Find The Best Boho Shower Curtain For Your Bohemian Bathroom

Saffron Marigold - Updated: May 16, 2022

Boho shower curtains make it easy to infuse your space with color and personality. Ours are block printed by hand onto cotton at our artisans’ studio in Jaipur, the birthplace of Indian woodblock printing. We designed each pattern to transport you and your decor on a journey. Whisk yourself away to the souks of Marrakech, the gardens of Shalimar, and far-flung global locales to create a bohemian oasis of your own at home.

Colorful shower curtains with block print designs

If your idea of boho style is sunny, colorful, and bright, then you’ll love our Morning Dew yellow shower curtain. With notes of teal, royal blue, and orange forming intricate medallions, this collection is filled with cheerful, artistic flair.

yellow shower curtain with medallion pattern

A Moroccan curtain that turns up the heat

Moroccan decor celebrates warm colors, rich history, and artisanal handicrafts. With that in mind, we created our Spice Route collection. Replete with shades of clove, turmeric, and paprika, we loaded this Moroccan shower curtain with spicy bohemian style.

red boho shower curtains

Boho blue shower curtains with Moroccan flair

On the other hand, you might really love and gravitate towards Moroccan decorating but prefer cool tones over warm hues. If that’s the case, we’d like to introduce you to Casablanca Blues. This design gathers the colors of Moroccan mint tea, oceans, and azure skies all in one quatrefoil print.

Moroccan shower curtain blue

A white boho farmhouse shower curtain

The Royal Mansour line offers you a beautiful way to blend boho and farmhouse style. This white boho shower curtain has it all! Here, white medallions spin against a white ground. Like snowflakes, no two Royal Mansour white shower curtains are alike–the pattern is created and block printed by hand.

white boho farmhouse shower curtain

A grey boho shower curtain from another era

The 1920s brings to mind images of free-spirited flappers and free-flowing gin. There’s something quite bohemian about that! Our 1920 grey shower curtain has an entrancing geometrical design that looks stunning in any space. We especially love this in a room filled with lots of metallic tones and green plants.

grey shower curtain with geometric design and Art Decor pattern

A botanical shower curtain with boho beauty

The modern bohemian decor aesthetic wouldn’t be what it is without displays of live plants in every room. The botanical element is important here, so why not capture your plant-loving spirit in the rest of your boho decor? Our Moonlit Taj vine pattern is one of the botanical shower curtains that comes to mind here. Blue blossoms and emerald vines swirl against a milky white ground–so pretty!

boho botanical shower curtain

Vintage and vibrant boho chic style

Orange Blossom shines above other orange shower curtains, but this isn’t your ordinary boho shower curtain. This exquisite pattern features a stunning 7-color palette, which requires a certain level of artistry and skill to create (learn all about block printing and color mixing here). For a bold bohemian design, pair this with plum accents. To summon earth mama vibes, mix in shades of olive and cream.

orange floral boho shower curtain

A blue shower curtain for zen moments

The zen-like quality of the waves and the soothing rhythm of the sea inspired us to create Pacific Blue. To bring this design to life, we use a printing method known as discharge printing. Do you see the creamy linen-colored wave? To create them, we must literally extract them from the indigo ink. The handcrafted nature of this collection makes this a great choice for a bohemian bathroom.

blue boho shower curtain

A truly unique floral shower curtain

Mosaique Bleue is a floral shower curtain unlike any other. In this design, you’ll find that we formed each blossom–and the pattern that surrounds it–in mosaic style! This colorful collection is our homage to zellige (Moroccan tile work). This is a truly stunning curtain for your shower.

floral Moroccan shower curtain