11 Boho Curtain Ideas For A Bohemian Window Treatment Style

Saffron Marigold - Updated: February 20, 2023

Our boho curtains are created through the heritage craft of block printing, making each curtain literally one-of-a-kind. Even better, we found the inspiration for our patterned curtains in different places around the world, helping you to create a space that reflects your travel dreams, your free spirit, and your wanderlust.

Whether you prefer a modern boho look or vintage bohemian style, we have boho curtains that are perfect for your interior designs. Our sheer curtain panels are light-filtering, softening the glare of harsh light and providing gentle natural light to enter the space. Meet some of our gorgeous cotton curtains in this post!

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cream and gold curtains with banner that says Block Printed Boho Curtains

1. Beautifully boho white curtains

You can never fail with white sheer curtains hanging at the window. Sheer white curtains radiate soft light, creating an ethereal look. Elegant, chic, and worldly, our white-on-white Royal Mansour print summons subtle Moroccan vibes.

You can almost feel the breezes of Marrakech in the lattice medallions (or jaalis) of the pattern. This is also available as a grey and white curtain.

sheer white curtains with Moroccan pattern

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2. Blue curtains with zen vibes

Our Japanese-inspired block print, Pacific Blue, consists of a soothing natural wave pattern against a navy blue ground. These navy blue curtains help to create a sense of zen in any room.

And unlike many of our other collections, Pacific Blue comes about through the discharge printing method, truly rendering them a work of art. They’re just right for a boho bedroom or dining room!

indigo and cream coastal curtains with wave pattern

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3. Yellow curtains with medallions

Meet Morning Dew, yellow and blue curtains with colorful bohemian style. This medallion print marries Moroccan style with French country colors. Bonus: Morning Dew makes it so easy to introduce vibrant colors into your boho room.

Here, notes of teal, orange, yellow, and a deep indigo blue stand out against a yellow ground and make for a cheerful, sunny window treatment.

colorful yellow and blue boho curtains

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4. Green curtains for natural boho style

A set of green and gold curtains at the window nods to two things: nature and luxury. If you adore bohemian home decor but also crave a bit of glam styling, then our Memories of Shalimar collection is for you. The grassy green ground anchors a stylized floral accented with gold paste. It exudes boho style and nods to imagery of palatial gardens, making it a great choice for your boho curtains–in any room.

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5. Teal curtains to top your windows

Teal is a bright, bold color that imparts a joyful, confident feeling into a room. Dressing your windows with teal curtains can help project those same feelings. If you want to create happy positive vibes in your home, then hang teal curtains from our Dreams of India collection. Jeweled Peacock comes in full-length curtains and cafe curtains. And like all of our collections, it’s also available as a beaded valance–can you even get more boho than a beaded curtain? We think not!

teal curtains with gold emblems

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6. Pink curtains for pretty boho style

Dahlia Daydreams—the name alone conjures up dazzling floral displays in sunny fields. Pink feels altogether feminine, romantic, and elegant. These sheer curtain panels will look absolutely with soft boho home decor.

And, they’ll look positively striking against a wall painted in a complementary color. This colorway is also available in the main print of abundant, perfectly quilled pompom dahlias framed against elegant silver foliage.

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7. Floral curtains for an enchanting, magical space

The nature aspects of classic boho decor sometimes honor the mystical, enchanted happenings of Mother Earth. It’s a little bit hippie, a little bit spiritual, and a whole lot of beauty wrapped up into one brilliant notion.

Try hanging sheer floral curtains in bold colors from our Enchanted collection to re-create the sense of a wildflower meadow. These are especially apropos if your boho home decor leans into the cottagecore aesthetic.

white and blue and pink floral curtains with French provincial pattern

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8. Indian print orange curtains for bohemian window treatments

When you want to decorate with warm colors in your boho decor, turn to burnt orange: it’s earthy, rich, and unexpected. Add an orange curtain with a classic Indian pattern and you’re gold. Window panels in Shimmering Goldstone are just about the prettiest burnt orange curtains you can find and exude global style.

orange Indian print curtain panels

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9. Red curtains: boho chic & spicy

Do you want your room to transport you to far-flung locales across the world? Do you dream of visiting spice markets, trekking the globe, and collecting stamps in your passport?

When you’re filled with wanderlust and long for a healthy heaping of romance and adventure, you want a mix of Moroccan decor, bohemian style, and eclectic furnishings, reach for Spice Route.

red boho curtains

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10. Vintage and timeless: blue and white curtains

Art Deco meets chinoiserie in one incredible print. Inspired by William Morris’ iconic textiles and trimmed with a classic border, English Gardens is whimsical and artistic—just like boho chic decor. Rendered in a stylish blue and white color scheme, grey and white color scheme, English Gardens provides a sense of vintage charm and artsy style.

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And we can’t resist offering you one more choice!

11. Heavenly gold and white curtains

Our white and gold curtains from the Dragonfly and Lotus collection looked to the cosmos for inspiration. With lotuses and dragonflies patterned within Mihrab designs (prayer niche), these may be the quintessential bohemian style curtains.

Nature-inspired, cosmic, and block printed by hand in creamy white and gold, sheer curtains like these will help you create heavenly boho rooms.

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4 ideas for styling your boho curtains

One of the hallmarks of bohemian style and decor is how it celebrates the little intricacies that show off artistry and craftsmanship and set things apart from the mass-produced crowd. With that, here are a few ways you can bring your own unique sense of decorating to your bohemian window treatments.

In doing so, you’ll transform your windows into true focal points. Check out these curtain ideas to go with your boho bedroom decor, your boho living room—or any room!

Curtain ideas for modern boho style

Dress your windows in easy-breezy modern boho style with long, flowing tab-top white and grey curtains with a Moroccan print. Add a wicker planter and fill it with sun-loving plants for a casual, pretty boho window.

grey and white curtains with Moroccan pattern, wicker planter and flowers

A window with artsy, bohemian style

If you live in an Arts & Crafts style home and love to decorate with cafe curtains, or if you adore all things artistic and handmade, then consider styling your window the artsy boho way.

Hang an eye-catching piece of stained glass in the top part of the window and cover the bottom with one of our block printed sheer cafe curtains. (This would be especially great as a kitchen window treatment!)

white and gold cafe curtain and yellow and gold stained glass over window

Vintage boho style curtains & windows

For a vintage look, reach for Indian print curtains in vibrant colors. Choose valances with beading or flowing cotton sheer panels–the choice is up to you. Add a set of wind chimes or other window trinket for a special boho touch.

orange curtains, Indian print, elephant windchimes

Styling colorful boho curtains

The best way to ramp up color is with more color! This is true whether you’ve selected tapestry curtains with a floral print or bohemian beaded curtains like our valances. Why not choose choose a pair of boho window curtains in a color that contrasts with your walls?

Try blue with orange, yellow with purple, or plum and pistachio. Bring in other bits of boho decor (like plants and art) to design an eye-catching window.

boho curtains with orange floral print, plants, and Indian mirror

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