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Vanilla Glace ~ White Gold Romantic Elegant Bedspread

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Vanilla Glace ~ White Gold Romantic Elegant Bedspread

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An ethereal white on white ogee print, with pristine white snowflake like motifs elegantly ensconced within delicate strands of gold piping.
  • Printed on preshrunk, superior grade, soft cotton and finished with neat double stitched hems.
  • Single sheet, lightweight, not quilted.
  • Hand printed using intricately carved wooden blocks.
If white’s your color and you dream of having a bedroom that exudes an opulent, romantic charm, then you simply must give in to the sweet indulgence of a white-on-white Vanilla Glacé bedspread. Our Vanilla Glacé bedspread is hand blocked in a timeless ogee pattern bringing sparkling white sugar and gold kissed elegance to life in a timeless classic white-on-white cotton bedspread. Additionally, the Vanilla Glacé bedspread lends itself to blending with quite a luscious palette of calorie free go ahead and enjoy yet another guilt free indulgence by mixing it with sheets, wall color and accessories in delectable colors such as: chocolate, caramel, latte, honey, or even sugary white.
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Delivery Time: In stock items are shipped within 2-3 days of order placement.

Wash & Care: The use of an overlaid gold paste in this print requires that it be dry cleaned only.
Inspiration for Vanilla Glace:
Dreams spun in white and gold... tendrils of warm, golden amber smoke rise sensuously to embrace filigreed snowflake like motifs. Vanilla Glace has a character that is luminous and ethereal and is yet seductively intoxicating. The print orchestrates a delicate contrast ... [ read more ]
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