8 Blue And White Duvet Covers That Feel as Good as They Look

Saffron Marigold - Updated: May 11, 2022

When it comes to calming colors for the bedroom, you have several choices — yellow, green, silver, and blue. The last one can’t do without its partner in crime, white, and together, they make an iconic duo. Here, we’ve curated a list of our handcrafted, block printed blue and white duvet covers that not only improve your bedroom ambience but feel heavenly to lie on. From Persian-influenced covers in the East to Moroccan-inspired covers in the West, there is a pattern fit for your bedroom. Best of all, our covers are part of collections spanning curtains, pillow covers and accents, and table linens so the pattern you choose can be integrated into the rest of the home.

Why choose a blue and white duvet cover?

Your bedding colors dominate much of your bedroom, and these colors have a say in whether you feel relaxed, energized, or peaceful when it’s time to turn in.

Crisp, refreshing atmosphere

Blue and white is a color combination reminiscent of coastal towns, Moroccan interiors, and English cottages. The contrast between blue (no matter the shade) and white is invigorating, but not jarring. This match made in heaven captivates the eye during the day but allows you to relax at night.

Blue promotes relaxation

This brings us to our next point. Insomniacs take note: It’s been proven that blue is the best color for bedding and bedroom walls. Unsurprisingly, it’s also a great choice if you work out of your bedroom; the color blue helps improve productivity.

Versatile color-matching options

Although not part of the classic neutrals club (whites, browns, blacks, and gray), blue is considered a neutral by many. That makes blue and white duvet covers technically neutral, presenting you with an array of colors to choose from when building your bedroom palette.

Blue and white duvet covers for every interior design style

A blue and white duvet cover is classic but classic doesn’t mean boring, especially when you take print and shade options into consideration. Additionally, our covers are available in Twin, Queen, and King sizes for different bedrooms.

Moroccan-inspired covers

We’d be remiss not to acknowledge Morrocco’s connection to blue and white. Moroccan tiles are also synonymous with visual intrigue — vibrant hues, ornate patterns, and traditional designs — and we translated these qualities into block printed linen.

Casablanca Blues

Compatible style: Mediterranean, Bohemian, Eclectic

Casablanca Blues pays homage to the Moroccan city’s characteristic white mosques and its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean.

Casablanca Moroccan Quatrefoil

Compatible style: Mediterranean, Bohemian, Eclectic

Casablanca Moroccan Quatrefoil has a white background that reflects light, helping make modest rooms feel positively expansive.

Indigo blue and white duvet covers

For a darker blue reminiscent of old-school denim and shibori textiles, try one of our indigo and white duvet covers.

Celestial Embrace

Compatible style: Mid-Century, Eclectic, Vintage

Celestial Embrace features an out-of-this-world pattern based on a 14th century Ottoman textile. Harness the heavenly bodies’ energies with this whimsical cover.

Starry Nights

Compatible style: Contemporary, Bohemian

Starry Nights is one for romantics and dreamers. A mosaic of light blue and indigo stars alternate on dark blue and white backgrounds, but that’s not all. Its reverse side is a deep blue canvas speckled with white stars.

Pacific Blue

Compatible style: Art Deco, Contemporary, Zen/Asian, Modern Coastal

For coastal rooms with a modern twist, Pacific Blue is a shoo-in. The fan pattern and border symbolize waves, but the backside introduces another streamlined pattern — this time, seashells interlinked on a grid.

Blue and white covers with a floral flair

Floral motifs in white and blue attract attention without shocking the senses. Plus, florals can be paired with other prints such as polka dots and stripes.

Midnight Lotus

Compatible style: Eastern/Arabic, Bohemian, Cottage

The lotus flower is a revered symbol in Indian and other Asian cultures, embodying beauty and spiritualism. Midnight Lotus captures this enigmatic essence with a network of blooms and foliage, bounded by an equally intricate border.

Moonlit Taj

Compatible style: Cottage Chic, French Country, Coastal, Victorian

With a multifaceted personality, the Moonlit Taj block print is one of our most versatile covers. It’s inspired by the Taj Mahal, inside which you’ll find floral motifs on white marble, adorned with semi-precious gemstones such as agate, jade, and turquoise.

English Gardens

Compatible style: Cottage Chic, Victorian, Traditional, Chinoiserie

English Gardens embodies delicacy and elegance. We followed beloved English designer and environmentalist William Morris’ advice on how to invent a quintessential pattern using silhouettes found in nature. Most importantly, the Chinese blue and white combination will outlive any trendy tones.

How to style a bedroom with blue and white duvet covers

Once you’ve taken your pick among the best duvet covers and matching linen online (We know, the decision isn’t easy!), it’s time to decorate the rest of your bedroom.

Which materials will make your room feel more cohesive

  • Golds and silvers: Golden accents like a row of gold picture frames or a floor lamp with a golden base can make a room feel warmer. Silver, on the other hand, makes a room feel subdued, enhancing blue’s calming effect.
  • Wooden furnishings: Whether it’s dark, aged teak, unfinished pine, or distressed, white-painted oak, wooden furnishings are a perfect match for white and blue duvet covers.

How to layer textures in your bedroom

  • Bed: Beyond the matching pillow covers and sheets from your duvet cover’s collection, incorporate other fabrics into the mix. Velvet, corduroy, and flannel are worthy candidates, though the best choices depend on the season.
  • Walls: Be bold with textured wall accents — metals, leather, woven fabrics, earthenware, and glass come to mind.
  • Floor: Your choice of rugs and runners can tie a room together, whether it’s cozy coastal or Boho chic.

1970s Mid-Century Curtis Jére Brass Metal Wall Art

Try this: Instead of a framed landscape above your bed, install a 3D wall sculpture like this statement piece. It’s warm, bold, and one-of-a-kind.

The Citizenry

Zoya Jute Area Rug

Try this: Blue and white duvet covers stand out next to neutral decor like this handwoven floor covering. The warm brown brings to mind a sandy beach, and it may be the finishing touch you need for a nautical theme.

What colors go well with white and blue duvet covers?

  • Matching blues: You can always marry a blue with another blue to avoid a matchy-matchy look. Group three blues together in varying shades to create a monochromatic scheme that’s broken up by whites.
  • Marigold: Our namesake color is the perfect palate cleanser for a room carpeted in blues and whites. It’s a punchy pigment you can thread between bedroom accents.
  • Greens and browns: If you want to create a garden-like haven, try a color palette punctuated with greens and browns. Our Moonlit Taj cover is a great print if you’re after this color mix.
Masaya & Co

Amador Rocking Chair, Natural Leather & Mahogany

Organic seating: Frankly, you don’t always need an adventurous color to make a statement. This tan and brown rocker is neutral in every sense of the word, but it is still a compelling piece.

Dounia Home

Ula Table Lamp

Modern table lamps: Dounia Home’s Moroccan-inspired, handcrafted brass lamp is a suitable companion for any of our quatrefoil prints.


Woven Mirror

Unique mirror: This handwoven mirror made of raw cotton exhibits expert craftsmanship and is a fashionable accent for Boho chic, rustic, and coastal rooms.


Chinoiserie Garden Stool With Fish Design

Chinese porcelain: What better way to celebrate your love of blue and white than with Chinese porcelain in the aforementioned colors? A garden stool doubles as a nightstand or an extra table, so you get the most out of your furnishings.

Related Questions

Other stylistic choices come into play when revamping your bedroom decor. These considerations include bedding material and wall paint color, for starters.

What material is best for a duvet cover?

Cotton is the top contender for bedding that gets a lot of use. It’s an easy-to-maintain fabric, and it holds dye well. Our duvet covers are made of soft cotton that’s pre-shrunk, meaning the listed measurements are accurate.

You might consider a polyester-cotton hybrid, but keep in mind that a duvet cover made of synthetic material will be less breathable, i.e. it’s not the best choice for hot sleepers. Silk is another possible substitute, although it is more fragile and does not feel as inviting as cotton.

How do you make a duvet cover look good?

Use a fluffy insert to evoke comfort and luxury. Coordinate your bedding colors and materials for a well-balanced appearance.

Does bedding have to match walls?

Not necessarily. “Match” is a subjective term in home design, but your bedding should complement your walls and vice versa. They don’t have to be the same color (or be from the same color family), but they should not clash. A more crucial part of your bedroom appearance is choosing the right curtain pattern to match your bedding.