Celestial Embrace: In Every Room

Saffron Marigold - Updated: September 15, 2022

Depicting a stellar evening sky on a deep indigo background, our Celestial Embrace collection draws on the magic of the cosmos to deliver a mid-century, boho chic vibe to every room in your home. The print captures the potent symbolism of the sun, moon, and stars as seen in ancient 14th-century Ottoman textiles. Use Celestial Embrace to treat select spaces with a dose of color and pattern or use it to embrace your inner maximalist and layer Celestial Embrace with other colors and patterns.

Make way for the cosmos in your kitchen

Use Celestial Embrace to carry the magic of a starry night sky to your kitchen window or table setting.

The Celestial Embrace print not only provides an element of bohemian-inspired design to your kitchen, but it also presents a burst of rich color, which every kitchen needs!

Celestial Embrace - Blue ~ Table Runner
Saffron Marigold

Celestial Embrace Table Runner

Spread this indigo runner across your kitchen table for added color and texture.

Double-sided Brass Measuring Spoons
Bright Star and Buffalo

Double-sided Brass Measuring Spoons

Resembling the orb shapes in Celestial Embrace, these hand-forged brass and bronze spoons are both functional and decorative.

Purple And Rose Persian Style Izmir Area Rug
World Market

Purple and Rose Persian Style Izmir Area Rug

Like the very last bits of sunset, this small, Persian-esque rug incorporates shades of purple, blue, and rose and will stay in place in your boho kitchen.

Enamel Coated Mango Wood Canisters
Viva Terra

Enamel Coated Mango Wood Canisters

These mango wood canisters are a terrific addition to any globally or boho-inspired kitchen. 

Lounge in a sublime living room

Use our mid-century modern design to refine your living room, achieve a collected-over-time look, or splash color into a neutral palette.

Updating your window treatments and accessories is an easy, affordable way to refresh your living room decor–you’ll be amazed at how simple and effective it is to feel like you have a whole new living room by making just a few simple changes to your decor.

Celestial Embrace - Blue ~ Decorative Throw
Saffron Marigold

Celestial Embrace Throw Cover

Toss this blue decorative throw pillow onto your couch for a color boost, a boho luxe feel, or a vintage island vibe.

Starry Nights ~ Decorative Blue Batik India Throw Cushion Covers
Saffron Marigold

Starry Nights ~ Decorative Blue Batik Cover

It’s easy to achieve a boho luxe look–just mix different patterns that have a single shared color! This pattern works well with Celestial Embrace since it shares a similar shade of blue and has white accents.

Jute Rope Light Spheres
Viva Terra

Jute Rope Light Spheres

Rope lights resemble the spheres and orbs seen in Celestial Embrace, adding instant boho chic charm whether hanging from a mantelpiece or illuminating a cozy nook.

The Chentell
Urban Stems

The Chentell

A lively philodendron hangs in a ceramic planter, supplying your space with organic beauty.

Design a dining room of cosmic delights

Artistic and free-spirited, our artisan-made cotton table linens were made for you to have a divine dining experience.

When you set your table with Celestial Embrace, you give yourself tablescape options: you go elegant with gold and white or earthy with wicker and wood. Another way to approach this tablescape is to take cues from the pattern itself and bring a mid-century modern look to your table setting.

Celestial Dinner Plates
West Elm

Celestial Dinner Plates

Add a stellar burst of coppery stars and sun to your tabletop.

Glass Ball Vase + Brass Stand

Glass Ball Vase + Brass Stand

Place a modern and fresh centerpiece on your table, like these orbs suspended in brass (fill with your favorite blooms or fresh cuts!).

Mid-Century Modern Mobile Island Chandelier
Shades of Light

Mid-Century Modern Mobile Island Chandelier

These clustered glass globes bring a mid-century modern vibe your dining space.

Iridescent Glassware
Viva Terra

Iridescent Glassware

These dazzling mouth-blown glasses received a treatment fired-on luster in the finishing process–so sparkling!

Bask in a blissful bedroom

Rise with the sun and sleep with the moon in a sky-inspired bohemian chic bedroom.

Celestial Embrace - Blue ~ Pillow Sham
Saffron Marigold

Celestial Embrace Pillow Sham Cover

Have a heavenly night of sleep resting your head among the moon and stars on this boho/indigo pillow.

Starry Nights (CP) ~ Exotic Batik Euro European Sham Cover
Saffron Marigold

Starry Nights Euro Sham Cover

When you can’t sleep under a celestial sky, you sleep on a few Starry Nights shams that replicate the radiance of a million stars.

Triple Goddess Decor | Crystal Decor
Wild Luna Creations US

Triple Moon Dreamcatcher

You’ll be sure to have sweet dreams with this boho luxe wall hanging in your bedroom.

Saffron Marigold

Shore Blue Organic Cotton Percale Set

When you can’t sleep under a celestial sky, you sleep on a calm, blue sea, thanks to this soft organic cotton sheet in shore blue.

Take time for personal renewal

The bath is where we unwind and escape from the noise of the outside world, so it’s a wonderful place for calming colors (and a bit of whimsy).

A palette of creamy white and blue soothes and relaxes. Add a few select accessories that nod to the cosmos for a spa-like experience that’s out of this world.

Celestial Embrace - White ~ Window Valance
Saffron Marigold

Celestial Embrace White Window Valance

Rich with symbols of the sun, moon, and stars, this white and gold valance (and its dangling beads) twinkles and gleams.

Natural And White Sculpted Vine Katsura Bath Towel
World Market

Natural and White Sculpted Vine Katsura Bath Towel

Hand-knotted tassels provide a boho touch to this monochromatic Turkish towel.


Earth & Alchemy
Earth & Alchemy

Moon Phases Watercolor

Contemplate the passage of space and time with this calming depiction of the moon’s phases.

Moon Shelf Wall Decor
Indoor Survival Company

Moon Shelf

Use this shelf to hold essentials or to display small mementos.

Mix and match saffron marigold

If you love Saffron Marigold linens, then you may want to consider how our other collections pair with Celestial Embrace. Here are a few foolproof matches that you can incorporate alongside Celestial Embrace right away:

Navy Indigo Blue Bedding, Curtains & Table Linens
Saffron Marigold

Pacific Blue

One sings to the sky, the other to the seas, but both prints share a moody indigo blue with white and golden highlights.

Ocean Beach Bedding, Curtains & Table linens
Saffron Marigold

Starry Nights

Rendered in the same indigo blue, light blue, and white as Celestial Embrace, Starry Nights is another pattern abound with stars and other mystical symbolisms.

Casablanca ~ Moroccan White Bedding, Curtains & Table Linens
Saffron Marigold


Casablanca features dark and sky blue quatrefoils upon a white background, a bright complements to Celestial Embrace.  This is an elegant, regal pairing that’s equally beautiful in traditional interiors as it is in boho luxe design.

White and Gold Bedding and Table linens
Saffron Marigold

Bridal Veil

Pairing Celestial Embrace with Bridal Veil results in one beautiful boho luxe design. The two prints work well together since they share similar geometry and shades of deep blue.