12 Floral Bedding Ideas for a Bedroom That Blossoms with Style

Saffron Marigold - Updated: March 1, 2022

Floral bedding has come a long way over the years, yet the beauty of a floral pattern remains timeless. Our block print bedding distills the essence of your favorite blooms into special linens that can transform your space. Plus, our floral duvet covers are reversible, so it’s like getting two duvet covers for the price of one!  

Blue floral bedding with a white and blue lotus flower pattern

Whether you’re looking for new spring bedding,  a lightweight floral bedspread, or just a few floral bedding ideas,  a simple switch of bed linens and throw pillows can go a long way.  Find a floral for you, and discover five essentials for styling a floral bedroom. 

Vintage floral bedding

Smooth a vintage bedspread over your sheets for delightful, cozy look.  The first of our vintage-inspired collections that comes to mind is English Gardens,  a classic blue and white pattern filled with wildflowers and nods to all things cottage, chinoiserie, and tea time. An equally beautiful example of vintage floral bedding exists in Orange Blossom. Replete with warm bouquets, our orange floral bedding is bright, warm, and sunny. For true vintage style, throw a hand-knitted blanket or heirloom quilt across the foot of the bed.

Blue floral bedding

Did you know that blue flowers are the rarest colored flowers? Found in only 10% of the flowering plants on Earth, blue blossoms are a prize to behold, indeed. We celebrate their uncommon beauty in Midnight Lotus, a versatile print that you can use in a number of interior design style from traditional to bohemian and tropical. You’ll also find sweet blue buds amid green vines in Moonlit Taj, our tribute to the Taj Mahal. Pair your blue and white bedding with pops of yellow, pink, or violet for a stunning look.

Romantic floral bedding

While we know that the word “romantic” can conjure different scenes for different people, we’re going with the notion of romantic in terms of all things soft, sweet, and elegant. And after all, what’s more romantic than flowers? We daresay that floral bedding plays its most beautiful role in a romantic bedroom, and our Victorian Lilac print brings to mind images of lace, flowers, softness, and courtship. Purple floral bedding finds itself in shabby chic bedrooms to feminine spaces and elegant rooms. Team this rich lilac color with crisp white for subtle, classic style, or try it with buttery yellows, rosy pinks, or soft shades of blue and green to bring in more color.

French country bedding with floral patterns

We interpret French country style with glorious garden designs, rich hues, and intricate details. With floral bedding rendered in classic French country colors and handcrafted quality, you can easily transport yourself to fragrant pastoral meadows, rustic farmhouses, and natural beauty. Go ahead–feed your sense of wanderlust with our floral bedding sets inspired by France.

Red floral bedding

Red has long been revered as the color of passion and love, making it a frequent go-to color for bedrooms worldwide. The color red stirs about and compels energy, so it also provides a nice morning boost, too. Whether you want a riot of red flowers on your bed or just a touch of red color to brighten up your room, we have red duvet covers and bedspreads for you.  Large scale blossoms sway across a neutral ground in Tropical Garden while a classic Mughal poppy print graces a honey ground in Red Poppy. 

Yellow floral bedding sets

Yellow and flowers go together like the sun and the sky: a pair that stay together. Almost every flower has some yellow component to it, naturally.  We associate the color yellow with happiness and joy, so touches of yellow in the bedroom should make for cheerier mornings. Dress your bed in yellow floral fabric for a sunny morning. In our French country style homage to California’s state flower, our Wild Poppies ‘toss their heads in sprightly dance.’  Likewise, the swirling vines and yellow flowers in Gardens of Versailles inspire spring-like images of early forsythia.

5 things you need in your floral bedroom 

How are you to decorate around floral bedding when the prints and patterns provide so much visual interest? Natural furnishings (think wood, wicker, rattan) are a flawless choice.  However, floral bedding also looks at home set against creamy painted furniture.  For window treatments, the kind of curtains that look best with floral bedding will either feature an inverse floral pattern or a solid accent color to tease out a certain hue in the floral bedding itself. Of course, you can never go wrong with white sheer curtains, whether they have a flower pattern or not! 

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, so fill it with things that speak to your soul just as well as they connect to your floral bedroom decor.

White floral curtains

A bedroom should always feels serene and inviting, and our sheer white curtains will help you achieve that feeling. Just imagine them billowing in the gentle spring breeze! Sheer white curtains are effortlessly elegant and always timeless. 

Coordinating sheets

To coordinate your sheets, use a color found in your floral print bedding. You can match it, or you can choose sheets that are a few shades lighter or deeper to tie the look together. If you want to layer floral patterns, then choose a print with a different scale. Large blooms against miniature buds look smashing! 

Ophelia & Co.

Marchetti Lavender Floral Sheet Set

These delicate lilac buds make a lovely pair with any of our lavender or blue floral bedding sets.

Garnet Hill

Cozy Ticking Organic Cotton Flannel Bedding in Amber

Team up stripes with florals for a classic design that’s always in style. This would look lovely alongside Wild Poppies, Tropical Garden, or Versailles.


Inspiring artwork

A bedroom needs a few meaningful touches–perhaps more so than in any other room. After all, this is your retreat from the world. Decorate with your favorite vintage floral prints, uplifting words, or a dried bouquet saved from a special day–the options are endless.

Jennaruss Art

Field of Wildflowers

This work of art will bring a calming note to your bedroom along with a spot of sunshine on a cloudy day. Even better, a portion of each purchase goes towards planting a tree!

Shop Lucy In The Sky

Gardening Green Thumb

Use this pretty framed quotation to summon the extra motivation you need in the mornings or to calm a busy mind before bedtime.

A touch of green

Blankets in green–because every flower comes with green–simply look at the stems and leaves! 

The Company Store

Cotton Weave Blanket in Dark Green

The rich green color of this blanket calls forth images of piney woods and verdant landscapes.

Simply Organic Bamboo

Bamboo Throw Blanket in Sage

Soft sage summons memories of summer days and gardens. It’s just the thing for an enchanting, garden-inspired space.

Garden treasures

Fresh, seasonal touches help bring any room to life and are a welcome treat in a bedroom. Fill a sleek vases with cuttings fresh from your garden. Try an air purifying plant for a touch of greenery, and remember that wreaths aren’t just for front doors and mantels! 

Ever Dream Craft

Ceramic Minimalist Bisque Vase

The vases are made from ceramic porcelain, glazed with a beautiful marble style coating.

The Sill

ZZ Plant in Mint

The ZZ Plant purifies the air and can tolerate low light, making it the perfect plant for a bedroom.


Putting it all together

Interested in seeing how this might all come together? Check out these beautiful bedroom ideas!

Tropical bedroom & red floral print

a tropical bedroom with tropical floral bedding, a red floral pattern duvet cover, a green plant, and a dark green blanket

Cozy bedroom & yellow floral bedding

a floral pattern pillow, floral bedding, yellow striped sheets, and a painting of sunset over the mountains and sunflower fields

Fresh botanical bedroom

blue and green botanical bedding with a green vine and blue floral pattern, a sage green blankets, and blue flower sheets

Pretty bed in a purple floral pattern

pretty floral bedding with a lilac purple floral pattern, a sheer white floral print curtain, and white marble vase filled with flowers


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