5 Blue And White Bedspreads For Aesthetic Days & Comfy Night

Saffron Marigold - Updated: May 11, 2022

When choosing bed linen, a blue and white bedspread is a smart choice for its color pairing range and compatibility. Want a warmer room? Incorporate yellows and reds.

Prefer a cooler bedroom? Try silver, glacier blue, or emerald. The common denominator—your blue and white bedspread—will adapt to any other colors you choose. That’s why this duo is one of our top picks when it comes to transforming your bedroom into an aesthetic, but comfy paradise.

Why choose a blue and white bedspread?

A blue and white bedspread is a chameleonic base for an aesthetic bedroom. Contrary to popular belief, blue can be a warm color, depending on the shade you choose and the decor you pair it with. This is great news for bedroom themes that include flowers and other natural symbols.

Beyond color temperature, a blue and white bedspread is a calming color combination that’s proven to help reduce stress and induce sleep. Plus, there are lots of bedroom-appropriate patterns available in blue and white that may not look as great in other two-tone schemes.

Blue and white bedspreads for an aesthetic room

When you retreat to your bedroom, you want a space with a homey, charming feel that reflects your unique tastes. Here are some of our favorite ways to make a bedroom more aesthetically pleasing and comfortable.

1. Monochromatic blue – Moroccan mélange

How do you make a small bedroom look bigger and better? With a monochromatic color scheme. Utilize standout features like the quatrefoil Casablance Blues print and these handpainted side tables to keep it interesting despite the blue-all-over look.

Saffron Marigold

Casablanca Blues – Blue ~ Moroccan Quatrefoil Print Bedspread

If Bohemian decor is your kind of vibe, this quatrefoil print is only fitting. Different shades of blue (and white) on another blue is a feast for the eyes. But, a touch of avocado green keeps this blue and white bedspread from looking icy.

Moroccan Furniture Bazaar

Moroccan Nightstand Table Handpainted Arabian Style Blue

To keep with the Moroccan theme, try these handpainted nightstands on either side of Casablance Blues. Stow away charging blocks, cables, and books in the top or bottom drawer, and set essential items on top like your phone or a glass of water.

Wilow andMoore

Handmade Square Tissue Box Cover with Top Trinket Tray

Place this mosaic tile tissue box atop your blue nightstand to lean into the Mediterranean style. There’s still law and order in your pattern-heavy bedroom, though, thanks to the blue that threads your decor together.

Bonus tip for a monochromatic room: Use neutral materials for larger furniture like the bed or the vanity to break up the single-color scheme. Try wood in any finish, including walnut, oak, or unsanded.

2. Floating on cloud nine – Statement lighting

Fresh and airy with a touch of whimsy—this aesthetic brings attention to the heavenly bodies in the sky. Use esoteric motifs such as clouds, moons, and stars throughout your space for a spiritual ambiance.

Saffron Marigold

Celestial Embrace – Blue ~ Bedspread

Bordered by swirling clouds, the mysterious orbs on the Celestial Embrace bedspread give your bed a Mid-Century flair. The pearly strings align the moonlike motifs, giving the blue and white bedspread more structure.

Waka Nine


Made of eco-friendly bamboo planks, this dramatic lighting is modeled after a cloud. The white-on-white design grants your room a dreamy aesthetic, especially against a light blue ceiling.

Uncommon Goods

Floating Moon Desk Lamp

When your Cloud pendant is off for the night, but you need a little bit of light for midnight trips to the bathroom or the kitchen, this magical moon desk lamp guides your way.

Bonus tip for a sky-themed room: Choose plush fabrics like high-pile rugs and fuzzy blanket throws to make your bedroom feel more inviting and relaxation-friendly.

3. Oasis garden suite – Delicate touches

Plant-filled rooms are not going out of style anytime soon, so stock up on floral prints and indoor-friendly planters.

Saffron Marigold

Moonlit Taj ~ Turquoise Floral India Print Summer Bedspread

Moonlit Taj is a delicate print featuring scrolling green vines carrying turquoise and lapis blooms. This white and blue bedspread boasts a floral border in lighter green, which you can incorporate throughout your garden-inspired room.

Viva Terra

Winding Wall Trellis

Instead of a traditional headboard, consider placing several of these wall trellises on a floating shelf behind your bed. The result is a stunning vine-covered backdrop that gives your garden oasis a cozy, authentic feel. Additionally, you won’t have to sacrifice floor space for trees and other large plants.

Sustainable Home Goods

Anthurium Forever Flower

Don’t have much of a green thumb? You can’t go wrong this forever anthurium made of wood and handpainted in a lovely light coral. Place one or two in your favorite quirky vase to make guests do a double take.

Bonus tip for a garden-themed room: Allow lots of natural light in, helping blur the line between your bedroom and the outdoors.

4. Technicolor bedroom – Quirky and fun

For those who enjoy a bit of eccentricity and individualism, try designing a room based on the Wes Anderson aesthetic. Like Anderson’s beloved films, your decor should have a touch of retro, a touch of playfulness, and an explosion of color.

Saffron Marigold

English Gardens ~ Bedspread

Anchor your kaleidoscope room with this blue and white bedspread highlighting the aesthetic-boosting powers of countryside wildflowers. The china blue against the crisp white is refreshing to behold, no matter your color scheme.

Albany Park

Albany Armchair

Ah, blush pink. This quintessential Wes Anderson shade is charming aesthetic at its finest. Plus, the chair’s comfy velvet fabric and roomy design will make this your favorite seat for lounging during the day and reading deep into the night.


Exotic Jungle Art Print

Frame this vibrant print in a mustard yellow, and you’ll get a head start on a brilliant bedroom. Combine one-of-a-kind photographs and artworks for a visually impactful accent wall—perhaps behind your new armchair?

Bonus tip for a multicolor room: Keep walls a solid color if you insist on printed fabrics and accents.

5. Blue sanctuary – Zen-inspired decor

For a touch of zen in your sleeping space, start with a simple print like Pacific Blue—a blue and white bedspread with traditional motifs.

Saffron Marigold

Pacific Blue ~ Asia Inspired Ocean Navy Blue Bedspread

With its meditative, repetitive pattern and undulating wave border, the Pacific Blue bedspread is just the thing you need for a zen-inspired bedroom. The edges cascade down the sides of your bed like the waters blanketing a rocky shore.

Viva Terra

Aromatherapy Bell Chime

Engage your sense of smell with this unique aromatherapy ornament you can hang over a window frame. With every breeze that flows in, you’ll get a whiff of your choice of essential oil—we recommend lavender for relaxation or frankincense for self-reflection.

Viva Terra

Porcelain Petaled Floating Tealight Holders, Set Of 3

This set of flower-shaped tealight holders looks especially magnificent in a water terrarium bowl. A mini aquatic landscape complements these all-white candle holders you can adorn with wax or faux candles.

Bonus tip for a serene room: Choose a light-filtering sheer curtain in a flowy fabric that moves in the wind.

How can I make a room with a white and blue bedspread warmer?

If you’re concerned about your blue room coming off as too cold, here are some ways to warm up a blue and white bedspread.

1. Experiment with warm vs. cool blues

Blue is inherently a cool color, but even so, there are warm shades of blue at your disposal. Popular warm blue base colors are ultramarine and cobalt blue.

For those experimenting with paint colors, remember that a blue like ultramarine mixed with purple instead of a true green will feel warmer. Think of a purple sunset (ultramarine) versus clear, tropical waters (cyan). Which feels cooler or warmer?

However, color theory is a polarizing topic, and a color’s “cool” or “warm” appearance also depends on the hue, paint brand, and lightness. When in doubt, rely on secondary colors to offset a too-cold blue. This is where our next two pieces of advice comes in handy.

2. Incorporate warm decorative accents

Wood and certain metals (brass, bronze, and gold) can help your blue and white bedspread appear warmer. Neutral colors in warmer tones like greige, tan, cream, and even light pistachio also balance cooler colors.

3. Be strategic with yellow, red, and green

A shock of deep yellow, burnt red, or yellowish-green helps warm up a blue room. Choose these sunny shades for accents like your rug, lamp base, or decorative vase set.

What’s the difference between a bedspread, duvet, and comforter?

First, a bedspread is a decorative bedding linen that sits on top of your flat sheet or blanket. Although they are typically quilted, Saffron Marigold’s bedspreads are single sheets and not quilted, allowing them to be used any season. Bedspreads are also long and their sides may touch the floor.

Second, a duvet is a two-piece bedding that comprises an insert and a cover. The insert is usually a plush material that’s often used for colder weather, and the cover is a decorative bedding element that may be switched out seasonally.

Lastly, a comforter is a larger type of bedding compared to a duvet, and it can be used on its own without a cover. A comforter often features a quilted or boxed design to ensure that the fill (whether it’s down, cotton, wool, or synthetic material) does not bunch up around the edges.

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