4 Swoon-Worthy Light Filtering Curtains That Inspire Romance

Saffron Marigold - Updated: May 11, 2022

Light filtering curtains are the best window treatments for anyone who loves romantic style. A sheer curtain streams soft light into your home, making the room feel more inviting. And because our curtains aren’t completely sheer, they do a great job of letting natural light filter through the window while maintaining a degree of privacy at the same time.

Each one of our curtain panels is hand block printed, and the designs on our romantic curtains found inspiration in tales and symbols of love. We share some of the tales and motifs behind our curtain patterns and the stylish ways our customers have decorated with them. Ready to make every day feel like Valentine’s Day?

Spark magic with a fairy-tale inspired white sheer curtain

Our first light filtering curtain panel featuring a Moroccan lattice trellis pattern takes inspiration from the architecture of the hotel palace Royal Mansour. In the heart of Marrakech, you’ll find a palace known for being one of the most romantic hotels in the world. The Royal Mansour hosts luxury Moroccan weddings, and it’s also a popular destination for romantic vacations. However, this grand palace is more than a weekend romantic sanctuary: this is a piece of Moroccan history.

Commissioned by King Mohammed VI, the hotel is a marriage of traditional craftsmanship and modern luxury. Every detail is based on original ideas, handcrafted by thousands of traditional artisans into the palace’s arches and walls. We found the white circular lattice found on the white arches and wall of the hotel’s spa area particularly inspiring.

When designing the curtain, we also drew inspiration from the collection of Arabic tales known as One Thousand and One Nights.. We imagined Scheherazade, the main character of the tale, walking through a palace similar to Royal Mansour.

Styling idea: create a soft, romantic space in any room

While you could certainly use this curtain in a room filled with Moroccan decor, you can also use our Royal Mansour pattern to soften a space and infuse a sense of romantic, charming style. One of our customers used the 63″ panels in her laundry, creating a sweet and romantic farmhouse feeling.

cottage farmhouse laundry room with white sheer curtains at the window

Create a nostalgic cottage hideout with timeless white curtains

The main star of our Ivy Lace collection of country cottage curtains is none other than the ivy plant. The curtain’s vintage look creates a sense of nostalgia. Romantics adore the symbolism behind this timeless plant!

The ivy plant symbolizes a love that never ceases. If we break it down, ivy’s evergreen nature signals eternity and immortality while its wall-climbing abilities and attachment represent faithfulness. From season to season, botanical prints like ivy stay in vogue, confirming its timeless appeal.

We’ve chosen the design that features the scrolling wines on sheer white cotton because it reminds us of the pearls, luxury gowns, and polished silver. With its classic and elegant look, it makes us feel nostalgic for the bygone era.

Styling white curtains for an elegant cottage-inspired home

You can use Ivy Lace in a room filled with luxury or in a casual farmhouse space, but it’s just so easy to use these romantic light filtering curtains in a cottage-inspired room! Ivy Lacy works beautifully in rooms that feature or nod to natural elements such as wooden furniture and live plants. For example, Cathy used our Ivy Lace shower curtain and beaded valance to bring a sense of sweetness and romance in the bath. It fit in seamlessly with her garden-inspired wallpaper, soft colors, and timeless trim.

cottage bathroom with white light filtering curtains

Turn any day into your big day with this light filtering curtain

Is there anything more romantic than a wedding? We think not! Hence, this day of committment to love inspired Bridal Veil, our light filtering curtain with white and gold. The curtain also features heart-shaped patterns with flowers inside of them.

Wedding inspiration behind a this curtain began with the veil common for Indian weddings—a sheer veil with golden details. With the see-through veil covering her face, the bride can be recognized right away. Flowers surrounded with hearts on the milky white curtains are another reminder of a wedding day. Besides the veil, the bridal bouquet is another iconic part of a bride’s outfit.

Styling ideas for a warm, romantic home

White bridal veil curtains with golden accents suite rooms that get a lot of natural light. It also matches rooms that feature elements that make any season feel like summer, including:

  • Golden accents on curtain rods or mirror frames
  • Walls colored in warm tones such as yellow, orange, or brown
  • Wooden furniture in the room, such as closets, wooden beds, or chairs

One customer decorated her room with our Bridal Veil curtains to let in some natural light into this cozy room dressed in warm tones.

white light filtering curtain with gold

Start anew with floral curtains that symbolize deep love

Our Tulip Mist curtains are a breath of fresh air in any room. Gauzy, ethereal, and light, they’re filled with a near-mythical like airiness suited for the home of a Greek goddess (or anyone aspiring to those heights!).

The tulip flower symbolizes fresh starts and deep, perfect love. After all, these are among the first flowers to emerge from the soil after a long, grey winter. Taking another look at the tulip, we turn to the Persian folktale about the love between Farhad and Shirin. Here, tulips symbolize perfect love that’s unconditional, passionate, and deep. In the story, a red tulip grows at the place where two lovers die together because of the love that couldn’t be. (Isn’t that the stuff!?)

Styling ideas with these light filtering curtains

In many ways, our Tulip Mist collection is like a blank canvas. You can use them to style soft, romantic rooms or minimalist, sophisticated rooms. See how one of our customers used Tulip Mist in to create a sweet pocket of joy in her interior design.

white sheer curtain with floral pattern

Which light filtering curtain represents your kind of romance?

Everyone has a different idea of romance. That’s why we offer versatile block-printed designs made in fair trade partnership at our artisans‘ studio. Some are drawn to light filtering curtains that are inspired by famous love tales such as 1001 Nights and others to curtains with details such as ivy or tulips that have a deeper symbolic meaning. Sheer curtains filter a warm glow of the sun in your rooms and give you the freedom to decorate in any style—as long as it makes you feel good in a space where you live.

If you haven’t fallen in love with the curtains we mention here, explore more of our exclusive designer collections!

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