How to Mix & Match Printed and Patterned Sheets

Saffron Marigold - Updated: November 5, 2021

Printed sheets always add a little something extra to your bedding collection, but mixing different patterns together can be tricky. We’re here to help! Whether you’re looking for colorful sheets to go with your cotton duvets covers or want to find the perfect pair of patterned sheets for your Indian bedspreads, we have your bed covered.

Printed sheet for boho bedding

Bohemian bedding is the kind of bedding that makes you want to sink into it and cozy up to it, preferably with a warm, slightly spicy drink and a good book in hand. In other words, this space isn’t fussy–it’s collected. A boho bedroom doesn’t shy away from piling pattern on pattern. Our boho chic bedding features vibrant colors and intricate block prints in duvet covers and bedspreads a like. Create your own boho bedding set with one of the following combinations of cotton duvet covers and printed sheets.

Bohemian bedding ideas

Orange Blossom is a floral pattern with a vintage feel to it. Garnet Hill’s relaxed bedding from the Artful collection pairs nicely with our block print bedding. The fact that it was crafted in Portugal makes it an even nicer match for our Mediterranean-inspired print.

floral orange duvet cover and printed sheets

Another option for our ever-popular Orange Blossom block print is a sheet set that carries similar orange notes in a  classic pattern like pinstripes or small florals. Pairing our duvet cover with a set of sheets with a polka dot pattern exudes cozy vintage vibes. These are unexpected printed bed sheets for boho bedding, it’s true. Still, you can’t deny just how pretty these two patterns look when paired together!

floral duvet cover with orange polka dot sheets

Ruby Kilm’s bold hues of crimson, black, and cream stand out in our eye-catching kilim pattern. For Ruby Kilim, choose patterned sheets that will complement–not compete with–the red and black duvet cover. This sheet set from Red Land Cotton works so well with Ruby Kilim. Here, the patterned sheets have a gentle, classic stripe in the neutral colors that ground our block print bedding.

Our Pacific Blue is an interesting collection in term of how it’s made and how it looks. You don’t often find a nautical motif with Asian zen flair.  If your decorating leans more towards the coastal or nautical aspect of Pacific Blue, then consider sheets with a neutral palette. A traditional stripe offers coastal vibes and contrasts with the circular lines in the main print of Pacific Blue. This set from Cultiver, with its cedar stripe and wide space, is a great choice for a bit of a pattern mixing.

Now, if you love the earthy, zen aspect of our Pacific Blue collection, then you’ll want something a little different. You might want to pair this navy and flax-colored bedding with sheets that carry the same colors. Printed sheets for boho bedding can be as inspired, or artistic as you desire! This set from Ambesonne not only has the same colors of Pacific Blue, but its depiction of lunar phases also complements the circular shapes in Pacific Blue. Mix these two patterns for pure boho style in the bedroom.

Sweet printed sheets for shabby chic bedding

Cottage style bedding may sometimes display soft colors, floral patterns, or vintage prints, but it always feels cozy and inviting.

One of our best-selling cottage bedding sets is from our Victorian Lilac collection. With a floral print rendered in shades of linen and lilac, it’s sweet yet sophisticated. We love it with Victorian Lilac with West Elm’s European flax linen ruffle sheet set for ultra-feminine and shabby chic style.

A patterned sheet set also looks incredibly pretty with our block print bedding. For true cottage style, try mixing a small floral floral print with the mid-size flowers of Victorian Lilac. Vermont Country Store. This sheet set from the Vermont Country Store is a great example of how to do a little pattern mixing.

Printed sheets to go with floral bedding

It’s so fun to mix and match with floral bedding. So many different prints and patterns play well with floral print bedding, but there are a few that look simply perfect with florals. Mixing patterns like polka dots, stripes, and tartan patterns with flower patterns will always pull together a cheerful look. The key is to make sure that the polka dots, stripes, or tartan patterns are simple and contain the same colors as the floral print in hand.

yellow and white polka dots, yellow and white stripes, yellow plaid, and a poppy yellow floral pattern floral fabric

Of course, you can always add more flowers to your bouquet! If you enjoy the idea of mixing different patterns of flowers, go for it! Just keep a few things in mind, such as color and scale. In other words, find a color that connects the two colorways, and make sure that your flower prints are different in size. Our classical Mughal poppy print (aptly named Red Poppy), depicts ruby poppies with green stems across a light apricot ground. The poppies are stylized, so pairing this print with a smaller floral print looks magical. Here, we’ve balanced the warm tones of the block print by pulling out the forest green hues with these Holly printed sheets from Anthropologie.

Our blue and white floral bedding always looks crisp–it’s a timeless color palette. And you may very well wish to stick to the classics in your bedding, after all! However, if you want to infuse a bit of color or added pattern, consider the French country colors of yellow and blue. Likewise, try a sweet palette of blue and pink if you adore cottage decor. English Gardens, a classic blue and white floral print, looks divine paired with pastels, of course, but by pairing this blue and white bedding with a contrasting pattern, it simply sings. A sheet set with a traditional stripe in blue and white delivers classic style, and the ruffle adds a touch of feminine charm.

English Gardens ~ Cottage Style Botanical Duvet Cover English Gardens ~ Cottage Style Botanical Duvet Cover
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Patterned bed sheets for grey bedding

Grey bedding provides a neutral ground–a canvas of sorts–for personal expression through home decor. Now, our grey bedding collection can read differently depending on what sheets and pillows you add to it. Do you want something classic and streamline? Masculine and strong? Suave and sexy? A grey duvet cover or bedspread can help you achieve any of those looks.

Let’s start with an elegant, sophisticated look for the bedroom by pairing our 1920 grey and white bedding collection with this classic sheet set in a ring print from Serena & Lily.

Our 1920 collection is Art Deco bedding at its finest, so bring out more of that Art Deco style by adding a jewel toned sheet set to the mix. Look for solid or printed sheets in shades of amethyst, sapphire, ruby, or emerald looks for a rich look. When you couple grey Art Deco bedding with these purple sheets from South Shore Fine Linens, your bed will look sumptous and inviting. If suave and sexy is what you’re going for, then you can’t go wrong with this bedding set! See this post for more Art Deco decorating ideas.

Sheets to go with tropical bedding

Midnight Lotus, a blue floral pattern, reads as a tropical floral pattern with a Hawaiian feel. To complement the print, choose a crisp white sheet that gently nods to all things tropical. This lovely white on white sheet set with a shell print from Coastal Life fits the bill!

We certainly can’t talk about tropical bedding ideas without mentioning our Tropical Garden print! Filled with hibiscus blooms and sunset colors, this print will bring you to the sultry tropicale locale of your dreams. While you could combine this tropical bedspread or duvet cover with green, red, or yellow, we like it with peach. These sheets, in a shade called Crisp Peach from Lands’ End, really ties together all the lovely warm tones found in our tropical print.

Printed sheets that go with botanical bedding

Botanical bedding never seems to go out of style. It must be because we associate botanicals with healing and rest, so they have a soothing affect on us. It makes sense that botanical prints and patterns are popular in bedroom decor!

With that, let us introduce you to Moonlit Taj. In a calming, colorful palette of blue and green, green vines swirl and blue buds and blossoms bloom. A natural choice for printed sheets for your green and blue duvet cover or bedspread would be this soft microfiber sheet set from Sweet Jojo Designs.

Printed sheets to pair with Moroccan bedding

Moroccan decor celebrates color and pattern, and so what better way to create a Moroccan bedroom than by adding pattern on pattern? Create your own unique bedding set for your Moroccan bedroom through vivid shades of color and global patterns.

Moroccan bedding ideas

Our Casablanca collection takes classic blue and white and adds a dose of pistachio green for a Moroccan twist. Intricate quatrefoils carry out the palette. The best sheets for this collection of bedding will be sheets that have a dense pattern or, in contrast, offer lots of white space. These sateen Cane Weave Sheets from Land’s End are a a great example of the latter.

If you’re looking to layer in more pattern and prefer less white space, then consider the Hable Garden Party sheets from Garnet Hill. The green strip at the trim ties in with the green in Casablanca Blues, and the blue squiggle is a fun departure from a traditional stripe.

Spice Route is another Moroccan pattern that looks fabulous in a Moroccan-inspired bedroom. This collection provides a wide range of colors for mixing, matching, and layering. If you have (or plan to have!) a duvet cover or lightweight bedspread from this collection, sheets in shades of taupe, tangerine, and teal will look perfect. Of course, you’re not limited to using just those colors! You could try a solid purple sheet for high contrast, or a mustard yellow sheet to add even more warmth. For a patterned sheet that draws on an accent color, consider this sheet set from Peacock Alley.

Mosaique Bleue is our homage to zellige, Moroccan mosaic tilework. With its bright colors and floral pattern, this Moroccan duvet cover is a showpiece all on its own. The best way to make it the star of your bedroom is to choose simple sheeting in a coordinating color. Choose from apricot, teal, sky blue, chocolate brown–whichever color you love most in this stunning block print bedding! We like this soft blue sheet set from Serena & Lily that will look great with either side of the reversible duvet cover.

blue positano linen sheet set from serena  & lilly

Our final Moroccan bedding collection marries together French country style with Moroccan design. Thus, Morning Dew is our ‘French Moroccan’ print that brings a dose of sunshine to your space. This sheet set from Bedthreads, with a deep teal hue, complements the inside of the medallion in our French Moroccan print.

Mosaique Bleue - Earth ~  Moroccan Tile Print Duvet Cover Mosaique Bleue - Earth ~ Moroccan Tile Print Duvet Cover
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Morning Dew ~ Romantic French Country Yellow Duvet Cover Morning Dew ~ Romantic French Country Yellow Duvet Cover
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Spice Route ~ Red Orange Moroccan Indian Duvet Cover Spice Route ~ Red Orange Moroccan Indian Duvet Cover
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Neutral patterned sheets to go with neutral bedding

We just wrapped up the section on Moroccan bedding, and even though our Royal Mansour is indeed a Moroccan pattern, its elegant white-on-white design allows it to be at home in a number of home decor styles. Sure, you might be tempted to match it with simple white bedding, but where’s the fun in that? Try this geometric sheet set to play off the Moroccan pattern. Remember–the key to decorating with neutrals successfully is to layer in and pile on the patterns and texture.

Sheets for Indian print bedding

All of our bedding is authentic Indian bedding since our artisans in Rajasthan, India hand block print each and every Saffron Marigold linen. As you know by now, we find inspiration for our designs around the world, but we absolutely carry Indian print bedding and home decor.

Indian bedding ideas

Let’s journey to the Shalimar gardens with our Memories of Shalimar line. You could easily pair a solid chocolate brown or navy blue sheet set with this Indian duvet cover or bedspread–easy-peasy. To make things a bit more interesting, let’s keep in line with the nature of our block printed bedding by choosing block printed sheets. For example, West Elm’s Butti block printed sheet set in Cedar marries beautifully with Memories of Shalimar.

You definitely don’t need to use the colors found in your cotton duvet cover or Indian bedspread in your order to coordinate your sheets. In fact, Indian Summer‘s warm color palette invites mixing and matching with other warm colors.  We like the look of this block printed duvet cover with a gentle sunflower pattern, like the kind on these colorful sheet from The Lakeside Collection.

Of course, you can always create a custom, coordinated look by accenting one color from multicolored bedding. A rich emerald green sheet set looks fabulous with the green notes found in Indian Summer.

It’s fun to play on a theme in your bedroom decor, isn’t it? With that in mind, create the feeling of sleeping under the start with our resist-printed Starry Nights collection. A deep indigo blue batik print, Starry Nights covers your bed reflects celestial night skies. Why not build on that story with this star printed sheet set from Martex?

We love seeing what interesting duvet cover and sheet combinations our customers come up with, so remember to tag us and inspire other friends of Saffron Marigold!

Indian Summer ~ Orange Paisley India Duvet Cover Indian Summer ~ Orange Paisley India Duvet Cover
$212.50 - $270.00
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