Indian Bedding Sets: Indian Duvet Covers That Tell A Story

Saffron Marigold - Updated: August 6, 2021

Create custom Indian bedding sets with our cotton duvet covers with patterns that honor the stories of India. Through color and storytelling patterns, our collections preserve short glimpses in time and space. They’ll carry you from the Taj Mahal to the Shalimar Gardens and delightful moments and places in between. Pair our reversible Indian duvet covers with a range of coordinating pillows and curtains, or mix and match from our colorful Indian block printed collections.

All of our duvets are reversible and made from high-quality soft cotton. Each one is available as a lightweight Indian block print bedspread, too. Whether you’re looking for lightweight Indian bedding or something a bit warmer, we’ve got you–and your bed–covered.

How to create your own custom Indian bedding sets

Because they’re wood block printed by hand at our artisans’ studio in Rajasthan, India, each one of Saffron Marigold’s linens are unique–no two pieces are 100% identical. And with that, mix and match our lightweight Indian bedspreads, Indian duvet covers, and collections of pillow covers to create an Indian bedding set that is custom to your taste and design style. And something here about mixing and matching across collections or staying within the same collection.

Indian bedding sets rich with symbolism

This blue duvet cover is replete with mystic symbolism. It’s just the thing for a boho bedroom with a tropical twist. The lotus print in our Midnight Lotus pattern honors the lotus blossom, which happens to the national flower of India. The lotus is commonly associated with notions of beauty, wisdom, and transcendence. We like to think that there must be some goodness that transfers to us when sleeping peacfefully under these virtues!

indian bedding and blue duvet cover

This orange duvet cover captures an Indian summer

It’s during the heat of India’s summer that the best sensory experiences unfolds. Little luxuries from sun-ripened mangos, sweet and delicate roses, and silken saris emerge in the heart of summer. With that, our Indian-inspired bedding from the Indian Summer collection reflects the flavors and memories of the season.

orange duvet cover and indian bedding

Floral duvet covers with iconic style

The Taj Mahal is one of the modern Seven Wonders of the World, a monument of love, and an iconic example of Mughal architecture. Our aptly named Moonlit Taj pays homage to the gem-encrusted marble inlay on the walls of the Taj Mahal. (This is known as pietra dura.) If you’re looking for Indian style bedding to dress a romantic bedroom, then choose this bedding. After all, your bedding will pay tribute to one of the most legendary love stories of all time?

white blue and green floral duvet cover and pillows

Create a sense of zen with green Indian bedding

Memories of Shalimar is our take on what it would be like to walk through the Shalimar Gardens in the earliest stretches of the sun’s rise. We envision that time of day is when the earth awakens with dewdrops glimmering in the golden sun. We’d love to be able to wake up in such a place and start the day with beauty, peace, and grace. With this green and gold duvet cover gracing the bed, we get pretty close to doing just that.

indain bedding sets with green and gold duvet cover

A classic batik print indigo duvet cover

Batik bedding is all at one classic and bohemian thanks to the art of creating this kind of Indian print bedding. Our indigo duvet cover conjures images of Starry Nights. With a star pattern and block printed patchwork of starry florals, this blue duvet cover is the ultimate in cozy bedding. Under Starry Nights, you’ll slumber peacefully. you’ll feel as if you’ve wrapped yourself in the inky midnight blue wells of the night sky.

indigo duvet cover and batik bedding

Indian bedding sets with spicy boho vibes

Cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, turmeric–these fragrant spices aren’t only part of making of a delectable curry! They also serve as the colors and inspiration for our Spice Route collection. With a warm palette and teal accents, this Indian print duvet cover transports your imagination to desert trails, colorful souks, and another place in time.

indian bedding sets with red orange duvet cover in a medallion pattern

Timeless style with a traditional Indian floral pattern

It’s no surprise that our traditional Indian floral pattern duvet cover remains a customer favorite. One of our most enduring collections, Red Poppy carries the look of ageless grace, effortless elegance, and smart style. The Mughal floral motif is a classic Indian pattern in bedding as well as in art and textiles. Pair Red Poppy with one of our other red floral patterns (like Tropical Garden) to create your own customer Indian bedding set.

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