Blue Home Decor: Use Classic Blue In Every Room

Saffron Marigold - Updated: May 26, 2021

Even though Pantone named Classic Blue as its 2020 Color of the Year, we’ve loved blue home decor for a long time!  Pantone describes Classic Blue as a color that instills calm, confidence, and connection, and we couldn’t agree more. From decade to decade, its ability to pair with every color makes blue a perennial favorite. Whether you wish to surround yourself in this soothing shade in a blue room or use it as a colorful home accent, here are some ways you can use blue throughout your home.

Decorating with blue home decor and blue throw pillows

Decorating with blue home decor

What color goes with blue? Truly every color looks great with blue! Just take a look at the sky.  All kinds of incredible colors emerge in sunrises and sunsets. You can even take a look at how the leaves of the trees look against the sky on any given day. Blue is the ultimate: it can stand alone or help other colors sing. Beyond blue and white, you can pair blue with shades of yellow, purple, red, green, and brown.

Choose dark blues like navy and indigo for a striking look or in cozy spaces. On the other hand, you may wish to use bright blue to infuse your space with joyful brightness. Light blues lend a feeling of airiness while blue and green nod to nature.

Decorating with blue home decor with a blue pillow on a blue chair

Classic blue patterns to use in classic home decor

Blue offers versatility in home decor, and you’ll find that our variety of blue home decor ideas will help you create a space that feels right for you and your sense of style. Choose your favorite as a starting point for a whole new look, or find a print that blends well with your current decor.  (And yes, all of the prints featured in this post are machine washable!) 

Cerulean, cobalt, navy, teal–you don’t have to paint the walls blue to have a blue room. In fact, we have a few ideas on incorporating blue in your home decor that are far easier than the tedious task of painting!

Frame a window with blue curtains

Bring blue into a room with blue curtains.  White and blue curtains look great in every space. Try a blue curtain in a blue kitchen and hang blue valances in the nursery. A formal blue living room can enjoy blue window treatments: navy blue curtains make a dramatic statement against light-colored or neutral walls.

Refresh your bath with a blue shower curtain

Blue remains the most popular color in spas for a good reason: blue soothes and relaxes. The hue reminds us of a sunny sky or a day at the pool,  and what’s more relaxing than that? Create a spa-like feeling (without paint!) by designing a blue bathroom with blue shower curtains.

Snuggle under a blue duvet cover

The bed is a centerpiece or focal point of any bedroom, and a new blue duvet cover can completely change the look of a room. Whether you have a dark blue bedroom or want to have a bright blue bedroom,  you can switch out your duvet cover for a whole new look.

Cool off with blue bedspreads

A lightweight bedspread is a must for summer months ahead, and even more of a bedroom essential in warm-weather locales. Choose a blue bedspread to feel even cooler! Even if you don’t have any other blue decor in the bedroom, you can still infuse a blue hue into your space. Simply spread out one of our blue bedspreads for comfort and style. With our variety of bedding options, you have the choice to enjoy your favorite shade of blue all year long or just for the season.

Try blue throw pillows for a quick, easy update

Treating your space to a new blue throw pillow cover or two (or three!) offers an affordable and easy way for you to refresh your living room. Bring out a few new blue pillow covers for your sofa or sidechairs to enhance blue hues in the living room.

Dress your table in a block print blue tablecloth

A blue dining room table is the epitome of elegance.  Silver or gold, ironstone or everyday china–all look stunning against a blue tablecloth. Set bouquets of yellow tulips, pink peonies, or red roses on Saffron Marigold’s blue tablecloths for a total showstopper of a table. Don’t forget the blue napkins!

Use a blue table runner to bring in fresh color

A blue table runner across a white tablecloth makes for an elegant blue dining room table. Of course, you can also use blue table runners across the kitchen table for easy elegance over coffee with a friend.  A blue floral pattern adds country charm, too. Use a blue table runner on a round table or over a beautiful wooden table–even a console–for a spot of color. 

Add blue kitchen curtains for classic charm

Blue kitchens can feel modern or vintage depending on your approach and your chosen finishes. We find that blue cafe curtains bring color and pattern to an all-white kitchen. Our blue cafe curtains also pull together French country kitchens and Moroccan kitchens. Whether you love a nostalgic, traditional look or prefer more of a global style, we have several blue kitchen curtain ideas for you!

As you can see, blue isn’t limited to one style, one print, or one shade.  What sets our blue linens apart, however, is a longer story (but a delightful one). All of our designs are exclusive Saffron Marigold designs created right here in Petaluma, Sonoma County, California.  The designs are block printed by hand by master artisans in the desert state of Rajasthan, India. Our linens are fair-trade, artisan-made, and one-of-a-kind.  Come learn more about us and about block printing, and thank you for being a Saffron Marigold customer!