6 Romantic Bedding Ideas That Will Warm Up Any Bedroom

Saffron Marigold - Updated: January 14, 2024

If you’ve always wanted a romantic bedroom, then dress your bed with romantic bedding for a great way to revitalize your space and give your bedroom a gorgeous update. Consider these style ideas for a cozy winter bed or for a room you can enjoy all year long and see our best tips for how to decorate a bedroom for a romantic night, be it on Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, or for romantic vibes every night of the year. 

roses on a white bed with banner that says Romantic Bedroom Ideas


Of course, we realize that the term “romantic” conjures different imagery within our minds’ eyes. Your idea of a romantic bedroom may resemble a room at a French country bed-and-breakfast, complete with views of rolling hills and vineyards.

photo: Ioana Motoc

Perhaps you picture a tropical suite with gentle breezes moving through gauzy sheer curtains. You might summon an enchanting scene from a sultan’s palace, a mysterious Moroccan bedroom filled with incense and candlelight. The color red may be the color that says “romance” to you. In this post, you’ll find style ideas to help you reflect your personal take on romance. If you’re looking for ideas on how to decorate a bedroom for a romantic night, we have those, too!

Sweet romantic bedding

A pink bedroom feels altogether elegant and romantic. Flowers, a staple in classical romantic decor, appear right here in our Dahlia Daydreams collection. With its lush floral pattern in a raspberry sorbet pink, ivory, and silver grey palette this is a great choice for pink romantic bedding. Pair it with crisp white for a relaxed look; try metallic and geometric accents for the ultimate in modern elegance.

A Moroccan bedroom is a sexy bedroom

Design a Moroccan bedroom, and you’ll find yourself with a sexy bedroom! A bedroom inspired by places like Casablanca and Marrakesh can’t help but inspire romance. With a Moroccan pattern on the bed and a few lanterns and plush pillows in the room, you’ll turn up the Moroccan vibes in no time. Let’s use Casablanca collection for the Moroccan bedding in this space.

Make a bed with a soft, romantic bedding set

Feather-light and airy, a white bedroom can be romantic, indeed. White romantic bedrooms exist everywhere from shabby chic to coastal luxe and from modern to Moroccan looks. Layers of lace, white sheer curtains—the stuff of many romantic settings. And after all, when you see a perfectly-made bed dressed in clean, pristine white…well, doesn’t that make you just want to dive right in and mess it up? 😉

Tropical romantic bedding for sultry nights

With the right decor at hand, you can feel as if you’ve transported yourself directly to a steamy tropical locale for an amorous getaway. Create a tropical bedroom that captures the essence of sea breezes and fragrant flowers with Midnight Lotus. Here, blue and white lotus flowers swim against blue ocean waters. Light a few jasmine-scented candles and hang a plant or two to have your very own tropical oasis right at home.

Boho bedding says romance

Soft layer upon layer, an abundance of irresistible textures, diffused light– a boho bedroom spells romance, for sure. It might also feature treasured trinkets and lots of color. This space feels collected over time; it’s simple, inviting, and filled with personal touches. A haven from the outside world, this boho, romantic bed encourages wanderlust, imagination, and exploration.

Romantic red and black bedding for a sultry bedroom 

Transforming your room into a red bedroom is a surefire way to create a romantic setting–and you can do this without paint! Much has been written about the color red and its effects on love and passion, but you still want to ensure that your red bedroom reads as romantic–not tacky. With that in mind, meet Ruby Kilim, our Turkish-inspired pattern rendered in black, cream, and rustic red.

What you need to decorate a bedroom for a romantic night

For a bedroom to inspire romance on date night, Valentine’s Day, or any night (or day!) of the year, fill it with textures, sights, and sounds that spark romance. In addition to our romantic bedding sets, ask yourself: what sights do you want your eyes to hold? What about textures–how do you want the room to feel, literally? Should there be a fragance, and if so, which one?  With a few sensory delights in place, your bedroom will no longer be the place where the laundry is piled up but will transform into the love nest that romantic bedrooms are made of! 

1. Pillows galore

On Valentine’s night (or any amorous night) you’ll want to make sure your bed looks alluring, and one way to do that is with pillows. Bolster your headboard with a few Euro shams, which provide plenty of glam, cushy goodness and extra va-va-voom.

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2. Candles to light the way

Incense perfumes the air and essential oil misters promote health benefits, but for a romantic Valentine’s evening, you’ll need candles. These offer delicate light, added texture, and the option of fragrance. Set them on dressers and nightstands to diffuse light throughout the room.

Love Aromatherapy Soy Candle 4 oz tin



Love Aromatherapy Candle

This all natural soy candle burns for 25 hours and is heavily infused with ylang ylang, a glorious floral scent with storied mood-boosting properties.



Metal and Glass Lantern

Create a stunning look and refrain from accidentally knocking over your candles (!) by placing them in antiqued lanterns like these.


Saffron Marigold

Sapphire Seas ~ Hand Painted Pillar Candles

Love and serenity intertwine when you bring out these sea-inspired candles in calming blue hues.

Saffron Marigold

Desert Canyon ~ Hand Painted Pillar Candles

For ambient lighting or for decor, these candles bring warmth to the bedroom.

3. Romantic artwork

Whether it’s a single print of a waterfall, a few framed photos of your beloved, or a classic oil painting, hang a few pieces of romantic artwork to set the mood.

R. Fox Watercolors

Couples Kissing

A classic silhouette depicting a sweet embrace makes for a romantic touch in your red bedroom adorned in our Ruby Kilim print.

Cloud Nine Digital

The Kiss by Gustav Klimt, Print

Filled with color, texture, and intrigue, Klimt’s “The Kiss” is a classic, and it’s a great choice to add to your romantic bedroom decor.

4. Luscious petals

There’s just something lush about a bedroom filled with fresh bouquets. It signals a special occasion is underway! Whatever your style, whatever your mood, you can find flowers to match.

Romantic Valentine's Day decor rose bouquet

Pretty in Pink Roses

Roses, synonymous with romance, nearly demand a role in a romantic bedroom! This bouquet stands out thanks to its delicate, pink-dipped petals.


2-Pieces Iron Hanging Planter Set

If you’re not so into flowers and are more of a happy plant lady, then by all means, bring some plants into your romantic bedroom by way of stunning hanging planters.

5. Texture

A sexy bedroom should look and feel enticing. Cotton, silk, satin–think beyond the sheets and add other elements of texture and textiles to welcome softness into this space.

Wall hanging macrame decor for Valentine's Day

Macrame Wal Art Hanging

A wall hanging like this adds visual interest and texture. This tactile exhibit invites touch, so what better place to hang it then in a purple bedroom? Hang one above your headboard to draw attention to your bed.

Saffron Marigold

Hand Quilted Sari Bedspreads

Pair a blanket it with your romantic bedding set or drape it over a chair. Thick, warm, cozy, and oh-so-soft, one of these throws is the one you’ll reach for time and again for snuggling.

6. Privacy

Of course, every romantic bedroom requires privacy. Our collections of curtains can be used on their own or paired with blackout curtains, shades, or blinds.

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There’s only a little time left till that sweetest of days, Valentine’s Day. Add a romantic touch to any room with our linens–along with great ideas for accessories–and see the room come alive.