Valentine’s Day Ideas from Saffron Marigold

Saffron Marigold - Updated: January 15, 2020
Ready for romance

Welcome to our Valentine’s Day series.
There’s only a little time left until that sweetest of days, Valentine’s Day. Add a romantic touch to any room with our linens—along with great ideas for accessories—and see the room come to life.

Romantic Table Linen

A bold Valentine’s Day dinner that’s blue, boho and beachy!

You’ll love how cheery colors pop when laid out on our rich indigo Pacific Blue tablecloth. Add boho flowers and lots of chocolate, and you’ve got yourself a truly special event!

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Fresh whites and blushing reds make for romance!

Today’s menagerie is inspired by our Vanilla Glacé and Ivy Lace table linens, and includes table settings, coordinating napkins, several amazing desserts (isn’t it normal to want several desserts?), and two great DIY ideas for Valentine’s Day table decorations.

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Bring elegance and romance to your Valentine’s Day table with Royal Mansour linens

Nothing enhances the food on a table more than the gorgeous table linens they are featured against! Saffron Marigold’s Royal Mansour print is cheerful, elegant and romantic, and its fresh white-on-white makes it’s an ideal choice for Valentine’s Day!

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Orange is the New Pink

How about a Valentine’s Day table that’s fresh and romantic, but not frilly and overdone? Look no further than our perfect Persian print!

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Romantic Shower Curtains

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Valentine’s Day Ideas for a romantic bath

Settling in to soak, whether it be in preparation for a romantic night out, or just a special night in, is significantly better done the Saffron Marigold way. Find out why in our soft, floral and feminine India Rose inspired collection.

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A luscious Valentine’s Day bath in blue

For a Valentine’s Day treat that will last year ’round, pamper yourself with the simplest of upgrades: a cottony, exquisite shower curtain, hand printed with the elegant lotus flower.

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Re-Do Your Bath with a Bit of Mosaic Magic!

Attention to detail, flirty bright colors and soft cotton combine in our hand-printed shower curtain, and make a bath update easy and fun!

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Create a Warm, Lush and Lovely Bath with Tropical Garden

We’ll help you get your decor groove back with a quick Tropical Garden design update. The red is so exotic and exciting, we don’t think you’ll be able to resist!

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Romantic Bedding

Valentine’s Day romance, Moroccan style!

Nothing says flirty like the bright and cheery colors of a Moroccan bedroom… see the look we’ve put together!

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Spend Valentine’s Day in Casablanca (…or at least in Casablanca Blues!)

Our bold, hand printed duvet will simply sparkle in your bedroom, and inspire all kinds of exciting, colorful decor.

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Bold, beautiful updates for the bedroom by Valentine’s Day

Make your bedroom the spot to be this Valentine’s Day (at least for you and your sweetie).  You can feather a sweet nest for love birds with our rich, red Turkish kilim inspired print, and accompanying decor.

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Ideas for a cheery Valentine’s bedroom in Persian blue and soft pink

We use our Asian inspired, blue and white Midnight Lotus print along with pink accents to create a pretty bedroom for Valentine’s Day and beyond.

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Looking for more ideas but couldn’t find what you were looking for here? Ask us by writing a comment below–we will get back to you with a solution!

13 responses

  1. I am planning a family dinner with both my daughters and husbands and my granddaughter. I plan on using my new large “for the love of chocolate” tablecloth and my mothers China and my grandmothers crystal glassware and dessert dishes. Hopefully I will get a photo of the table to send to you.

    Oh bye the way the comment posted about “the love of chocolate” being blab is just crazy! It is a rich beautiful pattern when just on the table and when the table is set for company it is warm sophisticated and stunning. I love it! I also have several Persian block print tableclothes plus your green tablecloth. We have your curtains in 3 room in our home also. Your linens go perfectly with our Persian carpets and allnour eclectic artwork.

  2. I have the spice table cloth and love the way it looks with my living room. I would love to see the chocolate one with my decor. I will be making my husband dinner and the raspberry tart looks like a great dessert. I will have to find a recipe for something similar.

    Thanks for the ideas.


  3. I really love the designs. As a textile artist I would use them traditionally of course as window dressings, bedding and tablecloths, but I would probably buy extra to sew into gift bags and/or lunch sacks. I enjoy giving gifts covered with beautiful fabric rather than paper. Your designs are perfect!

  4. A great, spicy and “hot” valentine’s day table will be
    An Indian Summer table runner
    Dinnerware in Paprike color from Pier1 – link below,default,pd.html
    Aromatic indian Chai or Mexican hot chocolate in these mango colored mugs,default,pd.html
    Hive Vase in summer melon color
    Permanent paper roses from west elm

    Spicy Indian or Mexican food followed by spiced chai or Mexican hot chocolate.

  5. I think the India Rose design will set a nice Valentine’s ambiance at our dinner table. We make a special dinner for our 5 yr old and ourselves. After the little one goes to bed, I’ll move the tablecloth onto our bed, light some candles, put on some music and serve dessert on the bed. Its our Valentine’s Day tradition!

  6. India Rose is what I would use for Valentine’s Day in a table cloth as well as cushions for dining chairs and use some of the fabric as a border on white or cream napkins. I would have pink roses in silver a silver bowl, too. Very soft and romantic.

  7. My favorite of all of your print’s in the Sultan’s Palace. The colors are so vibrant and beautiful. For Valentine’s day the colors would pop in the tablecloth or table runner when paired with white plates, champagne glasses, and red rose petals as a beautiful contrast against the rich purple-blue of the print.

  8. I love these prints! If you own an apartment, a bedspread size print hung on the wall with thumbtacks would change the whole mood of the room and be an easy way to decorate without damaging the walls. It would make a great atmospheric change for a day like Valentines too!

  9. Vandana

    I am a die hard cotton freak. I adore all the ethnic prints of Saffron Marigold. Be it Rajasthani block print or refreshing flower prints or the rich vibrant colors of Moroccon Orange entwined with the rustic indian spice or the passionate luscious red of the Valentines.
    You name it you’ll have all the elements that can brighten up the ambience of any room.
    To me personally, I get rejuvenated (spiritually) by visualizing the rich colors which is
    an integral aspect of my life. In totality the rainbow of colors that I see in all your fabrics are spectacular. Colors influence our emotions, our actions and how we respond to various people, things and ideas and finally its impact on our daily lives. I look forward to your dreams of India.

  10. I think the Vanilla glacé would make a beautiful backdrop for any Valentine’s celebration. There is something subtly beautiful and romantic about the curvy pattern of the print. The color would be a great pairing for the classic reds and pinks that this day calls for. It would look simple and elegent as the setting for a dinner. It would also make lovely bedding for a romantic evening. I can just see red rose petals strewn across a bed illuminated by candlelight.

  11. I love the reds of Ruby Kilim and Spice Route. My husband and I built a small strawbale house with a loft. The underside of the loft forms the ceiling of one of the bed nooks. This nook resembles a train sleeper, only roomier with wooden walls. I use my Ruby Kilim duvet cover on the bed and Spice Route curtains framing it to create a very lush and intimate space. There are big pillows and wall sconces and when the curtain is closed a nice private enclosure with lush tapestry is created. I imagine a curtain pulled back, revealing a tray of chocolate covered strawberries and champagne on a wicker tray.

    I can provide photo of the space if you are interested. The warm tones of wood with red is very inviting.

  12. I like the brown but I much prefer rich jewel tones and vibrant earth tones. I might buy it as a tablecloth but I would not want an entire room in chocolate brown.

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