5 Picturesque Blue and White Tablecloths for Spring and Summer

Saffron Marigold - Updated: May 11, 2022

Oue blue and white tablecloths are just the thing for a spring or summer meal with friends and family. After all, every season has its moods and colors. Spring and summer are full of light, life, and joy, and one of the best color schemes for these seasons is blue and white. These colors are fun, cheerful, and bright.  Colorful, fresh seasonal flavors like fruit salad, corn on the cob, and iced tea are crisp and refreshing, just like these soothing blues and whites. Here are a few of our favorite blue and white designs.

1. Casablanca Blues – A perfectly bohemian tablecloth

Casablanca Blues is a Moroccan-inspired print named for Morrocco’s largest city. Bathed in white from multi-era architecture, this coastal locale also finds itself tinted deep blue by the sea and light blue from the cloudless sky above.  We carry this print in white and blue, so mix and match to your heart’s desire!

2. Petra Dura – A romantic, botanical, & floral tablecloth

The impeccable pietra dura marble inlay of the Taj Mahal inspired our Moonlit Taj line of linens. The design captures the effect of moonlight meeting white marble and precious gem floral arrangements.  This collection features an intricate pattern of curling, swirling vines across a white background. 

Table setting & photo: Cindy Magnus

3. Enchanted Collection: French Provincial style in blue & white

Dreamy outdoor afternoons, springtime meadows, and sun-soaked wildflowers inspired our Enchanted collection.  (Bonus: this dark-backed print is spill-friendly—perfect for maintaining a touch of elegance during exuberant parties and family dinners!). This print features a dense tangle of wildflowers on a dark blue background. Golds, blues, and a creamy white setting form the thick border accentuated with one last deep blue strip along the edge. 

Table setting & photo: Linda Harbrecht

4. Starry Nights: A dreamy batik tablecloth in blue and white

Starry Nights captures the endless majesty of the night sky. Deep, contrasting shades of indigo, blue and white suggest a sea of stars on an awe-inspiring evening.  In Starry Nights, hundreds of individual squares each contain a star symbol with alternating blues and whites crisscrossing the grid.  This print comes to life through a special block printing method known as discharge printing. This traditional artisan printing technique originates from Rajasthan, the home of our artisans’ studios. 

5. Midnight Lotus – Tropical white and blue tablecloths

The Midnight Lotus print features evenly balanced blues and whites. Symbolizing renewal, white lotus blossoms drift calmly on a Persian blue backing. The lotus flower is exquisite and full of meaning. Known as an expression of beauty, the lotus is the national flower of India. Our artisans bring the lotus symbol to life in this majestic textile design. 

Midnight Lotus blue floral table linens

Luxury handcrafted table linens from Saffron Marigold

At Saffron Marigold, master artisans practice the heritage craft of hand block printing. All of our linens come to life through this ancient form of textile printing. Each stage of block printing requires talent and time as block printing is a slow, precise process that creates fabulous works of functional art.  Every item that we produce and deliver with care tells a story of global heritage and generational craftsmanship.

We bring authentic block printed textiles to your dining and carry everything you need to complete your fabulous kitchen linen sets, including:

Floral cloth napkins from our Enchanted collection

This spring and summer, why not adorn your tabletop with a seasonal print? And if you love blue and white, find ideas for styling blue and white tablecloths in this post.