31 Bohemian Decor Ideas For Eclectic, Colorful Style

Saffron Marigold - Updated: February 1, 2022

Styling your space with colorful boho decor involves discovering authentic, charming pieces that bring your ideas to life. In an era where travel and experiences trump big homes and physical belongings, handmade products become far more appealing than big-box pieces and cookie-cutter style.

At Saffron Marigold, we find inspiration in traditional textures and techniques along with the beauty of the natural world. Each one of our collections tells the story of a place in this world–a place real or imagined–that overflows with beauty, history, and creativity. All of our fair trade, block printed linens are handmade at our artisans’ studio in Rajasthan, India.

blue boho pillow on wicker chair with banner saying bohemian home decor ideas

Each one of our global designs founds its inspiration in faraway places filled with history, beauty, and art. From the shores of Marrakesh to India’s bazaars and all the places in between, you’ll find a travel-inspired tale behind each one of our fair trade block prints.

Bohemian style is in our DNA, and our block print linens will help you create your own perfect boho style in every room of your home.

What is bohemian decor? 

Interiors dressed in boho decor feature casual, layers of colors and patterns, meaningful artwork & found objects along with natural materials like wood, rattan, and even leather.

bohemian home decor with shades of yellow and orange, artwork, bench, plants, curios

In these spaces, vintage elements exist amid newly-acquired pieces and handcrafted items close to your heart. It’s this eclectic mix of beautiful items that creates not only a collected look but also a space you’ll cherish.

carved wood block, elephant statue, green curtain, all bohemian home decor

stained glass window, teal curtains, peacock feathers, bohemian home decor

Shag rugs, throws, and treasures from your travels add cultural flair and bohemian print fabric brings in more color. Whether you long to visit Morocco and want to fill your space with Moroccan style, or whether you’ve visited India and fallen in love with its vivid sights and heritage-rich crafts, bohemian style rooms are brimming with personal items that tell stories. 

tangerine orange curtains with paisley print and elephant windchimes, bohemian home decor

Of course, plenty of floral & foliage prints, live plants, and botanical elements are right at home among boho decor.

moroccan tablecloth, outdoor table setting with plants and lanterns set up for a party

plants and a block printed curtain in the kitchen as bohemian home decor

Other than that, there’s only one rule to designing with boho decor: more is more! It’s this mixing of patterns and textures that creates the visual appeal of the bohemian look.

Bohemian bedroom decor with chic boho bedding

With its informal look, flirty patterns, and celebration of colors, it’s no wonder that we find bohemian bedrooms so alluring. After all, what other room in your home invites you to cast all your worries aside? Bohemian style blends comfort, romance, and whimsy–all the makings of a boho bedroom.

Bohemian home decor: a red duvet cover and bed dressed in Moroccan patterns

If a bohemian bedroom sparks sweet dreams, look no further than Saffron Marigold. We have a stunning selection of boho bedding. Decorate your bedroom with bohemian duvet covers and Indian bedspreads to create your very own oasis. Choose from an extensive range of colors and bohemian pattern fabrics inspired everywhere from Turkey and Morocco to Asia and (of course) India for a design that speaks to your sense of wanderlust and love for global decor. 

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Eclectic bohemian kitchen decor

Let’s face it: dressed in the garb of wooden cabinets, drab floors, and dull backsplashes, your kitchen begs for a bit of brightness and color. Time to bring in some bohemian style! Enjoy your morning coffee in a sunny, cheerful boho kitchen. Our  hand block printed linens lend a boho touch to the table and window. 

French Moroccan curtains and table linens for summery bohemian home decor

Show some love to a well-worn table by layering on a block print tablecloth or table runner. A set of eco-friendly, fair trade cotton napkins completes the look.

Lay out a bohemian table runner

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One of the easiest ways you can turn your everyday  kitchen into a bright, bohemian kitchen is by installing a set of kitchen curtains (also known as café curtains). You could also try a beaded valance (or hang both if you’re going for an all-out maximalist design). Either way, hanging bohemian curtains brings some extra spice into your kitchen.

Block print kitchen curtains for your boho kitchen decor

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Beaded valances in a boho style kitchen

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Boho curtains to style your bohemian living room decor

Bohemian style creates the perfect cozy environment for relaxation and fun moments with loved ones. One of the key ingredients in stirring up a sense of bohemian style lies in layering lush piles of fabric. With that in mind, let’s look at bohemian curtains as a way to create visual interest, movement, and texture in a bohemian style living room.

boho beachside white blue curtain panel

In any style of living room–especially a bohemian style living room–you always want to be sure to hang the appropriate number of panels.

A bohemian style room isn’t skimpy, so take a maximalist approach here. It’s easy–the more curtain panels you hang, the fuller they’ll look, and the more boho your room will be. Your heart will sing a happy tune every time you catch a glimpse of our gorgeous, flowing bohemian curtains hanging from your window.

Bohemian curtains that bring richness and texture

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Pile on pattern & color with bohemian pillows 

Pillows add a stylish, cozy, and comfortable vibe to your space. Covering pillows with new throw pillow covers has to be the easiest way to add in, switch out, and update your bohemian home decor.

Purple Floral Bedding, Curtains & Table Linens

Here are a few tricks to decorating with pillows in bohemian decor:

  • Mix, don’t match by selecting one color that pulls a variety of patterns together
  • Think lush, whether that’s in piling on as many pillows as your couch allows or in using a few euro shams mixed in with decorative pillow covers
  • Go global with your prints. Stretch beyond polka dots and stripes and swap in quatrefoils, kilim prints, and medallions.

Decorative boho pillow covers

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Euro sham covers for boho chic style

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Bohemian bathroom decor

If you love the idea of bohemian style but you’re not sure where to start, begin with the bath. This is usually a small space, so it won’t take long to create a boho look. Bonus: it will be gentle on the budget. Simply hang one of our bohemian shower curtains made from cotton. (Fabric shower curtains will last indefinitely!) Bring in a few live plants, and you’ll have two major trademarks of boho decor working their design magic in no time.

Designer Luxury Red Black Fabric Shower Curtain

Keep in mind that color and pattern will pack a heavier punch in a small space than they would out in an open concept living room. This is true for any small room–bohemian style rooms included! A shower curtain provides plenty of visual gravity to serve as a focal point, so choose your favorite Saffron Marigold print for this boho space.

Find a pretty bohemian shower curtain

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Are you ready to go boho? Let Saffron Marigold help you on your journey!

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