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Saffron Marigold is committed to the Fair Trade movement - we believe that there is simply no other way to do business. While we are a for-profit small business, we stand rooted in the belief that quick profits and unscrupulous deals are not the foundations we want to base our business on.

As both consumers and small business owners we often do not realize the power we have to positively influence the world we live in. At Saffron Marigold we design our products, and have them printed and put together in a couple of artisan owned studios in India. We visit our vendors and their manufacturing facilities to ensure that they follow Fair Trade practices. We are fully committed to arts and crafts revival and fair trade as a means to safeguard traditional crafts, create employment, and promote economic self-sufficiency. To this end we follow the most stringent guidelines while selecting the artisans we work with, and only source from those who love what they do, are proud of what they do, and honor and pay fair wages to the artisans they employ.

So please go ahead and enjoy the products you purchase from our store, they are made with good karma. Now think about the last time someone guaranteed that!