Create A Romantic Setting For A Romantic Bath

Saffron Marigold - Updated: February 12, 2021

With Valentine’s Day approaching, why not plan a romantic bath? It’s the perfect way to unwind and reconnect. Since romance means different things to different people, we’ve put together a few different bath ideas that are each romantic in their own way. Of course, we’re also serving up a few ideas on what you need for a romantic bubble bath.  Use these romantic bath ideas on Valentine’s Day, date night, or anytime you want to enjoy a bath in a romantic setting!

A Moroccan pattern fabric shower curtain, lanterns, and roses form a romantic bath setting

For some, romance conjures images of flower and lace in a rustic English inn while for others flickering candles and heady incense comes to mind. However you interpret the word “romantic,” you’ll want to create a that atmosphere in the bath. With that in mind, let’s freshen up the space. Tidying up and hanging a new shower curtain are two super easy ways to start turning your regular, everyday bathroom into a romantic bathroom.

A tropical romantic bath

Balmy breezes, sandy shores, the intoxicating aroma of coconut and tropical flowers–romance tends to bloom in the tropics. If your idea of romance includes lush flowers and sultry heat, then use that as your inspiration! Recreate that tropical feeling with one of our tropical shower curtains, and turn your space into a romantic bathroom. With these print, you’ll transform your bath into a romantic oasis.

A Moroccan bathroom with sexy style

So many of us find the sights and sounds of Morocco entrancing. With rich colors, tantalizing fragrances, and exquisite Moroccan patterns, a Moroccan bathroom can set the stage for romance any time. It’s particularly apt for Valentine’s Day. Bring a touch of Moroccan flair to the bath with a a colorful fabric shower curtains, Moroccan curtains, and plenty of aromatics. What a romantic bathroom, indeed!

Flowers and lace inspire this romantic bath

Regardless of style and theme, flowers remain a perennially classic symbol of love and romance. Transform your bathroom into a garden of delights by looking to lush, velvety petals as your inspiration for a romantic bathroom. A floral shower curtain creates a soft, romantic space, and sheer curtains with a delicate vintage pattern add privacy as well as charm. 

What you need for a romantic bubble bath

Now that you have a few ideas on how you’d like to update the bath, you’re probably ready to indulge in a romantic bubble bath of your own! Here’s what you need to enjoy an indulgent evening of self-care or special treat with your beloved.

Bubble bath 

Clearly a romantic bubble bath needs bubbles! Simply pour a fragrant bubble bath under warm running water to surround yourself with foamy, luscious bubbles.

a bottle of Thymes rose bubble bath that looks like a bottle of champagne or rose wine

Thymes Kimono Rose Bubble Bath | Floral Scented Bath

The bottle itself is lovely, and it contains skin-nourishing ingredients in in its mounds of luxurious bubbles.

Molton Brown

Heavenly Gingerlily Bath & Shower Gel

Aromatic lily melds with spicy ginger and cardamom in this bath that feels like an alluring escape to faraway beaches.


Most bathrooms don’t come equipped with romantic lighting. In fact, most bathrooms have terrible lighting in terms of what flatters the face. Turn off the lights and cast a soft, flattering glow (not to mention a romantic atmosphere) with candles.

a handmade candle in an etched iron pot used for a romantic bath
Himalayan Handmade Candles

Etched Iron Pot Candle in Tobacco Bark

A tin never looked so pretty! Enjoy the contrast between the delicate etching and the tropical aromas of rum, incense, clove, and vanilla. 

World Market

Gold Filigree Pillar Candle Holder

Lace is romantic indeed, and the filigree cutout pattern in these candle holders has a sexy, lacy look. Surround your romantic bubble bath with a few of these for gorgeous mood lighting.


The bubbles and the candles are a great start to a romantic bubble bath, but by adding a few special mix-ins to the bathwater, you’ll enjoy even more sensory delights. 

dried rose petals for a romantic bubble bath
Petal Garden

Romance Blend Freeze-Dried Rose Petals

A bath filled with rose petals is a lovely sight to behold and an even lovelier bath to dip into!

Pacha Soap Co.

Rosewater Bath Bomb

Once tossed into the running water, this skin-softening bath bomb releases petals for a fun, romantic surprise. 

After care

The best time to nourish, moisturize, and pamper your skin is after a nice soak in the tub. 

Rocky Mountain Soap Co.

Ultimate Massage Oil

This massage oil is actually a 3-in-1 product. Use a few drops in the bath or use it as body oil post-bath–or use it as its name suggests! 

Organic Bath Co.

Naked Organic Body Butter

The words “naked” and “body butter” definitely conjure up some romantic bath ideas! This body butter is 100% organic and fair trade.


A shower curtain and a bathroom window curtain are two necessities for privacy in this most private of rooms. Choose from our collections of block printed linens to transform your bath into a soft, romantic space.

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There’s only a little time left till that sweetest of days, Valentine’s Day. Add a romantic touch to any room with our linens–along with great ideas for accessories–and see the room come alive.