Mid-Century Modern Home Decor for a Romantic, Floral Pattern

Saffron Marigold - Updated: October 3, 2023

Dahlia Daydreams

This romantic, feminine print is a floral extravaganza that transports you to an endless field of raspberry hued pompom dahlias. In the main print, blushing pink blooms and elegant silver grey foliage festoon the delicate ivory ground. For the coordinating print, our designer captured the meticulous characteristic of the dahlia’s quills, creating structured bouquets set on vases—a modern take on the classic floral damask. Bring the opulence and romance of a sun-drenched dahlia field into your bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, and dining room.

Pink bedding for an opulent, romantic bedroom

Floral bedding is a shoo-in for a romantic bedroom, and Dahlia Daydreams allows you to orchestrate a dreamy atmosphere with a modern twist. Complete your picturesque bedroom with a floral duvet cover, pink throw pillows, and other matching linens from the Dahlia Daydreams collection or similar prints starring florals, damasks, and other fanciful motifs.

Style Recommendations

With Dahlia Daydreams, both the main print and the complementary print are made even more sophisticated with Mid-Century Modern or contemporary home decor. Modern pieces like tufted headboards, geometric vases, and tapered furniture legs all create an up-to-date vibe for the bedroom. The silver grey foliage in Dahlia Daydreams also pop when you pair it with metal accents like mercury glass table lamps and metal furniture legs.

Lamps Plus

Modern Table Lamp Gourd Mercury Glass


Upholstered Bedroom

Darby Creek Trading

Ella Faceted Geometric Retro Style Blush Pink Ceramic Vase


Mid-Century Modern Dresser

Floral curtains as the centerpiece of your living room

A pink curtain panel (or a pair) infuses a space with a romantic glow—not to mention soft, filtered light when you choose pink sheer curtains made of cotton. Additionally, pink throw pillows help you put together a fairy-tale color scheme for the living room where you can enjoy afternoon tea using a modernized serving tray and accent table.

Style Recommendations

Blush pink pillows on a Mid-Century Modern sofa help warm up the often austere color scheme that accompanies this design style. Pair your Dahlia Daydreams floral throw pillows and cushion covers with other blushing pink, metallic, or off-white accents like planters, end tables, and trays.

West Elm

Mid-Century Turned Wood Leg Planters

Paynes Gray

Diana Capiz Tray

Bed Bath & Beyond

Square Coffee Table in Gold


Linen Covered Books

A floral shower curtain for a feminine touch in your bathroom decor

Take the road less traveled, and surprise yourself with how much a pink floral shower curtain can make a bathroom feel so much more elegant and exquisite. While blue and white bathroom color ways are standard, set yourself apart from the pack with a pink flower shower curtain or a pink window valance.

Style Recommendations

A floral shower curtain is a statement piece already, and to maintain the modern vibe, keep your accessories simple. Textured ceramic trays, bottles, and jars, thin-frame mirrors, and neutral-tone bathroom stools will ensure that your flower shower curtain remains in the spotlight. Add a bit of color with pink-leaf plants like the Classic Pink caladium, Pink Princess philodendron, or the stunning Stromanthe triostar.

Bison Office

Bath Stool Beige

West Elm

Carved Ceramics Bath Collection


Edge Brass Arch Wall Mirror

Easy to Grow Bulbs

Caladium Pink Beauty

Blush pink curtains in the kitchen for a nostalgic vibe

In the kitchen, an atmosphere that evokes freshness and cleanliness is best for such a people-centered space. Luckily, modern furniture are less bulky than your cookie-cutter cabinets, dining sets, and shelves, making your kitchen feel light and airy. Beyond that, Dahlia Daydreams curtains impart an effortless, nostalgic feel. Try our pink sheer curtains or a set of pink and white kitchen curtains to see where this floral print takes you.

Style Recommendations

A modern aesthetic in the kitchen can be tricky to achieve, especially if you have a full house and a full kitchen. I.e., lots of plates, accessories, and miscellaneous knickknacks! But, the abundant Dahlia Daydreams print is proof that modern doesn’t have to mean bare. Hanging planters, contemporary fruit bowls, sleek lighting, and modest containers all help your kitchen look a la mode, even if larger pieces such as your dining set may be more retro.

Spun Cone Pendant
Last Aristocrat

Modern Decorative Fruit Bowl Tray Lotus Petal


Idina Double Bowl Hanging Planters


Kitchen Storage Canister Set

Pink tablecloth or pink table runner for the dining room

When setting the table, you want a canvas that evokes joy and playfulness. What better way to earn some smiles (and compliments!) at the dinner table than with a romantic pink round table cloth? If you prefer a less is more approach, try a pink table runner with a matching centerpiece or set of curtains.

Style Recommendations

A floral tablecloth is the perfect base for an exquisite afternoon tea party—or a fashionable luncheon. For hosts who love to coordinate linens and serveware, a Mid-century dessert stand, geometric tea set, or contemporary flatware set will elevate your theme. Don’t forget about stylish pillar candle holders for dinner, preferably ones with a metallic finish for a modern glam flair.


Gold Cupcake Stand


Aoki Tea Set


Decorative Candle Holders


Stainless Steel Flatware Set

Mix and match Saffron Marigold

It’s hard not to fall head over feels over floral print. If you enjoy Dahlia Daydreams, pair your linens with other Saffron Marigold prints:

Saffron Marigold

Enchanted – Ivory ~ Fabric Swatch

Like Dahlia Daydreams, Enchanted (the Ivory iteration) evokes a similar feeling of romance and fantasy. The scrolling vines and multicolor blooms in Enchanted may even grow in the same gardens as the dahlias in Dahlia Daydreams.

Saffron Marigold

Enchanted – CP ~ Fabric Swatch

With a simple color scheme in an Art Nouveau style, the coordinating Enchanted print complements Dahlia Daydreams’ modern-leaning aesthetic. It also honors nature’s magnificent flora and fauna.

Saffron Marigold

Red Poppy ~ Yellow Floral Fabric Swatch with Indian Styling ~ Fabric Swatch

The pale apricot base in Red Poppy meshes well with Dahlia Daydreams’ vibrant pink, silver grey, and ivory ground. Its poppy print is a suitable match for Dahlia Daydreams’ coordinating print, too.

Saffron Marigold

Orange Blossom – CP ~ Fabric Swatch

Orange Blossom is a Persian influenced floral motif clad in orange and green against a cream background. This summery print is a perfect companion to Dahlia Daydreams, an ode to summertime romance and nostalgia.

Putting it all together

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