~ Pillow Sham
$32.00 - $40.00
SALE: 20% off
Enchanted - Ivory ~ Lightweight Bedspread Enchanted - Ivory ~ Lightweight Bedspread
$90.00 - $130.00
SALE: up to 10% off
Enchanted - Blue ~ Lightweight Bedspread Enchanted - Blue ~ Lightweight Bedspread
$90.00 - $117.00
SALE: 10% off

Style suggestions

blue flower pattern throw pillow
Saffron Marigold

Moonlit Taj Blue Floral Decorative Throw Pillow Cover

Blue floral pillows, block printed by hand, add to the charm of your Enchanted floral bedding. These petite blue blossoms are just too sweet!

Saffron Marigold

Tulip Mist White Sheer Floral Curtains

When it comes to bedroom decor, is there anything more romantic than flowy white sheer curtains? These white sheer curtains with a floral pattern are a perfect partner partner with all of our floral bedding.

Natural color sheet set
Saffron Marigold

Natural Organic Cotton Percale Sheet Set

Earthy, creamy shades of white are a staple in French provincial style, and this set of sheets hits the mark. This off-white goes well with any of the Enchanted colorways and lets you customize your French country bedding set.

Quilted white vintage sari bedspread
Saffron Marigold

Urmila Meena ~ Vintage Kantha Quilt

Neutral colors are French Provincial’s best friends, so drape this white cotton quilt across the foot of your bed for a measure of charming texture building and a dose of extra-cozy goodness. Check out our one-of-a-kind quilted sari bedspreads and throws if you’re looking to add some color to your bedscape.

A flower pattern for the French country bath

Romantic, vintage, and flower-filled–that’s what an enchanting French country bathroom is made of! Step into a space inspired by nature and you’ll start to feel the cares of the day wash away. Hang a flower shower curtain as the focal point in this traditionally-smaller room.

Accent our Art Nouveau shower curtain with complementing floral French country curtains. As far as decorations, choose them sparingly–the point of this space it to cleanse, renew, and relax.

Style suggestions

Saffron Marigold

Gardens of Versailles Yellow Beaded Valance

This French country curtain founds its inspiration in the gardens of Versailles. Use it to tease out the yellow accents in Enchanted, and enjoy watching the beadwork reflect the sunshine.

Saffron Marigold

English Gardens Blue Willow Cafe Curtain

These blue botanical curtains are right on point since the dense foliage provides a lovely foil to the loose, billowy flower pattern of Enchanted.


Songbirds on Reverse Painted Glass Mirror

Choose a decorative mirror to help reflect more light, like this one–the beauty of the hand painted glass is stunning.


Long Double-Loop Bath Towel in Sea Mist

A set of soft sky blue Egyptian-quality cotton bath towels blends perfectly with all of our Enchanted colorways.

A fabulously enchanting French provincial dining room

A French country dining room is the epitome of rustic, casual elegance. Imagine sharing some Bordeaux over a simple, candlelit meal with friends.

Design your dining room with this image in mind, and use our beautiful flower pattern to help you create the look. Hang a set of cotton curtains to set the stage. Our blue floral curtains are great if you want a rich, bold look; reach for a set of our ivory vintage floral curtains if you prefer a gentle but colorful style in your window treatments. Add a great chandelier and rustic wooden accents–and remember the wine!

Enchanted - Ivory ~ Table Runner Enchanted - Ivory ~ Table Runner
$63.00 - $81.00
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Enchanted - Blue ~ Rectangular Tablecloth Enchanted - Blue ~ Rectangular Tablecloth
$85.00 - $126.00
SALE: up to 15% off

Style suggestions

Saffron Marigold

Versailles Cloth Napkins

The golden yolky yellow of these cloth napkins is a hallmark French country color and will be a welcome addition at your French country or floral table settings.

floral cloth napkins
Saffron Marigold

Enchanted Napkins

The obvious choice for your Enchanted tablecloth is a set of floral napkins from the same collection. These cloth napkins feature the complementary bluebird and flower pattern from our Enchanted line.


Old Havana Pitcher

Use this Portuguese stoneware pitcher as a vase to hold a centerpiece of fresh flowers–whether from your garden or your grocery store, they’ll look great in this vessel!

Pani Jurek

Maria S.C. Single Test Tubes Chandelier

Here’s a chandelier unlike any other that’s sure to make your dining room feel like it exists in the center of a wildflower meadow.

Floral kitchen curtains for the heart of the home

Prepare your meals in a space that brings you joy! And at this point in our article, we’re fairly certain that all things floral and French country put a smile on your face. With that, make your kitchen a French country kitchen whether you live in the city, the suburbs, or in Provence itself.

Clearly floral kitchen curtains are a must-have in your cottage or French provincial kitchen. Hang a vintage floral pattern cafe curtain for authentic French elegance, or try one of our beaded valance for a hint of boho style. If you love the look of tiered curtains, simpy use the valance and the cafe curtain together and voila–a custom set!

Enchanted - Blue ~ Kitchen Curtain Enchanted - Blue ~ Kitchen Curtain
$45.00 - $54.00
SALE: up to 15% off
Enchanted - Ivory ~ Kitchen Curtain Enchanted - Ivory ~ Kitchen Curtain
$49.50 - $60.00
SALE: up to 10% off

Style suggestions

blue and white flower pattern tablecloth
Saffron Marigold

English Gardens Round Tablecloth

Smooth a blue and white floral tablecloth across the kitchen table for a special occasion or just for a way to change the look of your kitchen decor.

cotton placemats with flower patterns
Saffron Marigold

Enchanted CP Floral Placemats

Our floral placemats make any meal feel more special, and they also make it super easy to set a pretty table.

flower pattern clock by firefly lights design
Firefly Lights Design

Cottagecore I Wall Clock

Every kitchen needs a clock, so why not find one with a floral pattern? This clock from Firefly Lights Design looks right at home with our Enchanted linens.

Danis Towel Boutique

Summer Fruit Towel

This lint-free tea towel features a folk pattern heart fashioned from fruits, which is just as charming as it sounds–and it coordinated so well with Enchanted.

Mix and match flower patterns with Saffron Marigold

If you love the look and quality of Enchanted, then you may well want to build your collection of Saffron Marigold’s block printed textiles! Take a look at these floral prints whose scales and color schemes pair beautifully with our French provincial floral pattern.

Saffron Marigold

Gardens of Versailles

This yellow and white tangle of forsythia-like botanicals carries you to springtime in the Provence, and its sunny notes draws out the golden hues in Enchanted. And a traditional French provincial palette includes doses of cobalt blue and yolky yellow. Indeed, the Gardens of Versailles and Enchanted make an elegant match.

a blue and white flower pattern fabric swatch
Saffron Marigold

English Gardens

Whether you prefer the loose bouquet of wildflowers or the dense blue willows, our English Gardens collection will look lovely alongside Enchanted Ivory. The floral pattern and negative space of English Gardens balances Enchanted’s wavy wildflowers. Likewise, the thick branches of Blue Willow provides balance from the other end of the scale spectrum. English Gardens and Enchanted make mixing patterns so easy!

Saffron Marigold

Moonlit Taj

Moonlit Taj’s bright white background provides a welcome contrast to Enchanted Blue, and it unites the bold shades of blue and green. Using one as a striking accent to the other. For example, you can add our botanical print to a bed dressed in Enchanted, or try a set of Moonlit Taj napkins at the French provincial table. We suggest the main print of Moonlit Taj with Enchanted Blue since the bold blues that unifies the two prints.

a white flower pattern on white cotton voile
Saffron Marigold

Tulip Mist

Light, ethereal, and romantic, Tulip Mist is enchanting on its own, and it becomes even more so when used with our blue floral fabric. The soft wisps of these white sheers don’t compete with Enchanted. Instead, they complement the flower pattern.

Putting it all together

a collage of flower pattern linens and decor

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