A Vine Pattern: One Botanical Print Inspired By The Taj Mahal

Saffron Marigold - Updated: February 7, 2024

Moonlit Taj

This collection of vine pattern, botanical print fabric offerings for the home, rendered in blue, white, and green, found its inspiration in the marble inlay of the Taj Mahal. Bring a sense of romance and lush, botanical beauty to your home with Moonlit Taj, and find prints for the kitchen, living room, dining room, bedroom, and bath.

Hang elegant botanical curtains in the living room

Create a living room that feels like a refreshing retreat and a welcoming hub. Start by hanging our 100% cotton botanical print curtains in turquoise and green scrolling vines for easy-breezy style. Add carved wood accessories, fresh flowers, and a few plump throw pillows in botanical prints. Don’t forget to include a mirror to catch all the gorgeous light and color.

Product Recommendations

Botanical motifs and nature-influenced colors in your decor conjure up lush landscapes.

Moroccan throw pillow in blue and white
Saffron Marigold

Casablanca Throw Pillow

A block print blue and white throw pillow will bring interesting graphic contrast to our botanical curtains.

Midnight Lotus blue and white throw pillow cushion cover
Saffron Marigold

Midnight Lotus CP Euro Sham

Layer your throw pillows and oversized shams in a blue floral pattern for a room filled with flourishing flowers.

West Elm

Floating White Frame Mirror

A large mirror in a simple frame adds light and clean lines to our refreshing blue and white space.


Philodendron Heartleaf in Indigo Pot

A nature-inspired, botanical living room needs a few plants to bring the look to life! Easy to grow, this plant and colorful pot will look great in a sunny window or trailing down a bookcase.

Botanical bedding with a vine pattern for a peaceful bedroom

If you are trying to infuse beauty and romance into your bedroom, then what better way than to use a vine pattern and botanical print fabric inspired by the most famous monument to love–the Taj Mahal?

Turn your bedroom into your personal sanctuary with a relaxing palette like blue and white. Bedding choices range from a reversible floral duvet cover in winter months and our green, blue, and white bedspread in warmer weather.  

Product Inspirations

Experiment with blending various shades of blue and other motifs with botanical prints to craft a dynamic and refreshing interior palette

blue and white botanical print vine pattern pillowcases
Saffron Marigold

English Gardens Blue Willow Sham

If you like to mix instead of match, try these block print pillow case covered in dense blue vines! They’ll add another layer of botanical beauty to the bedroom.

Saffron Marigold

Starry Nights Euro Sham

The deep indigo of Starry Nights pairs beautifully with the blue vines and leaves of Moonlit Taj. Our vine pattern, botanical print fabric decor plays nicely alongside this celestial collection.

Lunastry Studio

Moon Crystal Botanical Candle

The Taj Mahal is replete with precious gemstones; these provided the rich palette of our Moonlit Taj collection.  This botanical candle comes with a gemstone–it’s almost like it was made just for this botanical bedroom!

Hamsa protection tea light holder
Saffron Marigold

Hamsa Protection ~ Hand-Carved Wooden Tea Light Holder

Adorned with laurels and mini blooms, this spiritual tea light holder from India brings a light sense of global style to your bedroom.  

Refresh your senses in a botanical bath

Renew your spirit and the look of your bath by hanging a new shower curtain–it truly is that simple! With a new green and blue botanical shower curtain in the bath, you can transport yourself to stunning gardens, pastoral countryside scenes, or wherever your imagination leads you. 

Product Inspirations

Drape your bathroom windows in airy white curtains to create an oasis of relaxation, where every moment is embraced by a gentle breeze of serenity.

Saffron Marigold

Royal Mansour White Cafe Curtains

Crisp white-on-white curtains for the bathroom window feel light, airy, and refreshing and won’t compete with the blue and green in Moonlit Taj’s vine pattern.

Saffron Marigold

Ivy Lace Beaded Valance Curtain

Hang a neutral nature print curtain at the window for refined beauty. This white valance with vines and leaves adds another botanical element to the space.


Carved Teak Bath Caddy

Use this stunning teak caddy to hold your collection of beautiful soaps, lotions, or essential oils.

Connected Goods

Flat Lid Woven Basket

Natural, fair trade, and handmade, this basket keeps your bathroom looking streamlined and restful.

A natural table setting you’ll enjoy year-round

Moonlit Taj is beautiful in the dining room since blue and white table linens can compliment seasonal decor year round. In spring or summer, decorate with bright florals and fresh greens; in fall, add the bold contrast of rich foliage to the botanical print fabric. Set out silver and evergreen accessories for winter and enjoy this botanical tablecloth or green and blue table runner all year long.

Product Inspirations

Tie your sophisticated table setting with touches of blue—whether in a blue glass pitcher or a set of blue napkin rings.

floral print cloth napkins white green and blue
Saffron Marigold

Moonlit Taj Dinner Napkins

The color scheme of these sweet cotton napkins is at home at your table year round. Use with white plates and accents in spring and summer or with crimson or terracotta accessories come autumn.

Saffron Marigold

Casablanca Moroccan Curtains

White, blue and green curtains in a quatrefoil Moroccan print add regal, global flair while maintaining the color scheme of this dining space. It goes so nicely alongside our botanical print.


Blenko Glass Co.

7018 Dimple Pitcher

Made in the spirit of the age-old tradition of hand-forming glass slippers, this pitcher will look wonderful holding a bouquet of sunflowers or pouring your signature sangria.

Napkin rings
Give Back Goods

4-Striped Silver & Blue Hand Woven Napkin Rings

Wrap your cloth napkins in these woven stitch rings crafted from natural fibers and grass, colored silver. Made by women artisans of Rwanda.


A fresh new kitchen with a botanical curtains in a vine pattern 

A blue and green valance with beads that glisten in the morning sunshine will update the look of your kitchen in an instant. Alternatively, hang a set of botanical curtains to create that feeling of bringing the outdoors in. With this exquisite flower and vine pattern, your kitchen will feel brighter, sunnier, and lighter with pretty cafe curtains dressing the windows!

Product Recommendations

Incorporate botanicals beyond your table linens, perhaps with a set of botanical wall prints over your kitchen counter.

botanical print fabric block print table runner with vine pattern
Saffron Marigold

Moonlit Taj Table Runner

The swirling vines and delicate blue flowers in the vine pattern of this blue and green table runner lend a pretty touch to the kitchen table.

vine pattern botanical print fabric napkins
Saffron Marigold

English Gardens Blue Willow Cloth Napkins

Make every day feel like a special occasion with cloth napkins like these. The dense foliage of this blue vine and leaf print serve as a natural complement to Moonlit Taj.

Indian Splendor

Goa Delight

Enjoy a quiet moment sipping a cup of this farm-to-cup Nilgiri Black Orthodox tea. The blue tin will look lovely alongside the rest of your kitchen decor.

Belle Botanica

Antique Herbs Print Set No. 29

A framed set of vintage botanical prints is perennially stylish, and the aromatic herbs in this collection make a great addition to the kitchen.

Mix and Match Saffron Marigold

If you love Moonlit Taj and you’d like to see what other prints will pair well with that collection, then look no further! We suggest the following collections for you to mix and match like a pro:

Saffron Marigold


Mixing Moonlit Taj together with Casablanca is a romantic global match, indeed! The two collections share a similar color scheme, and Casablanca’s quatrefoils are anchored spaciously on a white ground, giving each pattern room to stand apart yet look united. Blend Casablanca with Moonlit Taj to bring about a sophisticated global look.

Saffron Marigold

Starry Nights

This is a special collection: the indigo blue of Starry Nights is printed in a resist style. The deep blue connects with the blue vine pattern in Moonlit Taj. Both prints contain blue flowers and truly make a lovely pairing. We are talking about moonlight and stars, after all! Paired together, these two are a celebration of Mother Nature. The marriage of the star pattern and botanical print vine pattern will result in a dramatic blue statement that also accents the green notes in Moonlit Taj.

blue and white flowering vine pattern botanical print fabric
Saffron Marigold

Midnight Lotus

Midnight and moonlight–it sounds incredibly romantic and enchanting, doesn’t it? That’s just how these two prints will look together! With its white lotus flowers and scrolling vines printed in blues on white cotton, Midnight Lotus shares similar hues and design elements with the rest of our vine patterns and botanical print fabric offerings. Pair the two if you love a layered look, formal florals, or eclectic bohemian-inspired spaces. One of our most popular vine patterns and botanical printed fabric collections!

blue and white vine pattern botanical print fabric
Saffron Marigold

English Gardens Blue Willow (CP)

For a truly botanical vibe, add more leaves, vines, and plants. This is true for any space, and we can apply that concept with fabric, too. The Blue Willow print from our English Gardens collection depicts abundant foliage rendered in shades of blue on a white ground. The vine pattern echoes the vining forms found in Moonlit Taj. When used together, the blue and white notes will resound throughout your space. This vine pattern is lovely as a set of botanical curtains, pillows, or cloth napkins.

Putting it all together

Get inspired with our elegant botanical vine print in a gorgeous white, blue, and green palette.


Moonlit Taj collection collage

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