Boho Bedding: 10 Gorgeous Choices for Bohemian Duvet Covers

Saffron Marigold - Updated: November 5, 2021

Our boho bedding is unlike any other, truly! Each soft cotton duvet cover and bedspread is unique since each one is made from the heritage craft of block printing. Our reversible boho duvet covers are inspired by different places around the world, helping you to create a space that reflects your dreams, your free spirit, and your wanderlust. Meet some of our beautiful boho bedding sets and find ways to style a stunningly gorgeous bedroom.

1. Effortlessly beautiful white boho bedding

You can’t go wrong with a white boho duvet cover for a casual, easy-breezy look that looks both relaxed and pretty. Our Royal Mansour line is a Moroccan-inspired, patterned collection of white boho bedding, pillows, and curtains. Rendered in the always chic, always stylish palette of white-on-white, this geometric print is effortlessly beautiful boho bedding. When you feel like a change of scenery, just switch the reversible duvet cover to the opposite side for a pretty light grey and white bed cover.

white duvet cover Moroccan pattern

2. Deep, dark blue bohemian bedding

For boho bedding that feels a bit vintage while nodding to the natural world, turn to our Starry Nights collection of batik boho fabrics. Each one is handcrafted using the discharge printing method, and no two are completely identical. Featuring a star pattern one one side and a patchwork of star-shaped flowers on another, our reversible boho duvet cover feels right at home in a bohemian bedroom. Can’t you just picture a moon phase wall hanging beside this dreamy bedding set?

3. Boho floral duvet covers for a sweet boho bedroom

Bohemian bedrooms feel inviting, relaxed, and warm, so why not boost those boho feelings with orange boho bedding? Our Orange Blossom block printed boho bedding set captures the colorful, fragrant beauty of a Mediterranean orange grove. For modern boho style, pair it with cream or sage for a soothing color palette. If you crave a bold bohemian look in your bedding, mix in a few rich, plummy purples with our orange floral duvet cover for a stunning color combination. Either way, you’ll be golden.

4. Vintage boho bedding for a hippie haven

If you want your bedroom to feel absolutely heavenly, and if your idea of bohemian bedding veers towards the looks of the 1960s and 1970s, then look no further. The blue selections from Celestial Embrace capture the essence of the cosmos. This moon and star pattern definitely has a vintage vibe. It’s classically boho and a stellar starting point for designing a boho style room.

5. Red boho bedding

Rustic red and black may call to mind images of buffalo check and log cabins instead of a cozy boho space, but we’re about to change that! Ruby Kilim brings a traditional red and black color scheme for a global spin. Inspired by Turkish kilim patterns, this bohemian duvet cover feels warm and rustic–and without the lumberjack plaid vibes. We love using the red side in the winter and flipping to the cream, red, and black side in the summer months.

6. An anything-but-boring grey duvet cover

If you’ve been looking for a grey duvet cover but find the pickings to be slim, no worries–we’ll have your bed covered! With a whimsical Art Deco pattern one one side and a geometric pattern on the other, our grey duvet covers are anything but boring. Deco Glam is the complementary print of 1920, our Art Deco pattern. Yes, Art Deco style meets bohemian bedding in this one duvet cover! The print was inspired by a pair of dangly vintage earrings, and so it conveys cool bohemian vibes.

7. Boho medallion bedding for the win

When you want a mix of Moroccan decor, bohemian style, and eclectic furnishings, reach for Spice Route. This block printed fabric collection infuses your boho bedroom with warm colors and gorgeous global style. Spice Route’s multi-colored palette is a great platform for mixing and matching colors and patterns–it even has a beautiful turquoise accent within each medallion. If your sense of boho style leans towards the colorful and eclectic, then our Moroccan duvet cover might be the one for you.

8. Orange bedding with an Indian print

India’s textiles are celebrated the world over, and we’ve bottled the colors and heat of a true Indian Summer right here in our bohemian bedding set. A delicate paisley flower stars prominently in the main print, and the reverse side of the boho duvet cover has a bouquet of florals. Red, orange, pink, and green comprise the color scheme for boho bedding that inspires the rest of your bedroom decor. Bring more Indian prints and patterns into the space with our Shimmering Goldstone curtains–you can almost hear the rustling of the saris.

9. Colorful boho bedding with medallions

Meet Morning Dew, a colorful set of bohemian bedding that lets you greet the day in sunny, boho kind of way. This bohemian medallion duvet cover blends French country with Moroccan style. Teal, orange, yellow, and a deep indigo blue stand out in a medallion print. It’s a great way to bring pattern and color into your space, and it’s easy to introduce new patterns with Morning Dew as the star of the show. Truly, this collection of block printed bedding, curtains, and pillows makes your bohemian bedroom a happy place to be, day or night.

10. Moroccan bedding

When you love a mix of coastal and boho styles along with a dollop of Moroccan decor, what do you do? How dod you decorate? Easy: you style your space with Casablanca. Refreshing blue and white bedding–and a touch of pistachio green–infuses your bohemian bedroom with coastal colors and Moroccan flair. For bedroom decor, simply add a few personal touches, like mementos from your last trip to the seaside or an artisanal lamp you picked up at a bazaar or craft show. (This collection is also available in blue.)

How to style a beautiful bedroom with boho decor

Since the boho aesthetic honors the freedom of self-expression, bring touches of boho decor into your bedroom that speak to your sense of boho style! If your free spirit longs for lots of colors, bring’em on. Maybe an assortment of decor collected from your travels feeds your daydreams and a sense of roaming wanderlust, so display your treasures. Your boho bedroom might celebrate layers of patterns and textures moreso than a motley grouping of colors, and that’s ok, too. Whatever your personal definition of bohemian, however, there are a few little ways to bring on the boho vibes.

Bring on the boho pillow shams

Pile on the pillows for extra softness! No need to do the “designer karate chop” on your bohemian throw pillows here. Why ruin the full look of a perfectly good pillow? Let the fluffiness shine through by covering your pillows with some boho chic pillow cases.

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Pretty patterned sheets for your boho bedding

Your bed looks incredible once you have you boho duvet cover and shams in place, so now it’s time to think about how it looks once you’re in it! After all, you’ve spent so much consideration making sure your bohemian bedroom looks just the way you want it to, so the last thing you want to do is to make your bed with ugly sheets. Look for pretty patterned sheets to go with your bedding to create your own custom boho bedding set.

floral orange duvet cover and printed sheets

Add some boho to your wall decor

If you love macrame wall hangings, great–but just know that they’re not your only option for bohemian wall art! You might love the look of one huge oil painting hanging on the wall, or you may want to take the picture ledges out of the living room and into the bedroom for an easy-breezy version of a gallery wall. Why not frame an exquisite piece of fabric or hang an Indian bedspread, tapestry-style, as bohemian wall art? Or look for a cool mirror with texture–like this one from Holistic Habitat–to reflect sunlight and your own unique boho style.

Put a bohemian spin on bedroom furniture

Bedroom furniture–the words along sound stuffy, dull, and so not boho. Sounds like it’s time to change things! Modern bohemian bedroom furniture usually features lighter woods and geometric patterns, like you’ll see in this cabinet from East Urban Home. However, the rattan and wicker furnishings from the ’70s and ’80s are also great for a boho room. If you want to zhoosh things up a bit, look for carved wooden pieces and embrace the drama of a canopy bed draped in sumptuous fabrics!

Plants as boho bedroom decor

Plants aren’t just for the kitchen, bathroom, or living room–not at all! Bring a plant into the bedroom for good, life-giving energy and for helpign to purify the air. This spider plant from Greendigs, for example, is relatively easy to take care of. Even better, it comes with the clay pot and a choice of macarame or leather hanger. Soooo boho.

Colorful window treatments with pattern and movement

Choose colorful boho curtains for your bedroom to frame your windows and to add an extra dash of vibrancy to your room. For authentic boho style, choose bedroom curtains that don’t match your bedding. Instead, go for bohemian curtains that connect with one color from your bedding.  Not sure which curtains will go best with your boho duvet cover? Try white sheer curtains that have a gentle pattern–you can never, ever go wrong with flowy, gauzy white sheers.

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Layer on the rugs, layer on the texture

Boho style, of course, is all about creating layers of stories, colors, and texture. Use your floor to help with the ‘layers of texture’ part! Put an area rug over a natural-fiber rug or bedroom carpeting–extra cozy, extra texture. If you love the wood of your wooden floors, then place an area rug under the bed. Another option would be adding scatter rugs at the foot and sides of the bed for a soft landing. A vintage (or vintage-looking) rug with a tribal pattern, like the Indira Jane rug from Cotton Stem, would be great in this space.

We have a wonderful assortment of boho bedding, duvet covers, pillows, and bedspreads to choose from. See our collections page to find a print that inspires you.