Kitchen Curtain Ideas

Saffron Marigold - Updated: October 15, 2019

They say paint is the easiest way to transform your kitchen, but there’s another way: change your kitchen textiles! Beautiful kitchen curtains hung over your sink window or adorning your breakfast nook can breathe new life into your kitchen–and unlike paint, you can switch out your window treatments with ease and speed any time you feel the urge to change things up in your decor. They’re also an easy way to integrate your sense of personality and style into your kitchen (without taking up any counter space).

Curtain Ideas to Bring Your Kitchen to Life


Whether you prefer traditional furnishing or whether you crave a bohemian vibe, your personal style should shine throughout your home, so be sure to bring a sense of that style into your kitchen! Amidst a sea of appliances and cabinetry, a vibrant color or lively pattern can enliven the space while a neutral shade or subdued pattern can help keep things feeling calm and orderly. From large gourmet kitchens to working kitchens, window space is usually at a premium, so your curtains will work overtime in the style department.

Our Favorite Kitchen Curtain Ideas: By Style


Our kitchen curtains are available in patterns and colors suited to virtually any style or theme, and they’re easy to use and maintain for the kitchen. Whether your personal style is modern farmhouse, vintage, or French country, we have the right print for you.

Modern Kitchen Curtains


The current aesthetic for kitchen design celebrates clean lines, simple palettes, and stainless steel. In a word, the modern kitchen is spotless. With that in mind, a white kitchen curtain is the contemporary choice for a style that’s both current and classic. Don’t be afraid of adding a bit of color here, however: touches of navy blue have been showing up on kitchen islands, lower cabinets, and kitchen curtains everywhere.

Designer Tip: Hang a valance over the kitchen sink window for a clean, streamlined look.

Country Kitchen Curtains


A country kitchen isn’t complete without curtains, and a world of options works within this style. From farmhouse style to shabby chic to cottage, curtains bring charm, warmth, and character to a country kitchen. There are more options than the sunflowers, apples, and roosters we’re so accustomed to seeing in country kitchens: choose sweet, delicate patterns or fun florals!

Designer tip: For a true country look, pair kitchen tiers with a matching valance.

Vintage Kitchen Curtains


The vintage aesthetic has stood the test of time, perhaps because it reminds us of a time in our lives when things just didn’t feel so complicated. Retro kitchen curtains tend to go one of two ways: they’re either lacy and delicate or else they feature bright colors and fun fruit-inspired or floral patterns. They add whimsy and homestyle goodness to the space.

Designer tip: Hang a pair of sheer lace cafe curtains in your kitchen window for a charming vintage vibe.

Bohemian Kitchen Curtains


Boho design celebrates the life well-traveled, curated treasures, eclectic wonders, and natural beauty. The style is characterized by its incorporation of rich color, flowing fabrics, and a hint of metallics. Pull off the look by using global-inspired prints in rich colors and flowing fabrics.

Designer tip: Mixing and layering patterns is very boho–more is more here!

French Country Kitchen Curtains


A kitchen designed with French country style in mind celebrates rustic simplicity and vintage pieces. Distressed antiques are at home here. While roosters, milk cans, and voile are themes typically seen in this style, you certainly don’t have to use these motifs to create a French country kitchen! Achieve this aesthetic with kitchen curtains that feature florals, botanicals, and pastoral imagery.

Designer tip: Convey a sense of French country appeal with textiles that feature soft colors.

Coastal Kitchen Curtains


Whether you live at the lake or on the shore or just wish that you did, you can impart a sense of life on the coast to your home through your decor. Choose colors that remind you of being out on the water and digging your toes in the sand (like gold, blue, and green) to create a beachy vibe in your kitchen.

Designer tip: Don’t be afraid to include punches of coral to your coastal decor as reminders of dreamy sunsets over the ocean.

Transitional Style Kitchen Curtains


One of the newest trends in interior design, transitional style focuses on creating a clean, intentional design by blending vintage pieces with modern. Neutrals layered with texture create a timeless and sophisticated look in this aesthetic, so in a transitional kitchen, hang neutral kitchen curtains with gentle patterns.

Designer tip: Interesting fabrics are everything when it comes to textiles in this style, so don’t be afraid to use patterns here.

From deep rich exotic prints and jewel tones shimmering ones to bold geometrics and pretty florals, we have you covered.

Kitchen Curtains By Color

Maybe you’re not worried as much about your “design style” as you are about getting your kitchen colors right. We don’t blame you: whether you have espresso cabinets or an all-white kitchen and whether you’ve chosen to either live with or paint over your outdated cabinets, it’s safe to say that most kitchens are void of vibrant color when standing alone. You might like a more neutral palette, or you might be longing to bring in some vibrance–either way, you can achieve your desires by installing window treatments in a color that’s right for you and your space.

White Curtains


White is the ultimate goes-with-everything color. It’s a neutral room brightener that offers a spotless look. From modern minimalist to traditional country kitchen, white curtains will work in any space.

Blue Curtains


Blue–the beloved favorite of country kitchens– is really a natural choice for any window treatment as it echoes the shades of the sky. In an all-white kitchen, the addition of blue creates a classic palette. Depending on your other finishes, you can use blue as an accent color or a bold focal point.

Yellow Curtains


Nothing says sunshine like yellow! Yellow is the go-to color in cottage kitchens or vintage kitchens. When paired with blue, it practically screams French Country; when paired with grey, it becomes contemporary. Yellow and white is always a sunny combination that carries a sense of cheerfulness into a kitchen.

Orange Curtains


Orange curtains bring a burst of sunny cheerfulness to every kitchen! From juicy citrus tones to tropical florals all the way to burnt orange, kitchen curtains in these warm shades deliver a pop of color to a white kitchen, complement a country blue kitchen, and are totally on point with mid-century modern decor.

Red Curtains


The right shade of red lipstick can do wonders to perk up your face, and the right red curtains can achieve the same effect on your kitchen! Barn reds lend themselves to French country or farmhouse-style kitchens; cherry red feels at home among vintage decor. Any shade of red will do when you’re going after a bohemian, global, or collected look.

Green Kitchen Curtains


Ranging in shades from celery to mint to spinach and sage, green is such a natural choice for kitchens. After all, the best good-for-you foods, green shows up in our kitchens every day. Whether you have a kitchen window that offers views of a lush lawn or whether you wish it faced a garden instead of the neighbor’s house, green is great for dressing a kitchen window.

Are you struggling to settle on one color? Looking for colorful curtains that can provide the palette for the rest of your kitchen accessories? A bright set of cafe curtains can inspire some seasonal mix-and-match and carries color into your space without your having to make a solid commitment to one color.



1. Why Kitchen Curtains?

We’re spending a lot of time in the kitchen: it’s where we prepare meals, eat breakfast, do homework, and chat on the phone while washing up dinner dishes. In spite of our best getting-ready-for-company efforts, it seems that people tend to gather in the kitchen instead of the deck, the living room, or the dining room! The kitchen is truly the heart of the home, isn’t it? Since we’re spending so much time there, we should make it a space we enjoy. Hanging cafe curtains is an effortless way to bring a bit of style to a kitchen or to give it a sense of polish without making a pricey investment.

2. What are kitchen curtains called?

The terms kitchen curtains and café curtains are used interchangeably. In both styles, the lower half of the window is covered by one full curtain while the top half may (or may not) include a valance (window topper). The gap between these two allows light into the kitchen, while the lower curtain shields the occupants.

As you may have gathered, café curtains were named after a chic French invention for cafes whose windows overlooked onto the street. With this window treatment, cafe owners had a way of maintaining customer privacy while still letting in plenty of light.

Cafe curtains differ from tier curtains since tiers are usually ruffled or tiered, which add a country flair to the kitchen.

3. What is the best fabric for kitchen curtains?

When it comes to window coverings for your kitchen, formal fabrics, or fabrics with lots of sheen (like satin) are out of place. Go for easily washable fabrics instead, especially lightweight fabrics that have light-filtering qualities (like cotton) so you can enjoy a bit of privacy without sacrificing natural light.

Our curtains are printed on cotton voile, a soft, light, gossamer cotton weave with wonderful light-filtering qualities. Each curtain is printed on pre-shrunk, superior grade cotton.

4. What are the most popular colors for kitchen curtains?

For years, white, blue, yellow, and red have topped the list of popular kitchen curtain colors–they’re the ‘classics.’ However, don’t feel like you have to follow the crowd! If you love green, use beautiful green window treatments in your kitchen. Maybe you adore pink and look for ways to incorporate more of that happy hue in your home–why not hang a rosy curtain over the window?

5. What length should cafe curtains be?

In general, cafe curtains are sold in lengths of 24,30, and 36 inches. To determine what size you’ll need, measure from the beginning of the bottom sash to the windowsill. Don’t forget to add in an inch or two for your rod.

6. How long should curtains hang below a windowsill?

If you’re using cafe curtains in the kitchen–particularly for windows above a sink–you want to ensure that the hem doesn’t hang so long that it would be splashed. The hem of the curtain should sit just above the windowsill as if it were kissing the sill (as opposed to floating or hovering above it). Use an inside mount for this classic look.

A few things to consider

Here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to hanging your curtains:

1. Size/width of rod

Our kitchen curtains come with a 3-inch rod pocket for easy hanging. Decide how far you want the curtain rods to extend at each side of the windows. Two to three inches would be the norm (excluding any finials), but you may want more clearance for maximum light allowance.

2. Width of curtains

Our curtains are 46″ wide. Depending on the width of the window, you will have one or two panels that will span the width of the window (use more panels for more fullness). So, if the desired width is 24″, one panel 46″ wide will suffice. If the desired width is 36 inches, then you need 2 curtains (each 46 inches wide).

3. Location of curtains

If your kitchen opens to another room, make sure that your curtains coordinate with the window treatments in the other space. Of course, if you happen to have Saffron Marigold curtains in your other rooms, you are fine since one of the great things about our linens is how beautifully they mix and match with each other!

Why stop at the kitchen?

It’s not only cafe owners who use cafe curtains these days! This kind of window treatment is great for any space where you want to bring in lots of natural light without covering the entire window. Breakfast nooks, eat-in kitchens, sunny dining rooms, family rooms, home offices, and bathroom–you can use kitchen curtains here, too, especially since ours come with versatility. Remember, just because it’s called a ‘kitchen curtain’ doesn’t limit its use to that room.