Moroccan Mosaique Bleue for Every Room

Saffron Marigold - Updated: June 28, 2016

Delicate and bold, wildly colorful and precisely patterned, the ancient art of Morrocan zellige tile work is the lovely muse for our newest print – Mosaique Bleue.  Isn’t it something lovely and fresh to capture one historic art form with another?  Zellige, translated into Indian block print on soft cotton:  this is what we offer for your home in Mosaique Bleue.

small mb_moroccan_blue_tile_print_swatch_vertical

Mosaique Bleue

our tribute to the fascinating craft
of Moroccan Zellige

Unfurl exquisite blue, turquoise, chocolate and tangerine tones in your bedroom, bath, dining room, and across your windows for unique global style in your inspiring home.

Give Your Bedroom a Moroccan Makeover!

Whether you love the snuggliness of a pouf-filled duvet, or the light feel of a single sheet bedspread, you’ll love the the brilliant display of color and design in Mosaique Bleue.  Perfect for truly Moroccan decor or for a bohemian bedroom, this bedding is gorgeous with pale silvery blue accent pieces, whitewashed natural woods and cheerful pops of tangerine decor. Choose soft, brilliant pillow covers in the coordinating or complementary * print to top off your mosaic bed.  

Product Sourcing

gray round starburst vani mirror WM
World Market

Gray Round Vani Mirror

It’s rather remarkable the way that this mirror plays into the patterns of Mosaique Bleue:  sun and star imagery, round focal points, and a pale color sense all mirror our Moroccan print.  Generously proportioned, this mirror will make quite a statement, and add delightful light, to your bedroom decor.

Home Decorator’s

Printblock Headboard

If you love global decor, this headboard is quite a find!  Intricately etched wood is lightly whitewashed for a pale, almost shimmering design that is subtle, but begs to be looked at more closely.  This is a perfect complement to Mosaique Bleue, and allow our bohemian bedding to shine brightly in your space.

printblock headboard homedecorators
Cosette Chest P1

Cosette Chest

Elegant, rustic and global, this carved and mirrored chest seems to have been discovered in a lavish home of long ago.  Bring this timeless beauty into your Mosaique Bleue bedroom and create a style that is layered, textured and intriguing.

Dining in the Colorful Moroccan Tradition

A shimmering, year-round beauty for a global or bohemian dining room, our Mosaique Bleue table linens will absolutely set your decor apart.  Round table?  We’ve got you covered.  Want to show off your gorgeous wooden table?  Choose our hand-printed table runner!  Stunning complementary napkins go with any of these Moroccan table linens, and of course, we offer several lengths of tablecloths for long rectangular tables.

Product Sourcing

cambria dinnerware
Pottery Barn

Cambria Dinnerware

Layer Pottery Barn’s Cambria dinnerware in turquoise and persimmon for a look similar to the bright rustic style Anisha’s created on our Mosaique Bleue table.


Woven Water Hyacinth Metallic Charger

Use chargers with our Moroccan runner, or atop our hand-printed tablecloth to add style and dimension to your global table.  You’ll find that even if you use the same dishes, layering a charger underneath creates an entirely new look for your dinner party.  These natural fiber chargers are gilded with the slightest silver sheen, elevating them just a bit, and creating a perfect fit with Mosaique Bleue.

stemless wine glasses amazon luminarc

Luminarc Soda Ash Wine Tumblers

Stemless wine glasses are just gorgeous.  The feel in hand, the nature inspired shape, and the tiny naturally occurring bubbles in the glass all combine to transform a routine part of the meal into a sensual delight.


Aqua Mercury Glass Vase

I’m so glad mercury glass has made a comeback.  The understated shine and varied surface texture is a winner every time!  And Anisha seems to have found just the specimen for our Moroccan dining room look, conveniently from Pier1 !

aqua mercury glass vase
faux wild wax flower spray

Faux Wild Wax Flower Spray

Anisha filled her mercury glass vase with delicate, colorful flowers that will last year round (with a bit of a dust-off now and then).  Fresh flowers are the best, of course, but when doing a photo shoot, or when looking for a style that can outlast a fresh bloom, these lovelies will do the trick!


Faux Wild Wax Coral Spray

Sweet coral flowers are an almost perfect match for our tangerine star in Mosaique Bleue.  Teasing out the color in your centerpiece will highlight the fresh, natural sense of the print.

faux wild coral flowers P1

Watch Your Windows Sparkle with Our Moroccan Curtains!

I love lots of windows, and I love lots of light, and so would only want to style my windows with the most wonderful curtains.  Mosaique Bleue, with it’s sky blue and earthy brown and cheery tangerine certainly fit the bill.  Printed on light cotton voile, these are lovely light diffusing linens that will pull the colors of nature into your home.

Product Inspirations

michale's hurricane

Glass Hurricane

To really build a light, exotic look in each space around the home, Anisha created lovely atmospheric candle holders from simple items she found at Michael’s!  She began with graceful, glass hurricanes.


Ashland Coarse Decorative Sand

She created a base with clean, natural sand.  This not only adds a soft, appealing look, but is a safe and stable base for pillar candles!

michael's sand
glass beads michaels

Ashland Glass Gems in Aqua

For sheen, sparkle and a tie in to Mosaique Blue’s color scheme, she finished the look with glass beads.  When the light shines in through our sheer curtains, you’ll enjoy seeing that bit of play and shine around your home!  A wide pillar candle in a creamy off white tops of this incredibly simple and elegant DIY.

Brighten Your Bath with Mosaique Bleue!

It’s no ordinary bath that would boast a Moroccan shower curtain of this caliber!  Instantly add brightness, light and vibrant life to your bath with the simple act of swapping out your shower curtain.  Is your bath currently done in an earth tone neutral or a blue?  Mosaique Bleue will coordinate beautifully!  Use accents in rich chocolate, turquoise and bright melon.

Product Sourcing

dreamy blue bambeco

Organic Cotton Dreamy Blue Towel Set

Add soft, easy cotton towels to your brilliant bath in a rich, subtle blue.  These high quality towels will not only match the caliber of your handprinted shower curtain, but will continue the fresh and and natural feel of Mosaique Bleue.

The Container Store

Sonoma Water Hyacinth Bin

Store guest towels or weekly linens in streamlined, natural fiber baskets such as these from The Container Store.  Bathrooms are hardworking spaces, and must be very functional.  Isn’t it nice when function can be so lovely?


Mix and Match Saffron Marigold

If you love the look and quality of Saffron Marigold linens, then you may well want to build your style with some of our other global prints! Take a look at these, which work well with Mosaique Bleue.

Saffron Marigold

Ocean Breezes (c)

Pair our coastal Moroccan pillow in Ocean Breezes with Mosaique Bleue, and you’ll be creating a layered, patterned look not dissimilar to the walls, floors, stairs, and mirrors of tiled Morocco.  The chocolate brown and French blue are almost an exact color match, so don’t be afraid to play to with pattern!

Saffron Marigold

Shimmering Goldstone

Shimmering Goldstone is a touch darker and more red-orange than the tangerine in Mosaique Bleue, but if you want to accent with orange, it will work beautifully.  Geometric, rather than floral styling in the print continues the delight of shape and pattern.

Saffron Marigold

Indian Summer (c)

Of course we do  love florals, and the mellow, generous spacing of this print keeps it from being too busy.  Use this print if you like the idea of layering colors and patterns, and aren’t afraid to mix it up a little.


In each section of this post, we’ve profiled the specific products Anisha sourced for the Mosaique Bleue photo shoot!  If you love something, you’ll know just how to find it. 
*Because Mosaique Bleue has been so well received, we are sending complementary prints into production right away!  They will be available on the site soon. 🙂

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