Indian Bedspreads: Block Print Bedspreads From India

Saffron Marigold - Updated: June 27, 2020

Indian bedspreads add a colorful and vibrant touch to your bedroom decor. At Saffron Marigold, we offer a unique range of designer India print, cotton luxury Indian bedspreads and coverlets. Each Indian bedspread is designed exclusively for Saffron Marigold and handcrafted using the traditional technique of hand block printing. We know you won’t find these Indian block print bedspreads in every other home in the neighborhood!

Whether you love bold color and intricate patterns, adore bohemian bedding, or prefer a traditional look, we have an Indian bedspread option for you. We offer our top recommendations along with answers to some of our most frequently-asked questions about Indian block print bedspreads. Enjoy!

Indian bedspreads for bohemian bedding

Bohemian design is a large part of Saffron Marigold. After all, our hand blocked Indian bedspreads feel right at home in bohemian bedding.

Indian bedspreads for tropical bedding

Tropical bedding inspires relaxation.   Use a hand-crafted, block print Indian bedspread to create the feeling of a coastal oasis or tropical bedroom.

Indian bedspreads for a Moroccan bedroom

A Moroccan bedroom requires three essential elements:  color, layers, and texture. Our Indian bedspreads feature all three for gorgeous Moroccan bedding. 

Indian bedspreads for genuine Indian decor

We bottle the sights and sounds of Jaipur’s block prints into our authentic Indian bedspreads!  Choose one of our designer Indian block print bedspreads to magically transport yourself to another place and time.

About block printing

Every one of our unique designs begins at our studio in Petaluma, California. Once the design is complete, we send it to our studios in Rajasthan, India, where our master craftsman carves the wood block for the design. A family of artisans in Sanganer (a bustling township close to Jaipur) completes the wood block printing process. When you purchase a Saffron Marigold product, you’re not only bringing home a piece of original handcrafted artwork, but you’re also keeping a native trade live!

Need to know: size, material, & care

Our designer luxury cotton Indian bedspreads are available in three sizes: King, Queen, and Twin.

King size

You’ll enjoy our generously-sized Indian print bedspreads–king size is 90 inches long by 108 inches wide.  These fit:

  • Standard/Eastern King beds: a 10-inch drop at the bottom and a 16-inch drop at the sides
  • California/Western King beds: a 6-inch drop at the bottom and an 18-inch drop on the sides

Queen size

Our Queen Indian cotton bedspreads are 90 inches long by 90 inches wide. These generously cover:

  • A queen bed: a 5-inch drop at the bottom and a 15-inch drop on both sides
  • A full bed: a 15-inch drop at the bottom and an 18-inch drop on both sides

Twin size

Our Twin cotton bedspreads are 90 inches long and 70 inches wide. Use these Indian print bedspreads to cover:

  • A regular twin bed: a 15-inch drop over the sides and a 15-inch drop over the bottom.
  • XL twin beds: a 10-inch drop over the bottom and a 15-inch drop over both sides.

If you’re not sure which size Indian block print bedspread is right for your bed, no worries–we have a guide to help.



As a general rule, the higher the sheeting count of an Indian bedspread, the finer and more expensive the cotton.  We print our current collection of Indian bedspreads and coverlets on 100% soft 30’s cotton sheeting. You’ll find this cotton to be wonderfully soft, with the right weight and crease resistance to ensure durability and many years of comfort.


It’s easy to care for your Indian block print bedspread as long as you follow our care instructions! Please remember to treat these linens with care since the dyes are laid on the surface of the fabric by human hands. Here are some tips for taking care of our designer bedspreads:


  • Wash your Indian bedspread in cold water on the gentlest cycle that your washing machine allows.
  • Use a gentle detergent (like Woolite). 
  • Line drying works best. If you don’t have a clothesline, dry the bedspread over the shower rod. 
  • If this is inconvenient or the weather doesn’t permit, you may tumble dry on low if you turn the bedspread so that the underside is on the outside (thus taking most of the dryer agitation).
  • Please do NOT use fabric softeners or dryer sheets since they coat the fabric with a whitish residue that dulls the luminosity of the dyes.

Thank you for stopping by the fair trade, artisan made, global world of Saffron Marigold. We welcome you to come learn more about block printing and hear our story. We are who we are today because of customers, so please contact us with any questions you may have. In the meantime, enjoy browsing for a beautiful Indian bedspread for yourself or for someone you love.

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