All the Different Types of Bedspreads at Saffron Marigold Explained

Saffron Marigold - Updated: September 16, 2023

At Saffron Marigold, we offer 3 types of bedspreads: single sheet lightweight bedspreads for summer, quilted bedspreads with no fill, and quilted bedspreads with a fill. If you’re after something with more weight and warmth, use a duvet and protect it with one of our block printed duvet covers. In general, the best type of bedspread for you depends on what kind of sleeper you are, the season, and what design you prefer most.

What are the different types of bedspreads?

There are fitted bedspreads and throw bedspreads. Within each category, the differences between bedspreads come from whether they are woven, quilted, or knitted and how many layers they are made of.

Saffron Marigold offers block printed, hand sewn, and hand embroidered throw bedspreads. The throw design allows you to use our bedspreads outside of the bedroom—on the sofa, on your favorite reading chair, on the patio swing.

1. Lightweight Bedspreads

Our lightweight bedspreads are perfect for summer. Meanwhile, feel free to drape one over your comforter or blanket as a decorative touch during other seasons.

  • No fill
  • Single sheet
  • Soft, preshrunk cotton
  • Twin, Queen, or King size
  • Block printed by hand
  • Made with Saffron Marigold print (print on one side, plain on the reverse)
  • Machine wash separately in cold. Tumble dry warm
  • Best for hot sleepers, warm weather
Moonlit Taj Lightweight Bedspread

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2. Quilted Bedspreads – 3 types

We also offer 3 types of quilted bedspreads, which are all hand embroidered by skilled artisans who reside in India and work out of our design studio in Rajasthan.

Jaipuri Razai Quilts

These are heritage handstitched quilts you can use for the bed, the sofa, or anywhere you want to feel like you’re cocooned in a cloud. They are block printed on both sides, so you have two style options with every quilt.

  • Fill
  • Medium weight
  • Soft cotton voile outer layer, surgical cotton batting
  • Hand quilted
  • Reversible Saffron Marigold prints (main print on one side, complementary on the other)
  • Recommended dry cleaning; Machine wash with mild detergent separately in cold water and on a gentle setting; Dry on medium heat
  • Best for cold sleepers, mild to cold weather
Orange Blossom Jaipuri Razai Quilt

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Kantha Quilted Bedspreads

Our quilted kantha bedspreads are made of heavier cotton sheeting compared to other Saffron Marigold bedding and table cloths. They feature kantha embroidery’s characteristic running stitch, which shows up beautifully on the select Saffron Marigold prints used and the bedspread’s dark, plain underside.

  • No fill
  • Lightweight
  • Two soft cotton sheets
  • King size
  • Hand embroidered
  • Single Saffron Marigold block print (plain dark dye on the reverse)
  • Recommended dry clean only
  • Best for mild weather, decorative purposes
Starry Nights, Kantha Quilted Bedspread

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Vintage Kantha Quilts

While the lightweight bedspreads, Jaipuri Razai quilts, and quilted bedspreads feature Saffron Marigold prints, our vintage kantha quilts are one-of-a-kind bedding fashioned out of vintage saris.

For these beautiful heirloom quilts, we partnered with Anoothi, an organization that provides work for women who come from abusive households or women looking to find a career outside of the exploitative sex industry.

These women are the primary wage earners for their families, and Anoothi trains them in traditional skills, provides their children free schooling, and helps them earn economic independence. These gorgeous, unique kantha quilts are a result of this wonderful partnership.

  • No fill
  • 6 layers: 2 vintage sari sheets on top and bottom; 4 soft, handloomed cotton sheets in between
  • 90″ x 90″
  • Hand embroidered
  • Unique patterns showcasing vintage Indian saris
  • Machine wash separately in cold water with a mild detergent; Tumble dry warm
  • Best for hot sleepers, vintage enthusiasts
One-of-a-kind Vintage Kantha Quilt

Other types of bed linens

If you want to pair your blanket or bedspread with a duvet, you’ll need a duvet cover to keep away dust, stains, and moisture.

Duvet covers

Any one of our cotton duvet covers are sure to make a statement in your bedroom—try mixing and matching collections for a home that embodies global eclectic style.

  • Soft and lightweight
  • Preshrunk cotton
  • Twin, Queen, or King size
  • Reversible Saffron Marigold block prints (main print on one side, complementary on the reverse)
  • Machine wash separately in cold water and mild detergent; Tumble dry warm
Dahlia Daydreams Duvet Cover

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If there’s a question we didn’t cover about Saffron Marigold bedspreads, please send us a message—we’re happy to help you achieve the bedscape of your dreams.

What is a duvet cover?

A duvet cover is a case for your duvet. It is often fitted with a zipper or a row of buttons (in our case, hidden coconut buttons) to keep the duvet from slipping out during the night and to protect the duvet from dirt, stains, moisture, etc.

What’s the difference between a duvet vs. a comforter?

A duvet is a blanket with filling (down feather, wool, cotton, or synthetic down alternatives) that is designed to go inside of a duvet cover. It is usually reserved for cold weather, but there are lightweight duvets that can be used year-round.

A comforter is a blanket with filling (down feather, wool, silk, or polyester) that is used without a cover. A comforter is usually quilted, preventing the filling from shifting around and bunching up in one spot.

What is the difference between a coverlet and a bedspread?

Coverlets are typically smaller than bedspreads. They are used as a layering piece for your bedscape, while bedspreads can be used alone. Both can be quilted or woven.

Can you sleep under a bedspread?

Yes, you can sleep under a bedspread. During colder months, you might layer your sheet, blanket, and bedspread to keep warm. During warmer months, lightweight bedspreads can be used solo.

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