Creating Boho Vibes: Bohemian Decor and Interior Design Accents

Saffron Marigold - Updated: November 17, 2018

What is Bohemian décor? Is it right for your home? If you like color, warmth, the odd appeal of knick-knacks and objects that have a lengthy history, you will probably be drawn to a Bohemian interior. Laid-back, yet distinctive in its appearance, bohemian (boho) décor is eclectic, heavily reliant on patterns and textures, and makes full use of accessories.

At Saffron Marigold, we love a properly executed boho interior. While it might appear somewhat mismatched upon initial inspection, boho décor creates the perfect coziness and homey environment for quality relaxation, and spending fun moments with loved ones. Achieving a boho interior is all about relying on your aesthetic senses, and discovering authentic and charming pieces that will bring the idea to reality.

Blue Bohemian Decor
Bohemian decor embraces the freedom to incorporate a host of different textures, materials, and colors. Credit: Pixabay

Boho 101: What Is Bohemian Decor?

A bohemian person is a non-conformist. They are avant-garde, unorthodox and free spirited. In essence, bohemianism is the practice of leading an unconventional lifestyle in the company of like-minded individuals. Over the years, bohemians have been known for a predisposition towards art, music, fine food, ethnicity, and spiritual pursuit. In short, it’s a longing to find something valuable, genuine and different in a world of profound commercialism and “no-frills” design.

Boho decorations, while very original and diversified, tend to have certain similarities. They are heavily eclectic, relaxed and colorful. Odd objects and works of art are focal elements to the creation of a boho room. There are very few rules when it comes to the selection of colors and patterns. Very often, contrasting bright and bold textures or designs will appear alongside each other. The mixing of patterns and textures is actually one of the primary practices that gives bohemian décor its warmth and unusual visual appeal.

Pink Bohemian Decor
Boho décor creates the perfect coziness and homey environment for quality relaxation, and spending fun moments with loved ones. Image source: Flickr

A few other elements help to create the perfect boho ambiance:

Decorative materials like curtains, cushions, carpets, rugs, prints, crocheted blankets and throw rugs can be combined in any way you like to make a globally-inspired room. Ethnic elements are also utilized here. Whether you’re drawn to Moroccan colors and patterns (like the Casablanca Blues tablecloth) or Indian ornate decorations (like those displayed in the Spice Route Indian window valance), you will be adding a degree of authenticity and cultural flare to your bohemian interior.

Boho furniture comes next. Searching for bohemian furniture can turn into a massive adventure because such items aren’t found in the typical store. Second hand and vintage pieces are special, they tell a story, and they fit perfectly in the home fairytale that the bohemian is trying to tell.

Plush chairs and couches, chaise lounges and daybeds all correspond to the boho aesthetic. Streamlined, straight-backed furniture is far from the best choice. Bohemian interiors should encourage relaxation, discussion and spending quality time together. The softness and roundness of furniture is a prerequisite for allowing the right vibes to propagate throughout the home.

The Wonderful World of Boho Wall Décor: Taking Your Interior to the Next Level

Now that we’ve talked about the essentials, it’s time to go to the fun stuff. Boho wall decorations make it possible to express yourself, recreate a corner of the world that you love or display the type of art you’re drawn to.

Finding boho wall décor inspiration is all about your inner world. At Saffron Marigold, we encourage everyone to seek their own aesthetic that could be based on their background, life experiences, or artistic inclination. Many of our products can be used to bring that beautiful vision to reality, while also maintaining a chic home.

Bohemian Wall Decor
Creatively arranged photos, tapestries, and other 3-dimensional hangings combine to make a tasteful boho wall decor. Credit: Pexels

If you’re not certain how to get started, here are a few ideas:

  • Go for a collection of eclectic symbols and spiritual elements. Wind chimes, Indian talismans, the all-seeing eye and wood carvings are all very different but can combine nicely for a comprehensive wall décor. To make the collection complete, choose thematic and color-coordinated curtains like our Indian Summer floral set.
  • Signs, posters and modern art pieces could also help you elevate your boho interior. You don’t have to adhere to the same art movement, painter or even type of art. A nameplate, paintings, graphics, and even mosaics can be added to the same wall.
  • Tapestries are a third great wall décor option for a bohemian home. Boho tapestries and wall hangings made from textiles add the perfect splash of color. They could feature geometric shapes, mandalas and different fabrics (from shiny silk to something a bit more rugged). The Morning Dew collection is one of our favorites because of the intricate patterns and complexity of the design. Each piece is handcrafted and the collection features a number of items that you can either use to enhance your wall décor or carry the theme throughout the home.
  • Continue the pattern you start on the wall in the accessories you utilize. Pillow and throw curtains can carry the theme. If you choose an oriental bohemian wall décor for example, you can benefit from a few rustic blue brown Moroccan pillows.
  • If you have run out of inspiration and you don’t know what to put on the wall, look at the beauty of nature. A few rough and naked shelves that carry flower pots will immediately transform the appearance of the room. Flowering or green plants – it’s entirely up to you to choose. A boho home pays homage to nature and its flawlessness. Bringing that perfection indoor is as simple as taking a trip to the local gardening center.

Even More Inspiration for the Perfect Boho Room Décor

Art and furniture aren’t the only elements you can rely on to bring out the inner bohemian. As you’ve probably understood already, boho features very few rules and limitations. This is precisely what we love about the style – you can mix and match your favorite things, until you build a room that you’re perfectly content with.

The perfect boho room décor is abundant, and inspired by different cultures and art movements. It lets you express your understanding of beauty and spirituality. These are the reasons why you shouldn’t be afraid to explore boho room décor ideas that seem to be a bit more out there.

One great way to make your boho interior unique is to source items from local artisans. There are many talented artists, weavers, furniture makers and craftsmen in your area who can instill the spirit of their art in custom pieces created for you. It may be a good idea to have a specific concept and to acquaint yourself with the work of the particular artisan in advance. A carved table made from solid wood, a fine print or a comfortable armchair will be an excellent addition to your boho room décor.

Bright florals like these will also fall within the theme, regardless of the fact that some people believe bohemian homes are a bit more subdued and earth-toned. Rose and flower-pattern fabrics, cushions and pillows brighten up the interior, making it more vivid and alive.

At Saffron Marigold, we have a vast array of beautiful florals that can help you carry out the concept. The Tropical Garden duvet cover can create continuity from living room floral design to the bedroom. Speaking of the living room, brighten things up with the Tropical Garden throw cushion covers. Most of our collections are carried across different sets of products, making it easier for you to maintain the visual integrity of the boho décor throughout the home.

Boho rooms also benefit from the natural beauty and richness of plants. If you don’t want to repaint, but have a room that features white walls and more subdued colors, flowering plants can be a great option. They will offset the lack of color, plus their appearance will change through the seasons and contribute to an ever-evolving, nature inspired interior.

Bringing the Style to the Bedroom: Choosing the Right Boho Bedding

Hedonism, relaxation and peacefulness are all characteristic of a bohemian bedroom. The same principles that apply to the other parts of the house will also be utilized in your boudoir.

The bed is the largest piece of furniture in the bedroom and the right boho bedding will set the tone. Once you choose the right duvet cover and pillows, you can also start looking for art, rugs and pieces of furniture to complement the theme.

At Saffron Marigold, we have an excellent selection of bedspreads and duvet covers – ethnic, oriental, floral, and geometric patterns are just some of the options. The range of colors, tones and fabrics is also extensive. Regardless of the specific bohemian idea you have in mind, you will find at least a few products that will help you tie the theme together and ensure the stylistic consistency of the bedroom design.

Don’t forget to play with the furniture and the accessories as well. A solid, carved headboard can be indicative of your heritage or the culture that you’re drawn to. If you want to execute a Moroccan-style boho bedroom, for example, elaborate scrollwork and mother of pearl inlays will be essential to make your headboard or bedside table look authentic.

These ideas can be carried even further with window frame wooden elements, exposed beams on the ceiling, draped fabrics with similar scrolls or patterns (we suggest Morocco-inspired curtains), and even horseshoe arches in the bedroom.

As far as color selections go, it’s up to you to choose the tones that will help you relax and create the most intimate atmosphere in the bedroom. Morocco-inspired designs look great in blue and navy. If you choose Indian elements and patterns, red will be a wonderful choice for an accent color in an otherwise subdued bedroom.

Tying It All Together: Other Bohemian Décor Ideas

Being a bohemian is an inner conviction, and a personal understanding of the world that doesn’t conform with standards, trends and current fashions. Apart from going for meaningful and eclectic decorative pieces, you should also know how to supplement your bohemian décor ideas with music, books and other personal choices that create the right ambiance.

Bohemian music is just as eclectic as every other stylistic element. Jazz, chill-out, native music classic, pop and even rock can come together in a boho playlist. You can also choose music for every room in the house on the basis of function. The living room is a place for spending quality time together. Soft jazz in the background will create the right environment for friendly interactions, playing board games, reading books or sharing fun stories in the end of the busy workday.

The bedroom music could be more relaxed. Classical pieces and chill-out, as well as natural sounds will work wonderfully well with the boho pieces aimed at promoting a state of rest and rejuvenation.

As far as literature goes, choose books that are about enlightenment, spirituality, personal growth and the pursuit of happiness. Beautiful art albums and printed collections will also give you access to some of the most aesthetically-pleasing works ever created by mankind.

A final tip about bohemian décor is to embrace the DIY culture. You already know that finding the right furniture, textiles, accessories and art in modern furniture shops or galleries will be difficult. Vintage pieces are a great choice and so are custom-made items. DIY items, however, will add another level of originality to your home. If you can’t find it anywhere, make it yourself.

At Saffron Marigold, we also find inspiration in the traditional textures, patterns and techniques. If you study some traditional or native artisans and their work, you can easily find the inspiration to modify the items that you already own or to create something completely from scratch. Traditional quilted bedspreads, tile prints and printed fabrics can be created in the comfort of your home. You have all the freedom in the world to choose the materials, the colors and the patterns. Now go create your perfect bohemian home. 

Consider this space your one-stop source for inspiring global decor ideas. Here you will find creative suggestions to help you to make your home a reflection of your unique style.

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