French Country Bedding: 5 Bedding Sets for a Provincial Inspired Bedroom

Saffron Marigold - Updated: November 5, 2021

Our take on French country bedding blends classic French country colors in stunning patterns, creating masterpieces for your bedroom. Each one of our French country soft cotton duvet covers and bedspreads, celebrates romantic style and natural elements. Our reversible French-inspired duvet covers help you re-create the feeling of the French countryside right in your very own home. Transport yourself to wildflower meadows, regal homes, and luxurious surroundings and feed your wanderlust. Meet some of our beautiful French bedding sets and find ways to style a fab French country bedroom.

1. A French style duvet cover

What could be more French than a collection of exquisite linens inspired by the palace of Versailles? Our yellow and grey duvet cover from the Versailles collection features a majestic medallion print for glamour. When you’re in a mood that prefers Provence to Paris, simply flip the duvet cover over. Reverse the duvet cover to reveal a yellow floral pattern reminiscent of springtime forsythia.  Très magnifique!

yellow and grey French country  bedding and duvet cover

2. Yellow and blue French country bedding

In a French country bedroom, you can really never go wrong the classic French country colors of yellow and blue. Still, you might want to put a fun twist on tradition. And if you love all things handcrafted and artisan-made, then you probably like to shake things up once in a while. With that, say bon jour and meet Morning Dew! Greet the day with our Moroccan spin on French country style for a bedroom that feels a little boho, a little French, and totally you.

blue and yellow French country bedding and duvet cover set

3. A stunning vintage floral duvet cover

Antiques, distressed furniture, and heirloom pieces are right at home in French country home decor. Now, our hand printed fabrics have stories within their folds and fibers, but some of our patterns carry you to another place in time. Use Enchanted, our French provincial, vintage floral pattern, for a magical French county bedroom. With a colorful tangle of blossoms patterned across a rich blue ground, it conjures wildflower meadows in the French countryside.

blue floral duvet cover with vintage floral pattern

4. A purple duvet cover with romantic style

Lavender from Provence–even hearing words of this soothing and delightful aromatic blend sounds charming and romantic! Our Victorian Lilac deep lavender bedding, with a gentle floral pattern, is romantic bedding, indeed. Use this lilac color in your French country bedroom decor, and inspire dreams of tooling around the countryside with your love (baguettes and bicycles optional).

lilac color purple duvet cover

5. White and gold French country bedding for luxe style

A white and gold duvet cover from our Vanilla Glace collection is as decadent as the dreamiest patisserie confections. For a French bedroom that feels super romantic and ultra-feminine, select bedding in white and gold,. It makes for a sumptuous focal point. Mix in in muted accent colors if you want to avoid a monochromatic look; create a warm, space by layering in luxe textures. Ooh la la!

white and gold french country bedding
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How to style a beautiful French country bedroom

After choosing your favorite set of French country bedding, it’s time to decorate! Here are five super-simple ways you can add French country style to your bedroom decor.

Find fabulous floral curtains

French country curtains range from chintz to traditional toiles or lattice prints. We eschew the heavy drapery long associated with French country decor. However, we do honor the tradition by choosing window treatments with motifs inspired by nature. Hang a set of botanical print or floral curtains in your bedroom for authentic French country style.

Add nature-inspired throw pillows to your French country bedding

A French country style bedroom should always feel elegant, inviting, and beautiful, so bring on our beautiful block printed throw pillows! After all, who can resist the sight of a beautifully-made bed outfitted with plenty of pillows? Add a few fluffy Euro shams or pile accent pillows high against the headboard. Either way, pillows are a must-have for your French country bedding.

blue and white french country bedding

Decorate with vintage-style accessories

For French country flair, decorate with vintage accessories and decor. A chandelier is a much prettier (and more romantic) method of lighting up your room than standard overhead lights–and a lamp with a distressed vintage and flickering candles is oh-so-French.

Try a few antiques

Antiques, heirlooms, hand-me-down pieces–let’s just say that anything old fits in well with French country bedroom decor. And the best part? You don’t have to actually own a true antique to make this style come to life. You can buy bedroom furniture with weathered or distressed finishes, or you can go to town with milk paint or chalk paint. Mix in a few wooden pieces of furniture, and you’re good to go!

Build up the texture

You want your bedroom to look good, but you also want it to feel good! With that, turn to turn to textural accents to warm things up a bit. Try a sheepskin rug, a vintage tapestry hanging on the wall, or a divine throw blanket draped over a chair. Whatever you use, reach for items with irresistible textures that you want to sink yourself into.

french country blanket
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